Future of Europe 2-Old Great Yamnu02:00

Future of Europe 2-Old Great Yamnu

Yamnu bayrak

Yamnu's Flag my official nation!

Hello. I am ChemicalFun27 or Yiğit Alp o********, I started new but I have planned lotS of videos. My official nation is Yamnu. I support Pan-Turkism. Also, I like chemistry. It's Swell. Dislike: Mi-ra-ci-um.


Nice vids: +20

Cool guy: +25

Add an e and became a molecule: +30

Can resist Vegemite: +50

Point: 125 (Fine)


Cool vids: 50

Cool nations 20

Point: 70 (kewl)

Goldenrebel 25

Cool Vids: +50

Nice guy: +25

Not Annoying: +20

Score: 95 (Cool)


Mother of Mapping Wiki: +150

Likes MLP: -10

50 Episodes: +20

Loved person: +50

Score: 210 (Wow!)

Kavishan Mapping

Annoying: -30

Score: -30

Zepyhrus Mapping

Cool: 50 Epic Nation: 20

Score: 70 (Fine)


Cool: 50

Super: 20

Cool city: 50

Score: 120 (Super!)


Cool: 50

Chatted: 20

Total: 70 (Well..)


Nice guy 50

From Republic of Macedonia 45

From Balkans 35

Pals 50

Total 170 Pals Drexmapper Asshole -50,000 Nazi -1,000,000,000 Racist: -3000 total: -100,000 V, 53,000 (devil itself)

ASDF Mapping

Cool +50

Nice: 20

Changed his cool profile pic: -5

Doesn't offend me: 10

Totttaaallll::::::::: 75

My 1st:

That s the 2.nd:

Future of Europe 2-Old Great Yamnu

My relations

What I like/don/t like:

Like: Pizza, Pide, Kebab, Chemistry, Mapping, Turkey, Insects, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkic Countries, Cats, Coins and many more.

when I cannot get into Skype chat.

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