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5000 BC

5000 BCE

The era of thriving cities grown and most of the agriculture is risen and formed civilisations as more people were born and thrived. Now it's the time.

4950 BCE

Brazil is formed by a tribe called Amazonas. The tribe chief, Arkeento has to decide to unite by a row, leading a new civilisation in the world.

4900 BCE

Aztecs is formed by a tribe since the tribe is developly growing too quickly. They formed a society to sacrifice the people and also they have been forming groups and also been developing perfectly.

4850 BCE

The Creek tribe is founded by the chief called Derverte. The old chief, Arkeento died in old age, replacing Hertliso as the chief. At time, the Aztecs invented first weapons as metal. But others don't.

4800 BCE

This era has gained that the Aztec chief has misplaced by a riot, these riots have caused enough trouble. Brazil makes weapons was metal, as the progress has gone further. As Hertliso died, Linetonn replaces him as the chief of Brazil and also the leader.

Alt history 5

4750 BCE

4750 BCE

The age of the Aztecs, the Mayan empire is founded. Meaning Aztecs have a first communication with them, they have hated them so much due to the rapid expansion. Brazilian leader, Linetonn is dead, replacing Hergordin. And this is the first war ever encountered. Aztecs against Mayans.

4700 BCE

The Mayan empire has encountered an attack by the Aztecs, the general Gertazc has founded the Mayan town and seized it. Means that attack has formed, one weak defence against a strong Aztec army.

4650 BCE

Mesopotamia is born, made by a leader called Akerferius I, he lead his tribe into a new busting change, new laws and stuff were recorded. Aztecs are preparing for an attack, but the Brazilians have a neutral position, the Crees invented archery for last.

4600 BCE

Aztecs invading the Mayan lands. They are about to seize the lands.

4550 BCE

The Mesopotamian empire is expanded to the west, meaning that it could cause the trouble for tribes and nomads around here. The Aztec heir is stating to fall apart by the rebels.

4500 BCE

The Creek advance into Louisiana. Because of the rivers they discovered boats. New civilization appears in India, Mughal. The mughal civilisation is founded by the Indus Valley. Mesopotamia becomes the science nation.

4450 BCE

Aztecs conquered the Mayan lands, Congo is founded in the tribe of Cerhak. Mesopotamia occupies Anatolia and discovers big boats like triremes. The most of the lands are occupied.

4400 BCE

Mesopotamia occupies Egypt.

Rize of Da byzantinez

4300 BCE

4350 BCE

Aztecs annexed Maya completely after the  siege of Yucatan is over. And Aztec invented trimemes, archery, crafting meaning advanced technology develops. Hittites gained independence due to Mesopotamia is increasing too much power and will be unstable. Amazona is founded.

4300 BCE

A new civilization is founded in greece and thrace called Byzantium.

4250 BCE

Escaped Byzantine Rebels traveled to the Italian Penninsula and founded a small Empire. Which quickly turned to latin after almost 2 generations.

4200 BCE

In Germany, 3 small tribes compete for resources and power. The First, Second, Third, and possibly a Fourth Reich. However the Third (Reich) Tribe was the first to grew onto the map. The rest is slowly growing. Meanwhile The Roman Empire is now expanding throughout Italy. In an effort to conquer the Medditeranean.

4150 BCE

Xia, In modern day China, is united from the 7 tribes of the east. At the moment, the citizens of Xia think that they are the only country in the world. They couldn't be any more wrong.


4050 BCE

4100 BCE

Mughal expands to the Himalaya hillside.

4050 BCE

Hittites invaded Mesopotamia for the war contraction. Amazone expends to the Amazonian Rainforest, they believe the person in Amazona which they have a tribe have to be joined.

4000 BCE

The Meso-Hittite war is finally over, with Hittities claiming most of the land. Meanwhile the other reichs started to land on the map. In south, the Roman Empire is starting to revolutionize it's country and takes Northern Africa, Northern italy, and invades the Balkans.

3950 BCE

Xia conquers the surrounding tribes with their fairly powerful army. The Bronze Age expands east, where Japan Is formed.

3900 BCE

Mesopotamia launches a counterattack on the hittites, defeating them.

