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2975 BCE

Arabia wants to get its peninsula back so they attack the Romans but fail so the Romans take more land. Japan expands and takes over all the Philippines, Borneo, Papua and New Zealand. South and North Vietnam both have a destroyed economy so they decide to unite to fix their economy 400px

2950 BCE

The reign of the Weztectal Dynasty is over, the Aztecs were now under a new pretender called Hzetzera Snetcuma, she made the Aztecs turn more focused on technology and expansion than military. She began a project of the Path of The North America, where she tries to make a royal marriage upon the Great Plain Tribes, as they would focus on, later the heir of the Snetcuma house has made into the bad reign as most of the people want to focus conquest than this, mostly some people knew the choice is worse, the Act of Research is passed to the Aztec Empire, it lowered the technology search that she made as she rather wanted to bring out the peace, likely is because of the conquest is reigned too far and she would stopped the Weztectal Dynasty focused on been failed, as it was over for now. The Aztecs were now researched the woodwork, masonry and construction, trying to make the empire more rich.

Meanwhile, lot of tribes emerged from the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, counting a lot. The Pueblo migrated south to avoid the tribes there focusing on power and conquest, but mostly it was seemed to be terrible that the Assiniboine has taken the former Pueblo lands. The nomad Pueblo tribe was begun focus on the advancements to gain power itself, but unfortunately, the Aztecs discovered the Pueblos, near the borders, the Snetcuma Dynasty has sent a royal marriage, but it seemed that they accepted.

In Eastern North America, the Creek rebels were trying to focus on been liberated, said to be discovered too far, if the Aztec releases the nation, they will have the chance of refocus on their army rebuilding. But long that the soldiers had been harsh treatment to the Creek lands, they began to start a plan. Nearly, the New English Empire is born with the merge of the New York and the Massachusetts tribes.

The Amazonian tribes finally gained all of the Amazonian rainforest, resulting big land to achieve to split apart to states at 2700 BCE as they could be unstable for that long, the Brazilian surrendered after that, if they declare war, they will be crushed down by the Amazonian Empire, giving a casus belli to the Amazonian Empire invading Brazil, the leader Serquiar II, had to sign the deal of the Amazonian Empire had made, as it's forces were too weak to fight over it.

Sweden gained independence as long as the Vikings will made them follow their laws, they'll be fine, but the Reich protection against them will be helped by the Viking forces that it was made, the longboats, berserks, axemen were reinforced throughout the Scandinavian lands to avoid the Third Reich attacks through South Norway, Sweden to the Finnish lands. If the Swedish Empire was occupied, the Third Reich will eventually wipe the Scandinavian lands and occupied as the Third Reich.

The Arabian, Khazzar, Baljash and Mughal empires formed a coalition against Roman Empire, as they want to liberate the lands, to be named as the Liberation of the European Nations (LEN), they began a plan to invade the invasion on Persepolis, Ur and Assur, the invasion took the 600,000 LEN soldiers (Arabia, Khazzar, Baljash and Mughal soldiers added up) to invade the superior Roman Empire, which they have finally reached the city of Persepolis, which the Mughals recaptured it like invading the Persian Empire before. The Khazzars restored the former lands, the LEN is attacking the 1.3 million soldiers of the Roman Empire which they are at the Upper Bronze Age, most of the LEN are focusing the operation called Operation Liberate, it causes to make 50% of the citizens to be soldiers.

"We will be surely that the Snetcuma will defeat our military attacks of the north." - Mortentcul VI Weztecal

"How can we help the Vikings protect the Reich attacks?" - Servasa Hercolf

"The emerged tribes were forming, I would say, But they were somehow weak and terrible, we should help them." - Hzetzera Snetcuma

"The Romans are way too big! WE MUST STRIKE THEM, FOR ALL LIVES!" - Sercumeus Ralicali

"So much for the impact to the Romans, we need some countries to make the world better in Europe." - Altina

"Mature is not simply hard." - Evernticus Vercano

2925 BCE

The Countries of non-Romans were foolish enough to try to destroy Rome. The Romans retaliated with newly Reformed armies of the Late Bronze Age. Only Iron is found in Europe and the Romans had found use of Iron by making Iron Weapons such as the Iron Gladius. But yet again, Iron is not mass-produced. So finding a Iron Gladius is only on Generals and elite soldiers. With the help of the superior Roman Diplomacy, the Third Reich and Khazzars were willingly but reluctantly annexed as they are in poverty.

Meanwhile, the Fourth Reich Became independent (Forgot to change it) and invades the country beneath its expansion. the Fourth Reich is destined to become modern day Russia.

"Don't them barbarian fools realize that what they are doing is plunging the world into chaos and the DARK Ages if they destroy Rome? If they actually visit our lands they will see it is peaceful and tamed! If Rome falls, it could drag the world with it....and maybe..... millions will die..." - Commander Vexiliaus

2900 BCE

To evade any Roman attack, Mughal and Baljash combine themselves in the Stan Union, retaliating the Romans to Persepolis. After a fall battle, the Stan Union signs an armistice with Rome.

2875 BCE

The Stans were enough to be breached by the superior Roman armies, which the generals have to surrender and demands to give Persepolis back and they accept, if they attack again, they will be crushed down by the Romans. Many people were captured and sent to a slave labour, as the Romans decided to take care of attacking the neighbouring areas, which they are targeting any general and army are foolish enough of capturing any Roman lands, they put walls around borders called the Silcixum Wall, bordering around Persepolis, Susa, Assur, Nineveh and Ecbatana, as they thought barbarians were taking over the world.

Aztecs founded iron which it is somehow weak in the American area, which were used for armour. But rarely, they used it for 40 tonnes as the iron is difficult to be found anywhere in their territory, royal marriage is over, the new dynasty named as Qerztecaz has finished off Snetcuma's research and technology era of the Aztecs, during 2880 BCE, the Snetcuma leader, Kerrexta I, and his followers retreated the Aztec lands but the forces named The Defence Branch has captured and imprisoned 3/4 followers, and giving the Snetcuma followers settle as a vassal land. The leader of the Qerztecaz withdrawn royal marriages to The Great Plain tribes and the Fortification has finished. Research on cultivation, stirrup, water working is done, mostly the Path of North America is done.

The Arabians colonised Africa in to retreat from the Roman attacks and starting to move toward the east next to Congo later. The Indian tribes were emerged from tribal to a new community reformation, to attack and unite one and only empire in the Indian land (not American Indians). Finally, the Swedish and Vikings had the Third Reich gone, they invaded the east of the Fourth Reich.

