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"(_____)" = Current Turn holder.

"[_____]" = Skipped Turn for one time in a row.

"{_____}" = Skipped Turn for two to three times in a row.

"<_____>" = On break or vacation, depending on the duration, if they had the break or vaction over, the player will be back. Cannot be doing turns and gives no penalty on skipping.

"Text" = Player which asked to enter in the game but not as a confirmed player.

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  • Bakristan
  • Iberia
  • Japan
  • Egypt
  • Cape Verde
  • Patagonia
  • Polynesian Empire
  • Dacia
  • Ursian Tribes


  • Quebec (violated the rules, creating a country too big)
  • Sibrov tribes (violated the rules, creating a country too big)
  • Israel



  • Greater England
  • Scotland Republic

Multi Mappers

  • France
  • Argentina
  • Aztecs
  • India
  • Manchus
  • Somalia
  • Mecca Caliphate
  • California (Aztec buffer)
  • Arizona (Aztec buffer)
  • Texas (Aztec buffer)
  • Zulu


  • 99batran
  • Ethan

Current Game Speed

Normal Speed

The basic speed for the all game duration, please remember this:

  • 50 years - 5000 BCE - 3000 BCE
  • 25 years - 3000 BCE - 0 CE
  • 20 years - 0 CE - 1000 CE
  • 15 years - 1000 CE - 1500 CE
  • 10 years - 1500 CE - 1750 CE
  • 5 years - 1750 CE - 1850 CE
  • 2 years - 1850 CE - 1950 CE
  • 1 year - 1950 CE - End of the Game
  • 1 month - World Wars


  • Don't steal lot of land, if you did, others who wanting to create countries in the place will no longer be used. Unless the players decides to create countries on your land. A newly created country should be about the size of Modern France.
  • Anyone who likes to join and edit the section called players.
  • One column per player
  • The speeding down will occur any time, for the examples that will be used:

The Slow Speed Down (best for bigger long periods):

  • 5000 BCE - 50 years
  • 3000 BCE - 25 years
  • 0 CE - 10 years
  • 1000 CE - 5 years
  • 1750 CE - 2 years
  • 1850 CE - 1 year
  • 1914 CE - 6 months
  • 1990 CE - 1 month
  • End: 2015

Recommended Speed Down (for faster games):

  • 5000 BCE - 50 Years
  • 0 CE - 25 Years
  • 1000 CE - 20 Years
  • 1500 CE - 10 Years
  • 1800 CE- 5 Years
  • 1900 CE- 2 Years
  • 1950 CE- 1 Years
  • END DATE(?): 2020
  • NO ALIEN EMPIRES ALLOWED (Eg. Greys). If you do, I will take it out.
  • No editing maps for the last turn person for another turn, only the current turn person could make one turn then another and repeats the cycle.
  • Everyone can edit history in their own section.
  • Anyone who doesn't have steam can also join.
  • Any nations like Potatoland, Nyan Empire and others that are silly will be removed permarmently.
  • Anyone who vandalise the history, players and stuff like removing content will be banned from participating the game.
  • People who fail to do their turn within'  24 hours will be skipped for a turn. If you get skipped for more than 3 times without a valid excuse (Nonvalid example: Forgetting) will result in getting kicked out, and another player will take over, until you decide to play again.
  • Taking over the world is unacceptable. It must be fair, if a nation takes over the world quick, rebels come out and many countries gain independence or something.
  • The map will expend if the country max exceeded on the current map. A bigger map means more better accurate borders than smaller ones, and also the map will increase more slowly.
  • First turn for players does not skip the turn, if they had the second turn, the skip turn will enabled from second to beyond.
  • Do not edit the archives.
  • Use pencil and fill the bucket not paint.
  • Do go double turns, it makes it unfair for other players.

Requirements for saving a picture

  • Has to be PNG
  • Do not use arrows.
  • Same size as other maps as the same, the actual real size is 4500x2234.

Historical Rules

Some were making unrealistic changes and some had Modern era technology from 2000 BCE and stuff, so some restrictions will sort the realism. Anymore restrctions than that will make more.

  • Colonialism can't be used for American tribes unless westernised, Europeans and Chinese starts to establish colonies at 12th Century CE.
  • Socialism and Communism can't be established until 1850 CE. So nations like Soviet Union would not be allowed there until that date.
  • Decolonization starts at 1750 CE. So colonies can't claim independence until then.
  • World War 1 could be enabled sometime after 1870 CE
  • World War 2 requires World War 1 and can be enabled after 1900 CE
  • A possible World War 3 could happen and is enabled after 1950 CE (but could require a Cold war)
  • A possible World War 4 could happen but is enabled after 2012 CE
  • The Black Death is triggered between 1100 CE to 1300 CE (lasts for 50), Meanwhile countries that attempt to expand will be exterminated and wiped from the map and the region is considered infected until the Black Death is over (Can only happen in Non-American continents).
  • The Small Pox Pandemic is triggered when a European or Asian colony is established in America or Australia. It would last for 100 years, meanwhile Native American or Native Australian Tribes would be severely weakened and could be easily annexed(1 per turn).


