Citizens' Bloc
Abbreviation CZB
Chaired by Tavakareluu flag Miko Lahti
Founded April 15, 2017
Ideology Centrism
CON Agrarianism
Political position Centre
Colours Purple
CON Parliament
29 / 320
CON Citizens' Bloc (CZB) is a centrist political party in the CON Parliament, established in 2017. The group comprises political parties of centrist and agrarian orientation. The party has 29 seats in Parliament, making it the sixth largest party in CON.


According to its 2017 constituent declaration, the party is neither CONphile nor Consceptic. The party strongly rejects CON's globalism and many of its policies although it still agrees with many. It rejects a Central CON currency, the enlargement of the Commonwealth as well and believes that CON should focus more strongly on its citizens rather than those part of it, especially attempting to give more benefits to the CON citizens living in rural areas. The party officially rejects CON Federalism and similar to the Green Alliance, it disagrees with CON's industrialism and manufacturing trade and believes it is a better idea to promote agriculture and quality of food.

Member Parties

Country National Party MCP's
Tavakareluu flag Tävakareluu Keskutaa
1 / 20
AlternianFlag Alternia NRPLogo National Revolutionary Party
2 / 20
Flag of the United Great Lakes United Great Lakes Centrist Movement Logo Centrist Movement
3 / 20
New flag for Arkmarken Arkmarken Kansalaisliigan Kansalaisliigan
1 / 20
Flag of Vandaysia Vandaysia New Democracy
5 / 20
Aztlan Flag Aztlan Partido Conservador
5 / 20

Presidents of CZB

Number Image President Mandate Nation Other charges
1 Czbleader Frank Rosehout April 15th, 2017 - present Flag of Vandaysia Vandaysia

MCP for Vandaysia (2017-present)

2 Czbleader2 Valerie Makaay April 3rd, 2018 - present Flag of Vandaysia Vandaysia Became leader after Frank Rosenhout was forced to step down during the aftermath of the Rosehout Sex Scandal.

MCP for Vandaysia (2018-present)

3 Czbleader3 Miko Lahti April 8th 2018 - present Tavakareluu flag Tavakareluu Took on leadership after Valerie Makaay resigned from office 5 days after she became leader.