"Most of the world, is no longer a peaceful place.... But Romans ruled the world." - Iabur Askahale

"I don't care what they said, they always get into a plunge of attacking, if serious things happen, these Aztec nerds will crush us." - Kerrexta I Snetcuma

2850 BCE

The Republic of Chan had invaded Northern Vietnam. almost at the end of the war, the Southern Portion of Vietnam split off from the North to avoid any invasions that is near. Meanwhile in America, the Mayans are fed up with Aztec rule and with help from a few Anglo-American Tribes, and with the help of the newly formed Republic of California (which took over the other tribes), they are are fit to stand up. Meanwhile the Fourth Reich had finished adapting to the winter, they are like Russians in our time, except German.

"A world unified, is a world with peace." - Emperor Nero

2825 BCE

Aztec Empire

The people who invaded the Aztec lands were more of the orders, Aztec armies took a siege in Palenque. In frontier, the army of Aztecs were stand against the defensive branch in the Mayan garrisons which General Hulctzec's own force fully defensive with their own archers, when the siege was starting to be attacked, his army sent forward and 6000 Mayan soldiers were killed and 5600 Aztec soldiers were killed during the first attack in the Siege of Palenque. They capture the Mayan capital, and controls it. The Mayans sign a treaty, they cannot revolt until 2400 BCE, their army will be forced to Aztec Army to strengthen the forces in the Californian and Shawnee Fronts.

The Aztec armies gets towards Californian borders, besieging in progress. One city named as San Diego lasted for 400 days until 2843 BCE they surrendered to the Aztec army, led by Pertulcus, finally at the Californian capital, Sacramento (possibly) was besieged, most armies suffered death and showing resistance. California is under controlled by the Aztecs, releasing Shoshone and Pueblo under Upper Bronze Age tech than Lower Bronze Age tech.

In Shawnee Front, Aztec general Hulctzec shows to start besieging at Austin, the Texan capital leading army to the hall, the Texan Empire surrendered and Aztec administration added the occupied Texas as a province, the Shawnee defences are getting useless around the Missipius province, the Aztecs finally built over sixteen transportation ships, around 6500 soldiers were on board, 1000 are melee, 4000 are ranged and 1500 are cavalry, they landed at the Seminole land or at least the Florida area. The Aztec generals, Hulctzec and Galpall surrounded the Shawnee lands, besieging on province to there, thereby they took few land and took control but they won't be released as independent state until 2600 BCE.

The Aztec administration had made harsh treatment everywhere in the land of Aztecs and due to expire at 2550 BCE, and the act of Defensive Control is passed making defences more better by reforming the Aztec defences more. Research is done on smithery, brewing.

Central Asia and India

The Fourth Reich is not highly adapted to desert climates in Kazakhstan so the Stan Union took few lands towards it. The Stan Union saw the Indian forces were uniting south, the south part also joins the war but the Ceylon area becomes independent and had enough wars and develops own independent government. Stan Union occupied Indian city of Mumbai/Bombay and the siege is done after soldiers of it were defeated, they signed a peace treaty and the Stans annexed the land they occupied, the south Indian part defeats India and since India has fallen, the south releases Gupta.

Mainland Asia

The Stan and Xia expends towards Himalayas, Mongolians expended to the east where the Fourth Reich was in contact they decide to avoid any Reich attack. Wu became independent as the armies are getting far terrible and develops own society, but when they fount out, Xia may have re-annex the land but Wu remains unrecognised until 2830 BCE, Xia knew that the country named Wu is now independent they recognise it. They started a plan later to re-annexed the Xia land. Khmer was formed and took southern lands of South Vietnam.


"There are so much rebellions, we have to make harsh treatment out of it, if people were attacking the lands or gain independacy, we seize and made provinces to it!" - General Hulctztec

"With too many problems, how can we overhandle this?" - Kalkerilt I Qertzectaz

"You decide to take over this world, we will defeat this!" - Hertaus Jerljer

2800 BCE

The Fourth Reich has expanded further East. In fear of Invasion, both Mongols and Xia formed the Northern Chinese Empire. While Republic of Chan formed the Republic of Southern China.

Meanwhile, in fear of Invasion. The Southern Indian states formed the Republic of India and when an invasion happens, India had defiantly fought off it. Now the Stan Union CANNOT get back into India DUE TO THE MOUNTAINS that covers over it. And had sought to fight Northern China instead.

In Arabia, the state is currently on full-scale migration towards Nigeria. Leaving behind successor states and new civilizations where ever they go.

2775 BCE

The Stan Union and Northern Chinese empire decide to form the Asiatic pact to defend themselves. Stan Union asks the Fourth Reich about joining the pact, giving them all the land they conquer. Then, the three Asiatic powers attack Rome at once, even if their combined forces are weaker than Rome, the Roman legions aren't adapted to fight in deserts and forests, losing many battles.

2750 BCE

South America

The Amazone had a lot of culture such as the Inca, Amazonian, it have shattered to over 20 city-states, fighting around the empire, it has similar Holy Roman Empire characteristics but had an chieftain instead of the emperor. But the Aztecs and two countries at the Brazilian highlands conquered few land and actually General Huluctec died since 2774 BCE. General Ilerlence had acquired the Columbian area and possibly the size is getting larger and similar size of the Fourth Reich. But the chief, was now being elected, the Incan leader, Ahartu III had made the first plan of making an act called the Continental Adaption where they began to retake the Aztec South American lands. The Amazone outside borders are blue because we don't want independent nations much outside of the Amazone border.


  • 20 States inside Amazone Empire
  • 67% unity of South America under Amazone Empire
  • Current Leader: Ahartu III of Inca
  • Status: Normal

Aztec Empire

In order to keep the Aztec Empire more stable, they released San Diego, Pomo, Semiole and Karak as independent nations, basically, the provinces such as California and Florida was lost after the release of the nations. The Aztec stability is slightly increased after the release of these nations. In the Triple Alliance city area, the merge of these cities has named it as Tenochitlan as the Aztec capital, since the cities are grown bigger. The citizen named Serputernl Akwe in the Aztec land showed the new invention of the water working, planning to make this concept of building a water production than people in Aztecs gathering water by walking and gather then walk back to home, they'll make more better progress on gathering support. The Aztec engineers believe that Serputernl is working on it, they made the progress further, helping the support. While the Aztecs were working on it, some progresses were happened in the Cuban land, the city was developed and first built the temple.

Researching in Aztec is increased further, allowing besieging more efficient with the tech of siege weapons. Iron is still in production until it is over. Limited production made it difficult to advancement to the Lhigher era such as Iron Age to Renaissance after it will advance until westernised.

Roman Empire and Fourth Reich

During the Northern Chinese and Stans were taking over the Middle Eastern, the legion armies were adapting to the Middle Eastern and Saharan Desert climates, meaning that the Northern Chinese and Stan armies were now stopped near the Eastern Fertile Crescent, and the city of Palmyra and Harran. The Fourth Reich starts to lose some relations towards Stan and Northern China, as they stopped to the Baltic region, and they were starting to make insult scums and casus belli. Apariuxium showed that the Fourth Reich is planning of invading Northern China, possibly the Mongolian area, had begun a plan from it. Herdrich Werkclen had possibly made Stan Union to offer the Fourth Reich to leave the Asiatic Union, the impact made the powers lower if the Fourth Reich left the Asiatic Empire.