These people who vandalise history and stuff will be banned in a list. They will not participate the game when they are banned.

History Archives

This section contains all history of the past 40 turns, this was created to avoid scrolling for one hour or more.

Do not edit the archives!

Large-Scaled Wars List

Large scale wars that the battlefield is larger than the size of Middle East goes here and in historical order.

  • The Roman Conquest of Hittite-Byzantium
  • The LEN Liberation War
  • The Fall of Aztecs
  • Asiatic Union Invasion of Rome
  • Roman Invasion of Fourth Reich
  • Azteco(or Mexicano)- American War
  • Byzantine Conquest



1975 BCE

With the Roman Empire after overextending falling apart, the island of Great Britain and Ireland named Greater Britannica, with some savings from the Roman Empire, purchases a boat which it sails to Iceland, where England conquers. After managing its island of Great Britain and Ireland. Greater Britannica later renames to Greater England.

1950 BCE

Stania, the remnants of the Stan Union expands finding it's old lands (Aral). Iberia invades Gaul. Patagonians take the southern Patagonia. Most of the old Stan's arsenal was in the old capital (near Balkash lake), so Stania has a lot of fire weapons.

1925 BCE

Fourth Reich

The Fourth Reich people were still into a bad threat, they fear the new empire lurking throughout the empire. The empire was still unstable and dangrous, adminstration was almost collapsed, leader Gerdolfus Mepkarus have told to stand out the Fourth Reich citizens that the adminstration is very unstable after the Roman Empire overextension and they need to rebuild the adminstration, they renamed the empire to Kamchatka instead of Fourth Reich because the culture is almost losing the German part. They are renamed into that. The citizen named Gerliculjai Deparkprel founds that the old lands were formerly theirs. They expend rapidly through near the Siberian tribes. The Sibir chieftain, Galijar Asgarjui wants to leave their land alone, they refused a soldier named Gelihaelp Jercail asked the army to remove the Sibir tribes off, for the victory and takes over the Russian Asia because the Romans took over the European Russia part. They declared war to the SIbir tribe.

In order to keep adminstartion more stable after Bronze Age collapse, one will fear, the revolt risk of Kamchatka, were been used as the defence system had a new system, the stability was now important, to get back in place.

Aztec Empire

The lands at Bronze Age collapse was terrible, the leader Malazuk I declare a war to the Mayans, tears were formed to the new god belief to the Atzecs. The army sent to the city of Palenque, the battle leads 40,000 men of the Aztecs trying to destroy the Mayans and try to restore the order of the Aztec Empire, regaining the original lands of the extent of the Aztec Empire, except the Californian part. General Txcala Advrcatl attacks the city of Palenque trying to raze the city off the empire. The walls were now destroyed as few soldiers use the spears and destroys the area of Palenque. The siege will be done at ~1924 BCE.


The Ceylonese Empire expends it's infrastructure very efficiently. The empire starts to research more of the Iron Age, finding the stuff whata they've met. Many have been strucked towards it, Majaahin Kermpus has been thinking that they need to bring the order back into the place. Trying to make the islands under the rule, because of this, many trading was been made after the collapse of the Roman Empire, the fleet of Gelchar had bought nmore supplies to Madagascar.

1900 BCE

Lots of name changes were made.

Anyways, the Franks and the Iberians had decided to make a peace treaty. Later the Franks had decided to expand East, into Germany and would eventually form the Holy Roman Empire. While they are on Conquest, the desperate Empire of Rome had split into semi-splinter factions through influence of political parties. The Republicans decided to take hold on the Eastern portion. While the Imperials handle the same old land. Byzantium was also part of the split between the Northern and Southern Roman Empire (which lasted a decade). Byzantium was labeled as the Southern Roman Empire before both Roman Empires were destroyed. Byzantium then migrated to Greece after taking Greece from the Hellenic Confederation. 

Rome's successor states were also Roman, but the Roman Generals had taken the regions for themselves. Which Roman State would survive the test of time? Probably not all of them.

1875 BCE

New France and Expansion of England (Brittanica)
Brittanica expands into the Norwegian area after conquering Iceland. Due to the economy, England decides whether he should invade Brittany or not.