3850 BCE

The Hittites have united Byzantium to prevent the attacks from Roman and Mesopotamian attacks. Allowing them to have a chance of giving the land back, allowing to destroy the large armies. Byzantine capital of Constantinople is become the Hittite-Byzantium Capital.

3800 BCE

The Roman Empire and Mesopotamia had made a temporary alliance to invade Hittites. They succeeded and Hittites are forced to give up most of their land. But tensions between Romans and Mesopotamians are starting to rise over who will have Hittites. The Romans had offered a deal to Hittites; They will be annexed into the Roman Empire in turn for protection and better technology than Mesopotamia has to offer, more wealth, and peace. If Hittites accepts they will also get to rule Eastern Rome (Later will become the Roman Republic). If they help to fight off and annex Mesopotamia.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.40.04 PM

3750 BCE

Meanwhile in Germania, the Reichs. First Reich had conquered the small celtic tribes of Southern England, while Third is moving to conquer Russia. Meanwhile in America, Brazil and Creek had finally assimilated tribes. But an opposition is starting to form in Northern America. Against Creek, the English Tribes, North of Creek, will call themselves the United States...

3750 BCE 

Xia meets the new Mongols, and Xia tries to be friendly but the Mongols are hostile and try to attack Xia right away. Xia pushes the Mongols back, and they remain as rivals. Japan uses boats to create some of the first colonies in the modern Philippines. Japan makes contact with Xia, and they become friendly, but not yet allies.

3700 BCE

Mesopotamia destroys the rest of Hittites-Byzantium. A new civlization, Baljash, appears in Asia.

3650 BCE

The rebels after they annexed the Byzantines and Hittites began an unstable movement. Some were approach of in the laws, creating an unstable movement. Some were militarious cities, like Sparta and since they control it, they have a higher military level, causing them to create a research on siege, phalanx and crafting on iron weapons. But mostly in some Roman and Mesopotamian citizens they support them secretly so the people won't get spotted.

"We can't let the two powers taking over the world! We need freedom!" - Anet I

Soon, they actually are getting so angry that they began to work on the freedom access. Meanwhile the Americas and Australia, things are still peaceful, Aztecs were researching the religion, making the religion to be first founded.

3600 BCE


In the Cacasusian region, the Khazzars were born to be a kingdom. The people were starting to plan on attacking Mesopotamia, much of the land, but only the northern part evantually. Progress on the world is slowly advancing itself to the Upper Bronze Age.

3550 BCE

Julius Caesar was born on 3590 BCE. When he became Emperor at 19 Years old. He expanded the Empire into France and Spain. And blocked the Mesopotamians to put down their revolts to take control of the former-rebelled Mesopotamian lands. the Mesopotamians saw this as a declaration of war and begin attacking Rome's Borders. Have just finished Annexing Southern France and Spain for rich resources. They sent their newly reformed army to Mesopotamian lands. They defeated the Mesopotamians with a decisive victory. Mesopotamia, ran away with tail's between their legs (not literally). But a rising threat is growing in modern day Iran...

3500 BCE

Japan expands into Russia and forms an alliance with Xia. Southern Song forms south of Xia and so far they are neutral towards each other. Mongols defeat Russian tribes to the North.

3450 BCE

Baljash expands to the Aral and Caspian seas. Mugha occupies the Indo river, contacting with the Persian Empire.

3400 BCE

Rome is founded into provinces. The Romans are plot to invade more of Germania region, Libya region and much of Brittania, meanwhile, the Aztecs were expending to the Creek land. The tribes were independent more further than the freedom by the three Reichs. Mesopotamia researches on more trade and military. Meanwhile the Iceni were independent from the Reich, where they deserve their own island.

The roman provinces were separated a bit but they were still controlled by the Romans, but administration is a bit different.

Mesopotamia plans to train a large army to destroy the Roman Empire like Alexander defeats Darius III.

3350 BCE

Rome had successfully conquered German Gaul ,started an expedition and invasion of the British Isles, and Vassalization of Mesopotamia. While they are busy with the west, the Persian Empire saw a chance and quietly took control of Mesopotamia. By the time had Rome noticed almost a year later, the Persian Empire had launched an invasion of Rome, Conquering most of the East. Rome had desperately fought back but was no match against the overwhelming Army of nearly a-million-men-army of Persia.