Even Herltrel Adrekihelm had no idea where that the approval is successful or not.

CASUALTIES DURING ASIATIC INVASION OF ROME - ~500,000 Asiatic soldiers were killed and ~675,000 Roman soldiers were killed.

South East Asia

The nations, Dai Viet and Siang gained independence from the southern China but the Vietnamese part of Southern China.


"Again, I really needed to demonstrate this new invention." - Serputernl

"Too much Roman legions and we are sick of them. But they can't be here for some reason." - Aharjeus Pertalsin

"No wonder that the Stan Union invited us for some raiding party on Rome." - Herdrich Werkclen

2013-09-05 00001

Roman Troops storming into the Fourth Reich (2743 BCE)

2725 BCE

The Misinterpretation of Romans made the Asiatic Union cocky and invaded Rome. What they don't know is that they already adapted and hold to the Deserts (Egypt and the Middle East) and Forests (Britannia) and was pushed back. The Romans pushed back the enemy and into the middle-east. The Fourth Reich teamed up with Rome invaded Northern China for Mongolian lands as China foolishly landed their armies almost half way across the world.. After the War, the Romans warned that if they ever see the Stan union attacking invading Rome or its allies, they will show no mercy.

2700 BCE

The Stan Union begins a plan. They create puppet in both borders with Rome and the Fourth Reich. Then, attacks India through the Indo and the Ganges, trying to occupy the entire coast. After a revolution, Manchuria gains independence.

Revolts are crossing the Roman Empire because they're forcing a lot of ethnic tension inside the Empire, but those new "countries" don't get independence, because the Roman army is attacking them.

2675 BCE

South America

The leader of Herltadca I had made to the heir after Ahartu III's death, the small empire started to grow towards Andes where they currently adapt the Mountain climate, the Aztec general, Hekarustal has spotted some armies heading towards the South American Aztec lands. They were razing some spots most of them are the Aztec camps surrounding the Amazone Empire borders, meaning it isn't strong enough, they were strong at the Central American land, but weak support towards the South American area. Which some were painfully weak, with weak reinforcements, they had to do it by themselves. Hekarustal lead the South American Aztec soldiers, some war canoes attacked by naval, Incans were backfired these canoes lead by Hekarustal. One of the soldiers from the Aztec army named Hlpertent Caueltteon was sacrafised in an Amazone area, possibly the Manaus area. The Aztecs were surrendered in the Andes location focusing on adapting to the Mountainous climate, recruiting some tribes to the mountainous areas.


  • 21 States inside Amazone Empire
  • 65% unity of South America under Amazone Empire
  • Current Leader: Herltaca I of Inca
  • Status: Slightly Normal

Aztec Empire (excluded the South American part of the Aztec)

The progress in animist era was still in progress in Aztec. But the pretenders of the Keilican had finished a new dynastic era of the Aztecs. But however mostly the project of the concept made by Serputnel has done, after 40 years of concentration in stuff, currency is now changed. There is no gold yet, using some resources made some currency. The important tech is coming upon, in order to make more focused on technology, the leader of that pretender that crushed the current dynasty off during 2684 BCE, calling him Ahcarutul I, it was stated to be re-taking new weapons into more bronze-like. More ceremonies had happened, in Aztec Empire mostly the more had been taken to the temple areas of the Triple Alliance area, no tech has been researched but only the Wheel is advanced into wood than stone. In some places they scout for more iron through although it is rare.

Old World

The old world is unstable with many superpowers such as Roman Empire and Fourth Reich dominated for decades. Mostly the Stans starting to reoccupy the Indian lands to reclaim the Mughal lands, Ceylon gained independence and never wanted to be united, and develops own independent acts and enact the neutrality, anyone who steps in will be taken out. Roman revolts or rebels took over few lands, Romans were still taking them down, one by one. The Roman superior technology as the rebels was not so good at turning to independent nations. The rebel leader in the Moroccan area named Perilixius Suelitilcius had lost the Grenada region, and takes on to a defeat. While in the Danish region, named Herkeliros Adrichpaxus had been failing to attack the Romans too. Same as the Egyptian region named the rebel leader as Perlnet I but have to acquire the Nile region but the army of his slowly losing the attack.


"Trying to find any Iron is difficult during the American side. We have no choice but advance slowly to the Lower Iron Age until westernisation." - Herltizutulek Perculus

"A rising rebel would not help, perhaps they can't understand rules..." - Gulipuero

"With such attacks, we must lead on to foward. But if we simply die, we will be dead for us, revolters."  - Perlixius Suelitilcius

2650 BCE

Rome expands (somewhat) quietly into Africa after putting down the revolts. Meanwhile, the 2 puppet states of the Stan Union were merged together to recreate Bajalash (Now Bajalesh). The Stan Union had won some territory of India. This is quietest generation so far.

2625 BCE

Stan and Japan decided to divide East Asia. Japan easily takes over Joseon (Korea), because it's army was intact. A tribe rises on south Argentina, Patagonia.

2600 BCE

Aztec Empire and Amazone Empire

Aztec Empire is not stable enough in South America as they had Incan and the state's armies fighting along camps and the Andes leading the Aztecs in a slight defeat in the South American land. The Aztec concept of building a water mill was spread to the Triple Alliance lake, allowing large freshwater access to the citizens, one citizen named Aqueteculon Pertaya has been giving water to his mind. So far, Aztec Empire in Central America is peaceful. But the new leader drove Hertleteca IV of Inca, becoming dangerous and threatening the trade against the Aztec Empire not allowing to trade for some resources from outside the Aztec borders. Before Hertleteca IV was the new leader of the Amazone Empire, there was Perlteca I who lived as the leader for one year, Herlteteca II for 2.3 years, Herlteteca III for 2.5 years and finally Ahartu IV for five years.


  • 21 States inside Amazone Empire
  • 74% unity of South America under Amazone Empire
  • Leader: Hertleteca IV of Inca
  • Status: Unstable

Himalayan Mountains and India

Because Ceylon is a neutral country, they revolted against India and eventually leader Aherhatrus Patteli of India had no choice of taking over Ceylon again. Most of the ratio of the Indian army named Arhatem Army has a ratio of 0:5 defences and most of the Stans and their army in the palace had captured few soldiers. They took a treaty of Mumbai and annexed  whole lot of Indian land. However the Himalayan army of the Stans took over the Himalayan Northern Chinese land, as occupied, a siege happened in Lhasa earlier in 2615 BCE where the besieging around the walls, some of the soldiers of the Stans took a fight over the Lhasa garrisoned soldiers, one soldier named Herilipa Bahaan has some encounters of the archery from the Lhasa defenders had killed about 1955 soldiers of the Stan army called the Himalayan Army. They finally took over Lhasa. Some invention was worked by the Stan citizen named as Helakalpe Salim have found some materials from the remains of the Indian razed city named as Valjaldal has been built as some small fortifications, a military engineer.