1850 BCE

Baktristan overruns Scythia and begging an attack on Parthia. Patagonia keeps occupying it's old lands before the inca invasion. Japan attacks the Kamchatkan pacific island. Kamchatka can't defend itself because most of it's troops are in Siberia.

1825 BCE



The Kamchatkans started to engulf the Russian Siberia, leader Geheikav Melchak decided to destroy every Siberian tresspassers where the empire reclaims the core of the empire. The army of Galphus Atterus marched towards the Sibir capital, near Baykal, which was been destroyed and razed. And expends foward, the citizens established the old lands keeps the empire to get into the place. The engineer Meljaher Welquvenel builds new settlements of the new land they have gained after conquering SIbir and expending to the west. The east becomes more settled later on, the empire declares a rapid expansion towards the west.


Gerlilde Merhajer expends the empire near Madagascar to the islands, making few settlers trying to make the infrastructure of Ceylonese Empire more expended. About 4,000 settled the mightiest islands they one of the explorers, Akermahaj Selcafus have found the trading system in the explored islands near Madagascar the islands were now used for trading few exotic resources to the mainland Ceylon. 3,000 who arrived to the islands that Akermahaj explored were working very hard doing the farming, mining, smithing weapons, constructing many buildings to grow the status of the empire. The other part of 1,000 are normal.

Ceylon makes a large trade route of the Madagascar area to the mainland, trading exotic resources by a fleet built in the largest settlement of Madagascar most likely the coastal ones. The 

1800 BCE

Britanny(New France) was annexed into Greater England. Meanwhile Byzantium is starting to grow. Roman Empire has fallen and it's Eastern Counterpart (Roman Republic) is making a run for it.

1775 BCE

After an invasion in Yorkshire region of Greater England, England managed to push Danish south (with the help of the Vikings) to Normandy region area of the Holy Roman Empire where they own the Normandy colony down there. As for Brittany, they claim their independence in 1776 BCE and it takes them roughly 20 or so years, so until 1753BCE until they own West of modern france, henceforth Brittany renames to New France. As for the Holy Roman Empire, they officially take the name, meaning New France becomes known as just "France".

1750 BCE

Some Roman remnants in the arabic gulf attack Arabia and Parthia. Baktristan attacks Tibaljash, annexing it, also trades some land with Parthia.  Iberia attacks the weakened mauretania and arrives to the canaries.

1725 BCE



The Empire expended quicker and destroyed few native tribes that were standing around in the great Siberian tundra was now been joined to the empire, some revolted out of the way. The armies were still expending quicker westablishing the lands and claim themselves their land, the soldiers usually build the settlement and few new settlers were been sent in to the newly made settlements, allowing to make formations of new layouts and some research throughout the new settlements established by the soldiers. Hecalfgus Dakpel leaded the building every, few of his men were broke apart to build few settlements and found few razed city by the Romans during a big battle at 2003 BCE for the new settlement and required like stone, when built, he was planning to divide his newly acquired llands into new towns, leaving his soldiers used planned archiectature to the empire, building it more sparse than the largest city in the current game. Just 15,000 square metres were averagely used for one city was newly born.

Ceylonese Empire

Trading was though was booming, merchant Deceakka Mahasjak sent a large supply from Comoros, exotic stuff were used up much by the Ceylonese citizens which they were never seened the resources before. The resources were so popular that they demand more, so the leader of the province Comoros, Hasarmaja Gallaro raised resource work for the workers and now that the total population is 17,000 and now 1,250 are unemployed while 670 were children. The dark system was on the morning, after the new jobs were filled in, mining is hard, finding new resources to find tiredly trying to search for their foundings after a one-day shift, they found lot of resources and were shipped to the merchants and were sent to the mainland, some were flown into the sinkness, others arrived to the mainland where they sold their own goods for a living, which they are richer. Treasury was now used, for one people taking few of the national gold inside to the outside which are been used, one will try, the act will be done later when things are set as good as possible, since the money in the treasury is large and a vault-like bank, usually they started to find one citizen in the mainland of Ceylon to do it.

1700 BCE

Saxons changed it's name to Flanders. While the Roman Remnants established a foothold in Arabia Felix. The Byzantium had declared itself an Empire and expands south-west. Parthia was also rising as Kievan Rus' to it's north had formed.

1675 BCE

The tribes of siberia unite and create one huge sibrov tribe also the few people of canada unite to for protection and create the quebec nation.Huge revolutions were taken place on israel and cyprus and while the byzantine army was at italy and couldnt repel the revolution.

