Kingdom of Chlero

Flag of Chlero.png

Chlero's greatest extent in WW1
Capital Chyan
Government Absolute Monarchy
Historical era Future


Chlero is a nation located in Turkey and Greece.

Style of Government: Monarchy.

Style of Personality: Confident.

Allies: Valgond and Livan.

Chlero greatest extent in WW1

Chlero1 a

Red:Chlero. Dark Red:Puppets Orange:Allies

Flag of Chlero

Flag of Chlero

History of Chlero

Chlero was founded in Year 3. Because other Nations did not conquered Chlero, Chlero expanded very fast. In Year 30, Chlero joined the Egypt Alliance, but in Year 70 Egypt broke the Alliance with Chlero.  Chlero still haves Valgond and Livan as friends. In WW1: Chlero was a very strong and great Country. Chlero also contolled East Africa, But the Allies were Stronger. After the War Chlero became very weak.

Technology of Chlero

Chlero's technology is more advanced than most of the other countries's tech.

Chlero in WW1

Chlero attacked with Valgond, Livan and other nations in the West. But later the strikes in the West pushed them back, then the other nations surrender. Chlero fought until the end, but it later surrenders. After the War, Chlero is very small and weak. Chlero also lost a Puppet: Macedonia. 

Chlero Rises after WW1

Chlero fights againts Trieste and wins. Chlero gets a new Puppet State: Kosovo, and it later invades the Huns and Valgond. Chlero helps Valgond and gains a bit of land.

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