Roman Empire

The Roman empire is worsen a bit, some tensions drove in Rome. Many began to protest around the small areas around. But soldiers took them to kill them  in their own revolting.


"Too much of some places, even though people could still see our own neutrality from Ceylon." - Cortelimi Akheru

"So many merchants from Tenochititan is threatening our own place, by selling exotic products, we must threaten them!" - Hertleteca IV

"Armies are part of the dreaded attack." - Herilipa Bahaan

2575 BCE

The Roman Empire had expanded further into Arabia. Meanwhile the Stan union lost the war with Northern China and made white peace. The Stan Union decided to expand into South-East Asia, oblivious to what is going to happen there...

2550 BCE

Japan occupies some land in mainland Vietnam, but loses New Guinea due to a native revolution. Patagonia manages to go to Namibia and found a colony there. The Stan Union occupies Ceylon.

2525 BCE


Because Ceylon is a neutral country, they revolt and demand the Stan soldiers to stay out of land of Ceylon at once after the Neutral Act was passed earlier on 28th Century BCE, which they always revolt if anyone attacks the Ceylon land. The planning on walls and fortifications to avoid attacking against the superpowers until 2000 BCE, the empires such as Fourth Reich, Stan Union and Roman Empire will fall. Many engineers took out the new wall defence system and trains a small defensive armour soldiers on the Ceylon soldiers and branching a small progress of bringing the country to stay neutral forever. Because too many wars were processed, such as India occupying Ceylon and Stan Union again. They wish not to be attacked so they would focus more on culture and technology advancements through out the land.

Fourth Reich

The Roman army was thought of taking over the Fourth Reich instead of befriending the empire, mostly from the secret cults of the Rome enforcing them to do so, the leader named as Heidehem Paskroligh has found put the offenses of the Roman Empire are getting overpowered similar manner of the armies of Mongol Empire before fall, so they began to reoccupy the lands back. Besieging the Fourth Reich is now getting worse, some forest soldiers of them had started to fight these adapted Roman forest troops. Around they strike the land back and started to make a peace, of not taking lands while being allies if they do it again, they will attack once again.


Colonialism is not arrived in the American lands, since it's still in bronze age, they gained independence naming it the Boer Kingdom. As most canoes can't access towards open sea and they will sink eventually because it's design is for only rivers and coastal only, not for open sea as they could get sunk. Unless westernised nations would have better naval designs but they arrive later on.

Aztec Empire and South America

The invention named as the new water mill or now as the watkel, was spread through rivers, but they were now built in few rivers. But mainly the empire starts to tear the abandon of the South American Aztec land, the most part is the Incans took more land and it looked more similar to the CK2 conversion of EU4 when you enabled the Sunset Invasion DLC in CK2. But it has few leading problems, a new state was born in Amazone Empire, making it more worse.


"Do they keep attacking us, from these outsiders?" - Perullah Tarhe

"The water mill sounds a bit weird and unstable, it needs maintenance better and inefeciant." - Aperzer Mortilzpe

"Romans are sneaking on a counterattack, they need some lesson on allying something!" - Lierntach

2500 BCE

The Romans had managed to regain their land from the 4th Reich through Roman Diplomacy. Meanwhile Arabian Nubia is further migrating West. In Asia, The Northern Chinese Empire had conquered Manchuria and in the South, Vietnam is further united.

2475 BCE

The Stan Union asks Ceylon about an exchange. They'll give Ceylan source materials in exchange of technology. Actually, the Stan emperor is waiting for an answer. Papua conquers some Indonesian islands and lands in Australia. Japan begins to militarize.

2450 BCE

Fourth Reich

The Romans are overpowered and therefore the Fourth Reich decide to make a border dispute puppet along the Roman Borders to avoid destroying the empire. The diplomacy of Rome is permanently no longer trusted, one Roman diplomat can be executed upon the Fourth Reich capital and does not take on any Roman land aggression, the puppet runs through the Saint Pertersburg to the Volga River. They decide to advance more further to match Roman technology by research, this could make sure to stop any Roman crushers and attackers from conquer the whole Old World.

Erheiltrech Brildge had made a map of the current world map, which were similar to the old maps by the Greeks but it involves the Eurasia and North Africa, designed to be a bit accurate when he explored, he never visited through the Roman lands as the laws of the Fourth Reich was now getting worsen, so he used some Stan explorers' maps through the Persian, Caucasian, Anatolian, Egyptian and the Balkan lands, but he seemed to make some imagination through it naming the land in the Western Europe and Polish land as the name as Romanland drawing few islands and little creation on it.

With little and worse progress, the Romans were about to conquer the Fourth Reich under the new rule which the Roman Empire becomes the European Empire sooner, as more rumours of the planned invasion thanks to the spy Frilken Serpaile has worked out some of his little hoax was predicted. About ~2.5% believed his idea in the whole Fourth Reich.

South-East Asia

Khmer is not Vietnamese (as you can see if you know the origin is somehow Cambodia), they gain independence from the South Vietnamese empire, they began to conquer the Thai lands, and takes over the lands in South East Asia to unite Vietnamese areas. The empire starts to focus on uniting the whole South East Asia excluding Indonesia.

Northern China

The Fourth Reich starts to invade the Mongol lands, the Northern Chinese has been starting to think most of the Manchus that conquer is unstable, they were somehow barbaric and they cause some revolts occurred, but since they released few nations to keep the over expansion lower. But since the empire is no longer "Northern China" after a release of these nations, they named into "The Qin Dynasty" which have restored the new order. Allowing not to unite the empires so they can't stay like this, they decide to make the act of Progress which makes more focused on technology than the diplomacy which less influential of uniting to rebuild the North Chinese Empire.

However, some tensions were found by the Qin peasants which they want to restore the unity of the North Chinese Empire and some revolts were successful and Qiang has no forcements on them, so they start to a defeat against the peasants, the peasants forced the emperor of Qin to accept the demands and abolished the Act of Progress.


The progress slowly grows upon further, technological supplies from the Stans were successful, they used and accuried few technologies to get into with defence and finally inventions to keep on some check, to be more better than any Roman technology, but since naval fleets of Rome is starting to finish the building in the city of Ur, they are getting afraid of been attacked from the Romans, they warned few people to make more defence to their own island in Ceylon. Allrkle Kerlashilkath warned that Romans are getting tougher than USA's military on today, they are warned to build defensive naval fleets and walls throughout the whole island, even that most problems by  famous engineer of the current Ceylon Empire, Herajah Masusurus had plan a wall fortification of bricks instead of twigs and ropes that was build up. Later, most of the concept was accepted in the future, they began to upgrade their walls.