1650 BCE

In 1670BCE, Scotland was given independence from Greater England. With this action taking place, Scotland was given Eastern Parts of Greenland and Iceland that WERE owned by Greater England. Greater England however, had begun expanding into Greenland, and the Greenland area of Greater England began to adapt the Quebec Culture from the West. Meanwhile down south, France manages to claim more territory from Franks after numerous of demands for reuniting the French Peninsuila in 1665 BCE. Meanwhile in Spain, Iberia manages to reunite the Iberian peninsuila from Carthginia and France in late 1650 BCE.

1625 BCE

Iberia buys the Azores from Mauretania. Baktristan annexes the Indo valley civilization, using fire weapons that crumbled the Indian army. The Ursian tribes, in northern Canada, begin to migrate due to the cold.

1600 BCE


Quebec and Simbrov Tribes

The big tribes collapsed after a government collapse. The tribes were split to pieces and many suffered the death, riots happened. Many sufferings burnt, many destroyed buildings by the rebels and many have fleed and caused the big civilisations to collapse very quickly, which was remained as ruins of the great civilisation of landgrabbers. Which will take one small civilisation to be the size from unreconised to the greatest nation of all.  (Removed these nations because they are too big to be created and needs to be the maxinium size of Modern France (excluding territories and colonies), so please Zukas use the countries smaller not big countries the size of Canada.)

Aztec Empire

The leader Argundua II declared a war against the Californians as they do not belong to the Mexican deserts, showing superiority against them, but many armies were been forced to march to the north, the army fought in a bloody battle in near Gulf of California which 30,000 men fought against 6,500 Californian men, which they were shoing the battle is so terrible. Every Aztec soldiers in that fought the Californian defensive army down which the general Halacaut Marler was killed in action, meanwhile advancing to the peninsula named as Baja California began a horrible siege by the Aztecs, burning the  supplies as they did, general Dwertalt Nervarezt used his army to kill the Californian soldiers, in the city or the natural habitat such as the plains, Mexican desert. He was able to destroy many defensive troops in the city garrisons, but his army is weak after walking through the Mexican desert, the Baja California is a long peninsula so they have to walk for a long distance, which they ran out of food and water to drink, so one falls every hour, he suggested to look for a near villages, so he sent the scouts to find any sight of villages, they found one but they had little food and water which is difficult to give them surviving the long journey, so they gave 3000 soldier and himself food and water but the other 15000 suffered and died which left them a move to the large siege in the Californian capital which is much harder if the army is smaller, they plan to do the help of giving them supplies which is a help, the siege is done after 290 days. Adminstration is unstablised after declaring war on the Californians, the people were felt unconfortable, some patrol was happened in the mainland of the Aztecs maintaining to give their country stable again.

Ceylonese Empire

The trading empire continued, lot of exotics were successful but they were no longer popular, the jobs were feared to be losen, the province leader in the Comoros were finding them hard, jobs were lost making few workers refuse to do work. They never do any good skills that they had anymore and they were felt sad that they need for them, they were feared that the mainland is getting tired of old resources that they used for many years, they sent another scouting fleet named Exlhaka led by Ahamar Gherpana to find any new islands to find new exotics to bring their citizens in the mainland happy. A new census said that they had over two million citizens, which it is pretty good because infrastracture is little bit advanced.


The Azores was been unstabled after an invasion and was now defected to the Canary Emprie after some serious trouble was broke in.

1575 BCE

The Byzantine Empire further expanded West in an effort to restore the Roman Empire. Meanwhile, a worried number of tribes formed a union to stop the Aztecs from expanding past modern day Texas. It is called the American Confederation (I accidently named it the United Tribes/States of America, they supposed to come after the Europeans arrive). The Franks regained some of their land and would soon form the Fifth Reich. Meanwhile Britannica had released Ireland as an independent state and share their colonies with them. Scotland, Greater England, and Ireland became the triple Alliance of the British Isles.

1550 BCE "The Rough Times"

Around the time of 1570, Naples and Milan (Lombardy) claimed independence after being declined constantly by the reign of Byzantine who at the time decided to create revolt nations after needing vassals. As for Iberia in 1563 to 1548 Catalonia, Portugal and Castillo were able to escape from the Iberian government due to a threat from down south in African Byzantine.

On the other hand, Norway and Denmark managed to declare their independence from New Sweden, after the idea of Viking Invasions not suiting this era. Sweden focused on these new threats meanwhile Iceland managed its independence as well in 1545, slowly managing with some support from England, Scotland, Ireland and a few from Scandinavian East. It was furthermore decided that the land acquired by England, Ireland and Scotland in southern modern Greenland as of 1545, was split between Denmark and Iceland. Norway however, managed to claim a few eastern parts of the north.