Both empires called for a temporary ceasefire treaty. Rome had begun to reform its armies to (easy) Spartan training and had just discovered a new kind of metal called Iron. But Iron will not be mass-produced until 2000 BCE. Tensions between both sides escalates, and war with each other is inevitable....


3250 BCE

Meanwhile New tribes had risen. So is a new popular government type called a Republic founded by South Vietnam, it would be mutated into a different kind as it starts making it's way towards Rome.

3300 BCE

Assirya rises in middle east, capturing most of the old Mesopotamian army (but not all the army). Mughal takes some land in Tibet and India, and Baljash occupies more Caspian land.

3250 BCE

The Aztec council had created a puppet state of the Maya. That puppet state will transfer power to the Aztec in order of forming an empire. The Amazonas were annexing the Amazonian areas trying to rule with a new dynasty of Wekkatalku, they said that most of them needed for the power. Aztecs annexed Andelinos, the north part with their 945,000 soldiers anmnexed parts of Southern USA and the North Andes.

The Amazonas and Aztecs formed a truce until the 2000 BCE, they fall after the Bronze Age collapse, same as the Romans and Persians did. But few Romans were trying to stop the troops against the Roman legions, which is a Roman General, had failed. The Aztecs researched new advances such as Teaching, Horseback Riding and finally Manuring.

Meanwhile, tribes were emerged. The Pueblos, Shoshone, Huron and Cahokia is formed.

"We must seek more tribes to explore." - Arkerus IV

"Can't we know that the world is small and we have land?" - Kilpec Sertuzel

"Romans are pretty far reigned for one millenia." - Carlactos

3200 BCE

The Romans had successfully defeated the Persians. Meanwhile the Persian Army had desparately tried to replace the land by invading it's neighbors.

3150 BCE

The khazzars to gain more power they offer rome many gold and promise to be a protectorate the romans accept so the khazzars gain iraq and then expand to arabia and somalia.Also a civilization is founded on scandinavia scotland and greenland the kingdom of the vikings

3100 BCE

Mughal and Baljash decide to make an alliance, crushing the Persian army, but the country is strong enough to survive.

3050 BCE

The Path Destiny project by the Aztecs is finished, as the first map is created. The Aztecs destroyed the rebels and putten harsh treatment of the Andelino and Creek areas, as the people who revolt, they get to death or sent to gaol for been revolted, the laws are been replaced by the Aztec. Hawakawa surrendered in the last battle of the Creek, as he threw out in flee, the Aztecs annexed the Creek lands, left behind some remains, the Aztec army reformed into a stronger army, in order any superpowers to stop the Aztecs until Bronze Age Collapse.

3050 BCE

Meanwhile in the Middle East, the Baljash and Mughal army finally reached Persepolis, capturing it and razed to the ground as the Persian Empire is disappeared, the Arabian nation sets into under a tributry state by the Khazzars, the council had known to be giving trade power and military power to attack the Roman Empire.

Under no circumferences, the first empire is fallen behind, the Amazonian empire attacked and destroyed the Incans, meaning that the Brazilian forces were too weak to stand against, as the leader named Fercaros I had to bring his people to convert them to soldiers, this should be done at 2925 BCE.

"Mostly in the world, the world is scary, a giant place." - Gerfedirch Aerqunt

"I had no chance of revolt but follow these Aztec rules." - Crezatoetha

3000 BCE

The Romans had found out that Khazzars were planning an attack against them. Also the fact that they had foolishly gave away their land for gold. Approxamitely 4 years later, The Khazzars invaded Rome starting with modern day Israel. The Romans, with their superior technology and military tactics and equipment, had deflected the invasion even after losing a few battles in the beginning. The Romans had made a counter attack by invading the Khazzars through Crimea and Anatolia. The Romans eventually surrounded the Khazzars, that was in a single city, after a 6 long year siege, the Khazzars surrendered and their people were let go. However, all the soldiers who fought against Rome were forced into the military. Eventually the forced soldiers adopted Roman Ideals and found that Roman Empire is a better place to live in as it is rich and intellegent.

When the year hits 3004 BCE, a major rebellion took place in Persia. The 2 countries who annexed Persia were in trouble and their forces were shattered from the rebellion of almost 2 million. The nations called for Roman Help in turn for annexing the land.

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