New World

The Amazone Empire expends to the southern Andes and Patagonia. But the Aztec settles to build new temples around the whole empire of the Aztec Empire so they could make a religion instead of Animism and bring new beliefs instead of having the Animism stand around.


"I found out it is not suitable for the empire from our own defences, we must renovate the walls before any invasion from someone will occupy us! We are neutral, we don't take any war system and we must be advanced to find their own choice, even you are a foreigner and not belonged to the Ceylon and you stand for defence." - Gertayasav Qerpativaja

"Do not strike into the Roman reign, we will find some tech in military of the Fourth Reich." - Unknown but from Fourth Reich.

"Only these pitiful peasants want to unite the empire again so we would play another side."- Qiang

"These who never found out our own empire must be annihilated whoever attacks the own Roman lands, they must be exterminated! We must recruit more otherwise others who are competing our own superior technology will fall!" - Anigrilixumus

"I command to destroy all there, Ceylon must be defended well, we will never surrender! We will defend the beaches, we will defend the streets and everything!" - Calerntu Averstintt (with some inspirations from we shall fight on the beaches quote)

2425 BCE

The Romans were furious at the execution of their most beloved diplomat. Through Roman diplomacy, the Fourth Reich's Puppet (Soon to rise again after the Bronze age Collapse) had willingly joined the Roman Empire as they see it is more rich, longer lifespans, Equality, etc.

The Fourth Reich, seem to ignore it as they need to focus on making their own copy of Roman Soldiers. Unfortunately, The Romans had already reformed their armies into something much stronger. It will be a matter of time before they managed to mass produce Iron Equipment.

2400 BCE

Japan takes some islands near the mainland Japan, having bases near Kamchatka. Papua expands and exchanges land with an Australian republic. The Stan Union's weapons are improving.

2375 BCE


Ceylon established few islands near the lands, making naval supplies for the defence system for any conflicts to the main island and their islands. Only though the people who took the lands will be under the control since the Neutrality Act was passed and disallows any Ceylon wars at them, bringing more peace through.

Some trade routes from the islands were shipped to the mainland, which is the modern Sri Lanka, trying to make the naval construction and fishing improved more efficient than any, as more were went through, they brought over 5.5 kilogram supply for support. Although they were starting a new trade empire and now seeks to willing trade goods and stuff, making sure to advance enough. Although they were still little money and lack resources of the walls and because they are about 600,000 people and 567,000 are adults. And 86% were poor and the other 24% is rich, some merchants take the high level.


  • The Eastern Islands of Ceylon to Ceylon: Naval Supplies

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Roman Empire

There's a dispute on the Russian Roman area, meaning some still believed one of the Fourth Reich spy, Friliken Serpaile and about approximately 20% have claimed in the annexed area and that the Roman Empire is seeking to be overpowered, they began to stop those believers of Friliken Serpaile, some support from the Fourth Reich have started after 50 days passed and the rebel leader of the Fourth Reich in the Roman lands is Archethe van Clistokth aids on the Fourth Reich trying to escape the Roman Empire's borders, and stole some tech by one of the rebels and escaped to the Fourth Reich area of Siberia, the capital. The followers of Friliken and the rebel leader only escaped the borders which the Roman opinion of Fourth Reich were outraged.

Phyrus was frustrated after the rebels escaped through the borders of Roman-Fourth Reich and they were too foolish, in his throne he start on one of his scouts to find the rebels and for months they never found it, they said there is no sign of them and he started a plan of destroy the Fourth Reich and order to take over Asia and Africa to be the Afroasian Empire which will threaten the New World, but none is possible. His general, Dervinciux Percron sets up a plan on taking occupation of all Fourth Reich including the puppet of the Fourth Reich, which will stop them immediately. At 2380 BCE, Rome banned any Fourth Reich diplomats to access the Roman diplomacy because they are getting threaten enough.

Invents of the Roman Empire becomes more successful, if this is possible. And will have the Roman army more better and powerful after few inventions could work. And also made the technology more better, and also advanced.

Fourth Reich

The Fourth Reich has supported the rebels for more bringing few reinforcements to fend the Roman armies off, about 50,000 to be exact, for the detailed information of that rebellion escape see the Roman Empire section. But after the plundering of the technology they showed few inspections but some got broke because of the weather in winter they escaped, only that two still work, they start on the progress on iron work which were plundered by the followers of Friliken which were not used enough, because iron is available throughout Europe, Middle East and the Asian areas not the Siberian area they have poor Iron work means they have a poor attack to the Roman Empire.

Scientist and a soldier named Archeth Volkkien had observed the Roman technology could be more superior than any other weapon, they began to improve weaponry before any Roman attack happens they start to a stare on the new weaponry from the plundered stuff from the followers of Friliken. About 34.5% believed him from the population range of the Fourth Reich, they started to execute more diplomats of Rome most likely the ones who took the Fourth Reich lands and one diplomat at 2876 BCE named Setthekel Avertjach had  tried to get through Rome but since that ban was been active, they are not allowed. So they plan a new defence system, around the borders of the puppet state in 2880 BCE, they began construction and finished until 2860 BCE. Every citizen near the borders will become soldiers and defending the borders. The progress of few voted yes and few no.

Perilhericlel Sheilcken have never seen many soldiers when it comes through, he was trying to find the Roman stuff that it was built and also some were good and perfect, they adapt to the Gobi Desert after that.

Aztec Empire and Amazone

Aztec Empire gets on into the iron adaption, but most doesn't believe the leader Sztecilkepe VI's thoughts the peasants were encountered in few cities, Aztec armies crushed them down at 2387 BCE, many still used wood and stone for their own tools, still that people are getting useless to the empire because of the Iron become the tool, only few were only manufactured and only used for few generals. One who wants to keep in production named as Geritztel still wants iron manufacturing but any peasants enforced Sztecilkepe VI use the traditional tools which is the stone, wood and few before Iron Age materials. But the Pueblo people got into fear of the Aztecs growing the military level and the Aztec leader has made them turned into Vassal.

In Amazone, the unity is almost done, as about 87% was under the Amazone Empire.


"Order is not part of it, it's about the focus on the local rules not the national order." - Gerilvelt Herwatacul

"Possibly so many people were escaping our very great place, we must report to the Roman Emperor or else they'll do it for no choice!" - Rechaiuximus

"Whatever you do, please let the imperialism grow on the world, it's not onto something. But we must have some problems and else. Whatever you made infringing the Roman law will be terminated permermently." - Nervciul Gauldic

"Trading is now important and also technology on Ceylon." - Gerlaimerx

"We must escape the place of Romanland as soon, we must fall back to the borders of Fourth Reich!" - Archethe van Clistokth

2350 BCE

The Romans had decided to send some troops to press the disputed borders onto their side through propaganda, the first ever propaganda used in the history of the world. The propaganda worked as people are willing to stay and the disputed borders quickly grew into a Roman Core. However,the Romans had claimed the Vassals of Stan Union and the Fourth Reich.