Finally with these new nations aboard in 1550BCE, Byzantine Empire was showing signs of threats and noticed a possible minor revolt in a town in Asia minor, named Miracium and another named ottoman. Byzantine made sure carefully to keep these revolts comfortable in the nation so that they do not attempt to make unnecessary revolts constantly.

1525 BCE

Baktristan attacks 2 indian states at once, crushing them with fire weapons. Iberia takes Castille, ignoring the pact, but Byzantium is occupied now, still gighting with the new Italian states.

1500 BCE


A war was struggled, followed by few people who had been annex was been supported by the Indian civilisations, Bahajaramas and Sinde was been supplied. Few men plundered few of the weapon that the Baktristan men were using all the time, it's bows were sharpened and was littered with some flamme, they declare the new name shall be called the ficavus for the bad weapon they've used. The siege was set by the Parthians and was able to attack the Mughal former capital, allowing few men found anti-fire weapons or shorten it down anti-firavus was been used by the Parthians, taking at the capture of the Himalayas, razed few of the fire weapons or ficavus as official.

Meanwhile in the south, few remnants of the Ceylonese decided to face a new era with new times of conquest, with the old traditions of trading, research and engineering. They used the old ships that they were able to used for, the warship was named as Galphahka needs to be used, Admiral Germakahal Pervar needed few ships to take the southern Indian part, they plundered few of the remains and they claimed all of Sri Lanka lands. They began to sail, at southern India, a battle was fought and they took victory as their defensive soldiers were almost converted to offensive soldiers but the 70% are now offensive, they conquered the south which will create another threaded surpassing era. The armies were now annexing the southern India, but just a bit, there is no official name for that empire yet but to be sure, the remnants they refounded simply called themseleves "Ceylonia" but it's unofficial but it was lebeled as ??? in the text because the old name could be otherwise offensive and meanings for colonial version of Ceylon in 1200 CE, but it's only hope to be ??? forever until 1200 CE which is much harder to get into. Tragahka Makalarus wants the whole India to be destroyed and conquered, threats of India will be faced.

Byzantium and Iberia

The occupied Byzantium was been suprisingly got broke into city-states after a massive revolt in Trebizond, the empire was been broked into pieces where the emperor Mepaxos Empartinox had retired from been the Byzantine emperor, the empire has fallen except the Byzantine remains will be the new states, but with the Constantinople one, they are now Greece which they are still not having an emperor been used yet. The city-states are:

  • Illyria
  • Macedon
  • Thrace
  • Serbia
  • Croati
  • Pergamon
  • Cappadocia
  • Trebizond

But the non-city-states are Carthage, Egypt and the one between Egypt and Mesopotamia, but they were known to be the new Assyrians, but name it as New Assyria, the people were poor and their military is suprisingly low and useless, after few attempts, they have to prepare their own army to reconquer their lands before the annexation of Assyria. The leader Palaxus I shall lead their own military more frequently.

Iberia would've have the same fate of falling apart, the city-states are been released and Portugese people conquered few of their lands to their own lands they've claimed. They are happy enough not to expend much often, but the war was still there, a city-state war would've occured in Iberia because of the uniting was been used, these city states would've been involved in this city-state war which they start to form the empire of Iberia again. Desalvas Leparos was suggested to find that the city-states are completely fragmented and needs to be united, the pact is supposed to be divided and the city-state mess has completed itself.

  • Leon
  • Madrid
  • Adurlacia
  • Grandada
  • Corboda
  • Aragon
  • Catalonia
  • Portugal(?)

Aztec Empire

The Aztec Emprie is expending themselves to the new core expansion, the empire united their former vassals, they began to invade Texas, performing a new attack siege in the capital of Texas again, yet the expansion was the success, killing many of them. The Aztecs finally united the Mexican area, which then been cored, but the technology is slowly improving itself very slowly, just now that they have yet plan to expend the lands to the US, people are getting angry, people wanted their own lands by themselves. The remains of the tribes crated the Great Plain Union but it's the only the part of the Rockies and the Missippi area but it incluides the Californian part. Meanwhile the Semioles and Huron natives attack the American Empire, shwoing their own superiority, sieges were laid out by the Hurons which they sent many archers which will kill a soldier in the place the Americans retreat their lands, they further expend to it.

The Aztec treasury was now laid with richness into it, the adminstration becomes fearly overextended make sure to add the cores as new provinces properly, to stop them trying to collapse themseleves.

