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List of Civilizations
Civilization Offical Nation Capital City Leader Population Language Religion Motto Largest City Appears
Hystoni No Zagreb Sewichen Lystoice 57,384,216 Croatian? Catholicism - Zagreb (14 million) I, II
Baltic Republic Yes Reval - 121 million Estonian, and Latvian Orthodox - Riga (20 million) I, II
Switzerland No Bern Sequilt Ilet 21,232,000 German, French Catholicism - Zurich (5 million) I, II, III, IV, V, VI
Catalona No Barcelona Lord Gilraed 45,934,615 Spanish - - Barcelona (14 million) I, II
Sealand No Sealand - 3,123 Sealandic English Protestant? "We are no Micronation" Sealand (1,213) III, IV, V
Firenze No Firenze Acholit Wilrehim 2,182,912 Italian Catholicism - Firenze (1.1 million) I, II, III
Bavaria (under Swiss area)  No Munich Amildton I 21,291,774 German Catholicism - Munich (19 million) I, II
Casablanca Yes Marrakech Ahrad III 140 million Arabic Sunni "We shall rule Earth!" Cairo (23 million) I, II, III, IV, VI, VII
Pisa No Pisa Coqirlan Perim 3,283,991 Italian Catholicism - Pisa (1.9 million) III, IV
Hengenzig Yes Messina Ferlis Geralt-Awli 90 million Italian Catholicism - Naples (23 million) IV, V, VI, VII
Imperial Coast (now Talin)
Romania No Bucharest - 31 million Romanian Catholicism "A harm communism" Buchearest (5.1 million) I, II
Crakow (Polish: Krakow) Yes Krakow - 1 million  Polish Catholicism Krakow (934,139) IV, V, VI, VII
Varna Yes Varna - 3,129,000 Sethioian Eastern Orthadox? Varna (2 million) IV, V, VI, VII
Hymir Yes Tromso Gunnar Snotir (reference to Forge of Empires) 7.9 million Scandinavian Protestantism "Rebuild the Viking Empire back" Lulea (7.1 million) VI, VII
South Kiev Yes Kiev - 89 million Ukrainian? Byzantine Catholicism Kiev (6.9 million) V, VI, VII
Lulea Yes Unknown - 2.5 million Scandinavian Byzantine Catholicism Unknown VI, VII
Derasgrad Yes Lviv - 6,823,911 Ukrainian Byzantine Catholicism Lviv (2,363,900 VII


Civ = Civilizations are collapsed.

Civ = Civilizations that appeared on other series.

Civ  = Civilizations that are not approved yet.

Civ? = A chance to be a civilization and some are revealed.

NOTE: Leaders are variable all series, there are no radiation, and  cities nor gold, and I or XI are appeared is included.