BUT they promise by the gods to not expand ANYMORE IF they are given the claimed territory. As they are finishing up their plans of expansion. The Romans are starting to get sick of constant barbarian hordes trying to fight into Roman lines and are willing to stop if they are given the newly disputed land.

2325 BCE

Papua invaded their neighbour making a new sea division. Japan decides to do the same with the Fourth Reich (sea divisions). Stan annexes their puppet to evade any "Roman contamination". Roman propaganda is burned. The Stan divides in provinces (India, Mughal, Decan, Myanmar, Tibet, Indo, Tibet and Baljash) In the Stan's arsenal, a new fire weapon is getting tested with Ceylon's technology.

2300 BCE

12 turns until the Bronze Age Collapse. And the provinces of Rome and other major powers will collapse until one is discovered. The Romans will divided to Western technology group nations.


Natives were seeking of the technology adaptions in Madagascar and joins them as they were going nearby, but the open sea makes trimemes, galleys, longboats not accessing to the Madagascar lands because of the Romans occupying the Middle Eastern seas such as the Persian Gulf and red Sea, this remains unreconised. But as the first trade routes were established by Ceylon, if you see the map properly in full size, they is a lighter colour of Ceylon makring it as a sea trade route. But as Ceylon was having the trade system well, research is almost advancing to the new era of the trading system and started to establish peaceful relations to others.

Hajuken Balarsh finds the Madagascar needs to be helped, and needed access to the borders to help them, they need peaceful relations to Rome so they can access temporaily by asking the naval access for the help of new technology access to Madagascar or otherwise it won't be reconised yet. They start to find a way to improve relations towards ther Romans without any invasion and attacks as the Neutrality Act for Ceylon had caused them not to declare any Ceylon-any nation wars. Stallius Gervigusal Vertorunall of Rome never found out that they never had good relations before, they aren't friendly and therefore very aggressive towards them, if any wars had started, they had a large defence to their mainland (Ceylon) and their islands.

Technology of Iron working, stock breeding, trapping, water management and advanced optics are researched on Ceylon.


Stan Union

Stan Union has tested the accquired Ceylon technology with the fire weapon, the Stan Union was working on the fire weapon for some siege weapon or arrows for the siege from the ranged archers. Roman spy, Gallipus Terrchinos had found out that they're planning to advance their military technology and will be matching the Roman Military Technology, not sure that the Romans hated the other civilisations are getting advanced than the Romans, but more will be found at the Roman Empire section.

Gerzakashiveus Wegredhand has spotted the spy named Gallipus and he also found out that they are advancing further. But most evidences isn't found yet, so they started to work and focus on military and staying away from the unstable event named as the Bronze Age Collapse, Tyruntaltmas Gepeiljuk has known to start out the first successful fire weapon test, but some aid of Ceylon technology made the Stan's technology more better into the weapons.

Although some people know that they are planning to make their provinces not divided by the Bronze Age collapse. The struck of the adminstartion is intended to stay the Stan not falling apart or still their provinces will divide, Thrugrulk Setiljaerna has issues on the collapsement of the Stan by using some stability focus.

Roman Empire

The Roman Empire is fairly too large for the details. Although some provinces were made from the Roman adminstration changes and the provinces are formed, (Milan, Naples, Carthage, Egypt, Nubia, Hispania, Aquitania, Belgica, Narbonensis, Britannia, Pictia, Germania Inferior, Germania Superior, Dalmatia, Greece, Crete, Cappadocia/Hittites, Arabia, South Arabia, Mesopotamia, Judea, Armenia, Parthia, Kazhistan, Dacia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Baltica, Muscow, Novgorod) are the current provinces of Rome, which will be divided soon as they become independent, they become divided. It caused the European land more denser, but Emperor Stallius Gervigusal Vertorunall or simply as Stallius, but although he had too many provinces and they were slowly developing from the province's independent management.

The Roman weapons are starting to advance as the technology is growing very quickly. The first writing was started since the propaganda is started and it's writing technology advances with their own language (Latin). This was also made out the pictorial writing still for many centuries ago and now abandons as they were forming cuneiform or letters if they had their writing.

Aztec Empire

The Aztec Empire is now re-adopting the iron as Gerogalizel III had his descendents of making Aztec focus on the iron. Although rare iron is encountered but has some special stuff, it is little bit heavy, only few specialist miners could carry the rare iron. The iron is averagely 7kg when mined by one miner, it told that the name will be named as gerutezert but some people started a revolt, against the Aztec leader, Gerogalizel III as they want the tradition tools back, rebel leader Aerzetrek Palentual has enough threats of making iron, the army starts on the armour and weapons, make sure that isn't fragile. The rebels were crushed down after, they start to make a harsh treatment every province of the Aztec Empire, common dealt on revolts are Waco, Palenque, Sonora and Dellas.

The empire starts to adapt to the iron later on, but most neighbours of the Aztecs were threatened because of the iron working they are moving on, the processing, advanced archery is now invented making new weapons and stuff. Perzulkuel Waya, was been planned as they want the army to be defeated from Cherokee. If they were taking over the world, they might die, they were having few resources and stuff.


"The dealt of Rome is getting worser, we need some plans to get support from  the Madagascar natives but how can we access the areas what we need? Our supplying ships aren't designed to go open seas..." - Getltilent Herdrukak

"What have we got into these secret weapons what we're talking, these can't be excused. But the expansion can't be important for the Romans now!" - Gallipus Terrchinos

"Here we need some iron things to be stopped, but we don't know why it isn't going the same..." - Aerzetrek Palentual

2275 BCE

2013-12-25 00006

Roman Reicher Principes fighting newly made Reicher Legionaries from Iberia(Battle of Fort Moscov)

The Fourth Reich had decided to deny the Romans the previously disputed Land. And so a war was initiated between the two. The Romans had invaded The Fourth Reichers. But suddenly it started to become winter and so the Romans were pushed back to Modern-Day Ukraine. The Romans suddenly had an idea to recruit armies from that region that already adapts to the environment to fight! They managed to push back the Fourth Reich and the Fourth Reich surrendered the land.

The Romans now promised to not take anymore land from the Fourth Reich as long as they at least remain neutral towards Rome.

2250 BCE

The Stan's fire weapon is being massive producted. There aren't any independence, because they're improving life quality too. Namib expands and occupies all land between the both rivers. A new civilisation appears in Cape Verde.

2225 BCE

Nine turns until Bronze Age collapse.


More Madagascar natives joined in Ceylon, the natives were telling to find out their technology, with blockade of Rome, they need a way, since longboats, trimemes, galleys, rafts and finally canoes are not designed for open seas, as it is not good. People are researching more on advancement on the naval which will form a new era, a new design of a ship was created including sail masts on some, but not accessable to the open water, from the Indian oceans, preventing to establish Ceylonese (don't know adjective) technology. The technology was much advanced into the upper Bronze Age, likely because of the peaceful times for a long time.