1475 BCE

In 1489, The Parthian Forces invaded, Occupied, and annexed Northern India. Meanwhile Southern Indian forces declared war on Sri Lankan Empire (because they were afraid of Parthia) and annexed it as well after a 10 long year siege on Ceylon. Ex-Byzantine states was worried about the growing Eastern powers and decided to rejoin together to make the United States of Byzantium.

1450 BCE: Ottoman and New Era

In 1445, new nations came in the East including Iran. With this concluding, Byzantium allowed new nations to become independent in 1445 BCE. This consisted of Venice, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Moors. As for Iberia, they managed to sort out their issues out and reunite, Spain sharing the peninsula with Portugal. Finally up north, Kiev Rus' began expanding on a quest East and renamed to Russia and our friend Denmark began to dominate Greenland.

In Conclusion to 1450BCE, At 1429 Russia claimed the Kola peninsula from Finland.

1425 BCE: The French Rise

France has begun building up its army. Sudan rebels against Axum.

1400 BCE

Aztec Empire

The unification of America is becoming harder, with the empire just got into the destruction, sieges in the tribes were successful, demolishing some of  the buildings of the tribes. The army division in the Californian area was now forced to destroy few tribes that were joining the American tribe unification, the attack was now been spoilt by some defensive system in the Californian area, where a spy named Gharas had found the army in a village in the Pomo tribe, the army was been divided and the plans were becoming revealed as few of the native chieftains were now getting threaten to the Aztec people. The military advisor, named as Macerhazet Wezte have to ask the leader to send one diplomats to declare war againsrt the Great Plain tribes, but the adminstartion on the Great Plain tribe union was now controlled by the American Confederacy.

A diplomat named Heilzahs Mercouzhat declared the tribes a war, which the Aztec armies were invading across the American destruction, they've conquered the Californian tribes, they expend more to the Texan area, almost reaching to the Missippi river. The Aztec armies were now been able to destroy the Great Plain tribes little bit easier.


A breakup has happened in Spain, the Spanish rebellion has enough unification of them, they intend to stay away from any uniting processes and those nations broke up has no order of unification the fragmented Iberia has to fight their own might to unify the country but their armies are weak after the collapse. The collapse may have lead the soldiers were averagely at 3,000. The stability of the city-states were weak and unstable, city-state followings were:

  • Badajoz
  • Granada
  • ?
  • Valencia
  • Toledo
  • Madrid
  • Lisbon
  • Galicia
  • Barcelona
  • Catalonia
  • Navarra
  • Andorra

The city-states were not powerful enough to unite themseleves and they have to redevelop more for few more centuries in order to reunify back to Iberian Empire, though some large city-states in Iberia will collapse into smaller city-states occasionally throughout time. The new leaders needed to take the order and unite themselves back until 1000 BCE which will take a few time. Many resistance showed up against the Spanish force, they were fallen after the battle and sieges were laid out.


The naval fleet named Caplaraxus in Anatolia starts to take 50,000 men to invade Constantinople and reoccupy as their capital again, the city was restored and was now been fortified with many soldiers garrisoning the city, helping it to be defended to the last men. The Byzantine had led few civilisations gained their independence, Judea, Egypt and Trebizond declared independence against them,  the revolts were unstable because the armies were still in Constantinople, unable to stop the rebels. Emperor Jerlius II demanded to send some of his troops to Middle East to defend the revolts and any other bad things happen here so they will not get weak.

Meanwhile in the Byzantine-cultural regions, the Illyrian, Greek rgeions were collapsing, making new city-state groups, the adminstartion is unstable after a long year independency against the Byzantines, the current list are:

  • Illyria (Venice)
  • Thrace (Bulgaria)
  • Greece
  • Thressaloniki
  • Macedon
  • Dalmatia
  • South Dacia
  • ???

The culture will change later on if the culture becomes more unofficial to their own, starting off new cultures to use.

Southern India

Many soldiers got rigged into the army of the remnants of Ceylon causing a revolt to appear in Ceylon, the island seemed to be well-defended, they decide to flee their army with their rebel leader, Mascahjay Pakora to the southern mainland India, a siege happened for a few times which they began to fall apart and took their own victory by the rebels. The capital was overthrown later on, many rebels occupied the land, creating a new division of new armies to control and conquering with technological access to the remains of Southern India. Many were fleed to the Central Asian lands after the rebellion took place, the former General, Japahur Perjakus had found the Parthians were holding the weapon of the Stan, ficavus or simply "fire weapon". The recruitment of his new army was a large amount of 50,000, forcing to stop the empire that is rising with new technological focuses and new trade systems and also conquest of India. Meanwhile, some spies found the Parthian secret plans of the anti-ficavus/fire weapon, they stole it because they want the conquest and victory.