In defensive area, they began to build large defensive lines around the mainland allowing defensive lines to get things more defended than anyone who takes it they gain revolt and never fall onto the coastal attacks from any nation, Captilernat Pechata becomes the defensive leader of the eastern Ceylonese islands allowing some aid. He used the defended soldiers by the amount of 7000 to each island, they claim them to found shore.

Goricullkata Rerljk explored the Australian shores of the western Australia. Which includes the Rodnest Island, Shark Bay areas explored. But however they met two Australian tribes, which they were needing aid, because of the Neutrality Act for Ceylon they only focus on culture, technology and they purpose for the advancement for Australia or something they would do to help them survive. Awakertteu Bavaplles forced Goricullkata's fleet to stay away from their native land, they could spread diesease like the British colonised Sydney as NSW colony which spreaded unknown diseases to the natives of Australia. Herpeklult Nermeacav have reported that the natives were very hostile and should be taking friendship than wiping the Ceylonese work of technology.

Fourth Reich

The army starts to grow larger, a new raid group stole few Roman tech but it was fake because when one of the raiding members named Heriltehem Aekreult saw when using the Roman inventions, they broke. The leader Geriltiullt Herinduch had a bad temper on the raiding day, they started on a second raid, with better skills on stealing which is activated or not properly, they search for some, they found twelve work and then they began to leave but few of the raiders were captured by a general of Rome named as Galliponus Herlkenpent, which are getting out and execute the raiders who were trying to steal the Roman technology. The raiding defence was imprvoe, too many were stealing the technology to match them.

Geriltiullt found that the raiders and the leader Merhlel Merxilentilus had found iron plundered from the Roman iron working, which will make more iron and repeatively copy the Roman soldiers for a revenge on the Roman proganda with over 600,000 were trained, they began to declare a casus belli insult to them. General Kerilsilmek Alitear starts to take a war against Roman Empire to show their own superiority.

Aztec Empire

The Aztec Empire starts off an extreme research and they began sacrafice two rebel leaders of not adapting iron, two got their own hearts ripped apart, many tensions grow throughout the neighbouring areas of the Aztec Empire, meaning they began to make the sacrafice more severe later decades, if you are encountered by them. The avoid of them is never revolt, they used laws for changing and rules are more strict. Since the Aztec life was harsh, Peltawka Metzcurtl escaped the Aztec Empire and some of the Aztec scouts were searching for them, stealing the heart of his, some were terrified.

The Aztec Empire is more harsher because of the human sacrafice is beocming common. The many were starting to break off the areas during 1925 BCE, because the laws and sacrifice that they made. Although they never gained independence by Entaclaevuterl I, because of the empire can't be stopped they were planning to reconquer the South American lands, because of the lands that the Incans took it, they seek to reclaim the land where they belong after defeating the Andelino tribes where it was many centuries ago. A religion was founded, it was named as Azltel.

Stan Union

Production to the fire weapon was officially named by a Ceylonese person named Galipahpahe Masuur had named it the kawerzah, to his only choice, he didn't made it. The fire weapon was now a defensive weapon and the offensive weapon towards it that's because it is similar of an archer using arrows by fire, it may be used for fire instances, but they last a long time, until the production to all is almost compelete.


"We made this world, but some strange rumours were happening, they were getting worser, but they want to take over our land, [Rome]." - Emperor Felcavius Duelvackus Pateron Emeprumius

"Creation of the world may seek to power but not to conquest. But when shall this defeat will survive." - Derquekilhel Merilian

"We shall defend every island, even that we wanted to learn to defend oursleves from any foreign enemy." - Captilernay Pechata

"The heart is burning and will take to the Aztec gods, for once... We must rise and claim what we want!" - Azerutklz

2200 BCE

Papua invades Brunei landing in the East coast with 1,320 troops. The Stan Union exchanges land with Rome in the Northern border, but Stan had to pay some money for Balkash lake.

2175 BCE

Seven turns until the Bronze Age Collapses.

Brunei and Polynesian Empire

In the approach siege of the capital, Paljagayas have been under a siege by an army named as Paljarya Ahatjatayan has attacked few of the defensive soldiers, some reinforcements from the western Brunei has arrived with 45,000 soldiers in the garrison by the city of Paljagayas, one general from Papua, named as Giljapen have been conuter on the siege by the west part of Paljagayas trying to eliminate the forces to the garrison troops. In the approach to the area, about many troops were reinforced driven the army of Palkarya Ahatjatayan back to Sulawesi. One ship belonged to a Ceylonese explore, Typaulkal Merwechaf, Atteptukua arrives ontp the shore, they ask them to bring trade on the technology to require the upper Bronze Age research more efficient from the lower Bronze Age promotion. Trade session has begun.

The Papuan Empire was now renamed as the Polynesian Empire because the empire has strenched to the Polynesian islands like Fiji, Solomon Islands were included. And were reserved their own capital to the Polynesian islands, and the person named Higayajarn Palhertu had the stabilising the empire and began to take the core formation to one. By one and another, the cores were forming as the permanent area, Percilkaqua Destrukep was into a formation of creating an empire at Sulawesi, they start off the declaring of independence it will start until 2100 BCE.


Madgascar becomes permermently part of Ceylon but remains un-reconised. But some access to Rome needs to trade with lot of naval supplies to prepare advance their naval attack, the emperor Gallius Pertraut Impelconquus Pateron, had agreed to the aupply of carrying over 50kg of naval supplies to their place to increase their production to their efficency of building lot of triemes to make the weapons and defence more well. Although the quintrimeme production is rarely been used, they made 30% of it produced and the other will be at 70%. The engineer, Galiexins Mercrotilus had planned on a new design that is more superior to the early warship designs. But a polyreme production was started and used it for heavy uses of defence to keep away the forces back in the invasion of Byzantium and Hittites. The supplying ship named Enconquentsilpava have accessed the Roman sea, then since the Axum citizens don't mind sea, they freely access it. One person in Madagascar named Tercyaltuk Majlkjlawa have never found their new technology for many centuries and they finally given new technology led by Cavarsijakus Pelsavukas bringing new technology features to Madagascar.

The Ceylonese attempts to settle to the Malay Peninsula, but the Khmer starts to seek invade the Ceylonese Malaysia but the Neutrality Act was performed back in the 3rd Mellenia BCE, but they never heard of neutrality before and they began to startle on some burning huts and few of the settlers were aptured by the Khmer. The state leader of the Ceylonese Malaysia, Pajuerne Maghores had found thaty they were razing the colony off the South East Asian land allowwing the Khmer soldiers expend towards to Malaysia and settle as their new land. But they were not friendly, Pajuerne had found out that they need to bring some defensive soldiers to their new place. Reinforecements from a defensive general of Ceylon Mainland, Galipajut Sindaaf had sent 50,000 soldiers by 92 transportation ships to the land, when step, they defeat the Khmer raiders.