The remnants of Ceylon readapted old technology but named as Sri Lankan Empire later until 1200 will be the old ways again.


After naming them Russia, the Karelian area got worser, some of the Finnish people were demanding to enforce their lands back or the Finnish declares war, they refused. A Finnish diplomat, declared war against them, many armies were demanded to give the rebels some assistance against them, the army gave them weapons, allowing them to recontrol and regained the land back, before the Russian claims were made. Chechyjar Erhalksa, researched few new weapons, creating a new army system against many of the Finnish they could take. But the Siberian people also wanted land, the old Fourth Reich land, they declared war against them, many of their armies were settled beginning a plan at 1376 BCE.

1375 BCE

Drexmapper didn't do the turn while the map is small and blurred so I have to do double turns and the map fixing.


World Map of Cultures. Since 1375 BCE

Aztec Empire

The war continues against the American tribes, the empire was able to be overextended if they continue to expend to the exceeding 100% of the cored regions that they were having, that means the Aztec provinces, they'll collapse quickly. So they have to focus on core-building on their own territories to form provinces, the American tribes were able to take the Hurons out, as they wanted to grow their power back, the adminstration in the Aztecs are now been focusing on coring regions by themselves. Although few tribes got collapsed after they have sieging their villages, meaning that they have to surrender or go back to the collapse statement. Chieftain Gadhyu Perlmahc abandoned his own tribe, the Shoshone after the Aztecs controlled many of his own lands. The land is still a mess and needed help, some people were hired to allow the help of the province making.


The remnants of Ceylon declared to use a new weapon they've produced, the anti-ficavus/fire weapon which the soldiers are resistant to the firacus/fire weapon, they planned to train a huge production as they used it, they planned that the Persians were also finished it, earlier before they have even made it. They defeated the Baktristan armies during a plan like this, they were sieging around their land, firstly the Balkash lake to the last territory where they have left during a war against the Indians, showing no superiority against them, they began to surrender, a general named Fircayus Majilakha, last general in the Baktristan surrendered during a siege in the last city of Baktristan, the Baktristan has lot of ficavuses/fire weapons allowing military more stronger, but the Parthian army gets a new plan to make the ficavus/fire weapon more powerful than the remnants of Ceylon's anti-ficavus/fire weapon. Pretty much, they are now planning on it, trying to make it's successful test, but mainly the weapon shall be more of the galphyrun, a powerful weapon that the Parthians made, it's a blade of spears which can be used as an offensive tool not defensive because it's improved weapons had happened, a remnant of Ceylon's diplomat, Calpayra Maher declared a war against them showing superiority, a lagre army filled with their anti-ficavuses/fire weapons standing against the Persians, they began to sent their own siege attack, they've reached the northern India part, if they won the Parthians would've get divided, if the remnants lost the new weapon they've used will be invincible. Their defence tool is a dagger for the Parthians.


Iberia is now fragmented and they are not uniting yet, because due to adminstration problems. The adminstration and power are increasing in those small states, few got fragmented, resulting Iberia as the fragmented area in the European world.

1350 BCE

A New Emperor had come to the throne in the Byzantine Empire, His name is Justinian. He realized the Byzantine Empire's Mistake to release independent states. So He conquered them with help from his wife ,Theodora. After they regain back their land, the Byzantines aim for Nubia and the Iberian states.

Meanwhile the Mexicano-American War initiated and America is triumphant as Rebellions all over the Aztec Empire such as Lone Star Republic, Bear Flag Republic, and Golden Valley Republic. Had joined forces with American Tribes.

1325 BCE

Note: Quite a few events happened, drawing near towards 1000 BCE. Up in the North, Norway maintains Denmark and some Swedish lands, leaving Denmark situated in Greenland. Kiev Rus' claimed West Modern Russia, and Siberia in East Modern Russia. What does this suggest? Whilst in East Europe, it occurred during 1332 BCE that Poland and Baltica separated, Poland-Lithuanian Common Wealth becoming the Poland and Lithuania becoming Baltica. Any other land from the remains of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, was given to Kievan Rus'.

Furthermore down south, Greater England reunites the British Isles after large threats in the East from major size countries in Asia. With the new ruler of Byzantium reuniting to the States, France decided to show the Iberian/Byzantine States a lesson, and further expanded out. After the event, the nations in Iberia reunited to "The Iberian States", and Portugal was left to be an independent country. With France owning some Italian/Iberian land, Byzantium decides whether to consider France, a threat.

Finally in Conclusion to the events of 1325 BCE, Mexico further expanded down south into central/Southern America. The States of Iberia and France both decided they would be happy to be allies and briefly have a very minor war with Byzantium to get small territories in Africa. Byzantine Empire officially declares France and the States of Iberia threats as of 1320 BCE.

1300 BCE

France reclaimed Normandy from Greater England and ended hostilities. Sudan gains more land as a three sided civil war starts in Axum. France requests that it will give Byzantium Italy if they join an alliance to divide Europe. Peru forms in South America to finally unite the tribes.

1275 BCE


Aztec Empire

The empire becomes so powerful to stop these stupid rebellion, they were known to destroy the empire, it was now been sent by 15 armies around the Great Plains and the 4 armies will be sent to the Rockies. A great battle must destroy the nations, the annexation of Baja Californian place had set to finish at a siege in villages and the capital was been captured and annexed it. A large force of rebels are destroying the first army of the Aztecs, General Gahazult Pawenaar sent many men to the Great Plains, about 40,000 were killed in the battle. Many retreat by themselves, the few lands in the north got abandoned afterwards, the people had enough of the Aztec rules, the armies were still occupying the state, but the others got broke into new pieces of the empire, the Michigan and the Huron, the remains are part of the empire of Missippi. The reformation of the Aztec adminstartion starts to use the cores to the province system, any revolt on one province means rebellion crush, some leader named Sezaronta I demanded the armies to be attacked the East, to rule the empire.

Many began to expend to the southwards of the remnants of Inca, but meanwhile, the Peruvian people demand the empire to be Inca again, the leader refuses, many revolts around the territory had happened and they want to stop, they have enforced their demands now.

Byzantium and Iberia

The Arabian forces had enough of the rules, they stand to create the Arabian Empire, the rebel leader Mahjerl has declare the lands to be theirs and the revolts are rising. Too many people hated the Byzantines so much they declare a revolt, Arabian Rebellion revolt happens where the citizens in Arabia declares their own freedom and they want their revenge back! The migration is the nomads of Arabia had moven and they died out of thirst because the migration to stay at the Sahara Desert is a real pain, not the water source is important because they want to migrate themselves somewhere.

States of Iberia becomes disbanded as new war breaks out, Granadan, Aragonese and Castilian wars were own side. Meanwhile a Corbodan leader, Gahasilsi Mecavu wants to annex the remains, so they annexed remains and the Galician becomes temporary part of the empire forever which the borders will become worser. The Corbodan Empire is restored and no people shall name them as Portugal because the name becomes so boring as the name is SUPPOSED to be "New Portugal" and now if the borders become same again it will become "New New Portugal" which is why it doesn't make any sense, the name becomes PERMERMENT.

1250 BCE

Byzantium invaded Axum, and Iberia while Parthia crushed the revolt and assimilated Ceylon into it's empire. Ceylonese people were put into reserves and sent outside Parthia's Borders to Eastern Russia.

Meanwhile Kievan Rus' took over Siberia and the remnants fell into unrecognizable tribes.

1225 BCE

Successfully banishing Byzantium and France, Spain and Portugal end up sharing the Iberian Peninsula. Sweden and Finland break away from Norway. Byzantium expanded through all of Sahara to compete against Kievan Russia, who just finished expanding into the Kola peninsula. French and Indian went north to discover a new continent. They came across a few shards of land in the Alaskans, they're called "Quebland". Meanwhile back in Europe, Holland and Spain stole lands north and east France, including Naples from Byzantium. Holland allies with England, incase France attacks Spain at the north, Spain attcks France and France attacks Holland.

1200 BCE

(In this turn, there were ALOT of revolts)

France and Iberia

France invades and annexes Spain and becomes Naples. Portugal joins the European Super Alliance (Byzantium and France) and France annexes the left bank of the Rhine and Belgium. France then becomes a monarchy, with governors in place throughout the provinces. (Flanders, Brittany, Normandy, Savoy, Castille, and Aquantine)

Aztec Empire

The Aztecs launch a massive offensive against the American Federation and conquers Hispanola, Cuba, and all of modern day Mexico. It also creates the puppet states of California, Arizona, and Texas.

Middle East and Africa

The Byzantines were too busy expanding in the Sahara to notice a small rebellion in the town of Mecca. a new religion, Islam, caused the people to riot, as the Byzantines were only allowed to worship Christianity. Soon all the Arab tribes revolted and formed the Mecca Caliphate. In South Africa, the Zulu continued to expand in Namibia and Somalia formed on the East African coast.


The Manchus in Manchuria revolt against China, while India also divides its land into provinces, each with its own sultan.


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