The Ceylonese Empire starts to inititalise to the Lower Iron Age almost to 1700 BCE beginning to get on their own new formation of Iron Working. Military Tactics are researched to Ceylon allowing to reclaim whatever they need to. They have adopted the Warrior Code.

Aztec Empire

The Aztec Empire starts to declare war onto the Incan Empire it started since 2175 BCE, and it began to break their armies of the Aztec Army to a Second Aztec Army named Haljatkes led by a general named Kerpalkletl Merchpent and the main Aztec Army is led by the Aztec Leader, Merilcharonzt III and he steps to attack on the Incan lands starting the Colombian lands, the Incans took occupation of Panama. One army of the main Aztec Army liberates the Panama province and sacraficed the general of the Incans, Peltucaul which may be took the heart to the Aztec demon gods.

The Amazone unites their help of Incan Empire, beginning to fight from 650,000 against the Aztec soldiers of 1.6 million. Their own attack has started to take over the Incan front, more later until the next turn of mine. General of Aztec, Harjerlzet Mehar has formed hsi own army and helped in the aid as well. Their religion Azltel is rising towards the South American increasing the religious pressure and starts on the belief of the sacrafice of hearts.


"I, may be so irrating to them, but myself is not irrating much." - Perilgus Magixiun Perchaius

"May this attack rise and be under our own form and technology against them. We will have a separate technology than others."- Lerchilgak Majarhar

"This rise may build tensions towards us, but many answers told on peaceful relations." - Mahjerljay Welperik

"Once, our technology is back into the old times, now we have restored faith and matched towards the current technology of Ceylon." - Perjutras (Chieftain of Madagascar)

2150 BCE

Nothing much happens. But Rome purchased land from Stan Union and agreed to become trade partners. While Ex-Arabia is still moving towards Nigeria.

2125 BCE

The Stan Union decides to export some iron weapons to Rome, but keeping fire weapons because Rome stealed lots of old Stan's land in the past. The Polynesian empire buys some islands of Japan. Cape Verde expands.

2100 BCE

Five turns until Bronze Age Collapses. Map has rarely changed but few events happened in Stan and Ceylon.

Fourth Reich

They started a war, against Rome, they began a punitive war against them. General Ludwig have invaded the Ural provinces and killed 50,000 Roman Soldiers, they budged back to the Muscovy province. The wage that may caused to steal few technologies and given to conquer new territories such as the Nogai province. A siege occured in a city in the Nogai Province and few troops had invaded to the imperial area of Nogai, Gaucausus Perjinius Werina Caesar had found out they become hostile again.

A siege was attemped until it falls back to the Muscovy, Novgorod provinces, the emperor starts to attack and perish their own army, since they are always rivaled. Ludwig was now in death after the battle was set in Muscovy province.


A flash earthquake had started in the area of Ceylon, the Madagascan area. It was predicted the size is about 7.5 magintude, about 6000 were killed, the people of Ceylon were scared, they began to rebuild by giving few supplies to the Madagascar island. Perjahawn Majar had been aided to help them, Gerolcus Megah supported him with some orders were shipped to the fleet. The fleet has applied to received all the supplies they got. The supplies were been shipped to Madagascar bringing few resources to fix the problems. About half of the area was been rebuilt, but the tsunami had made through the African deaths.

The Ceylonese technology begins to advance to the lower Iron Age and becomes to fortify their own empire, they colonise more later, not near Roman Africa. But they began to create some fortications onto the main Ceylonese land, the city of Colombo has reached the point of 50,000 people, increasing the empire more populated areas and other than Rome. The scientist, named as Apajal Merkanvosi had researched some few technology on weapons, food production. The agriculture becomes more better, a citizen named 

Stan Union

Iron weapons was been exported to Roman soldiers, but almost, the imperial leader of Rome had been discovered that Merchaveru Perlpezhal, the few people have secret cults to betray the Roman merchants, such as Gerpalius Melchastos to Perclisia Galtuis Mertan, a secret cult was named as The Pentagonian Union. About 3,000 were members of the Pentagonian Union, and they infrintrate the Roman merchants to get used to the Stan trading, meaning they are secretly support the destruction of the Trade.


"A fear will attack once, the Pentagonian union shall rise." - Cailcus Merhanpeiaxah

"One who had restored lands have no plans of restoring our empire." - Gerolcus Megah

2075 BCE

After the Romans have discovered this, they have pressured the Stan Government to disband the cult. As an apology, they gave land to Rome as fear of an Invasion. After solving some land disputes with the Vikings.

Rome all of a sudden felt eased, relaxed, and starting to open up to it's neighbors, confusing them as their enemy had started to become friendly towards them and treats them like best friends. The Neighbors felt the Colorful shockwave Rome had emitted. 

The World has entered a new Era of Peace...

(However, in 2010 BCE, a famous fortune teller had fortold the end.....)

2050 BCE

The Stan Union convinces Rome to give away a passage to the Balkash lake. Most of the population of the nearbies go to that new connexion, specially the descendents of the old Baljash.

The first terrorist attacks ever happens in Rome. Rome says that the Stans maked it, because the attack was an explosion. Lately, the Roman police discovered that the attack was maden by a rebel group.

2025 BCE

Sick, have to make this very quick.

Scandinavia and Fourth Reich

Because they never negotiate, the leader Mavarvus Percalp of Sweden started an invasion to capture the Baltic. The siege had made to the Viking soldiers reclaiming the lands, of the Pictish and Iceland. They siege along throughout the Roman Empire and never negotiate.


'Entering 'DARK AGES.....

"God help our souls....."

-All the Rulers during Dark Ages


2000 BCE

In 2024, The Romans had invented the Ballista. With fear of the first artillery in the known world, the Fourth Reich fled while the Romans are annexing and assimilating their lands into the Roman Empire. The Romans, feeling that they had taken advantage of, had ruthlessly fought and had shown no mercy (except for civilians) to all that opposed it.

(overextended)ROMAN EMPIRE in 2015 BCE

In 2015, the Roman Empire was overextended. It collapsed in 2009 due to panic a famous fortuneteller had created and foretold to Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire. Paranoia had caused the larger empires to distabilize and the sudden change in weather and environment had finished them off.

The World was plunged into darkness when the poles slightly shifted, making Canada colder (like it is today). The Larger empires were plummeted into heavy civil wars, with provinces hungering for succession. The Roman Empire looks like it was surviving the longest. But ultimitely collapsing about 25 years later. However, the Romanized or Ex-Roman provinces of the Roman Empire had inherited Roman Technology. 

1975 BCE

With the Roman Empire after overextending falling apart, the island of Great Britain and Ireland named England, with some savings from the Roman Empire, purchases a boat which it sails to North America, where England conquers Newfoundland in America, after managing its island of Great Britain and Ireland. England renames to United Kingdom.


1975 BCE, England conquered Newfoundland and renamed to the UK.

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