Colonization Age: Middle Ages is a Map Game made by Nordsian Mapping

This is now an Inactive Map Game.

Starting Map (Europe)


  • Don't be unrealistic
  • Only pick 1 Country (Exception: Personal Union).
  • Your Power doesn't only depend on your Provinces (Monarch, Skills, Tech) does count, too.
  • Don't be overpowered.
  • Play fair.
  • If a Player is at War and wants War It´s at the Winner's Terms.
  • If you are defeated you can play as Rebel or rejoin as another Country.
  • You can change your Name.
  • If you are not Online in a Turn, you are an NPC.
  • Your Turn will be nerfed if it is OP.
  • Only The Map Maker can edit the Map.
  • If you are banned you can't join again.
  • You can annex Vassals any Time you want.
  • You can annex Marches but that needs 5 Turns.
  • You can annex Personal Union but that needs 5 Turns (and could change your Name!)
  • Don´t do anything stupid.
  • You can only start colonize in Year 1470.
  • You get colonists if you have Colonies in the New World or Africa and from your Ruler
  • Only small Countries can join HRE.
  • Ask in the Comments to join.

Map Notes

  • Green Border= Vassal
  • Grey Border= March
  • Yellow Border= Personal Union
  • Pink Border= HRE Border

Turn Template

Ruler Name   Adm: Dip: Mil: Col: <---This is modified of the Map Maker)

'Ruler Ability: '<---This is modified of the Map Maker)



Colonizing: (Only if a Nation has Colonists)





Administrative Skill:

Having much of them increases your Tax and Stability which has positive Effects on your Economy and Revolt Chance, having low ADM Points will cause more Rebels, less Tax and bad Effects

Diplomatic Skill:

Increases your Trade Influence, Colonizing Skill and better Relation with other Countries.

Military Skill:

Increases your Power of Army

Colonizing Skill:

Increases the Land available to colonize.The more ADM and DIP Skills your Ruler has, the more Skill he has in Colonizing.

Ruler Ability:

Every Ruler has a special Ability (more Power, more Colonists etc.) It can be only added my The Map Maker

Game Mechanics:


Emperor: Austria


Landed: Bohemia, Rhine, Saxony, Brandenburg

Divine: Archbishop of Mainz, Archbishop of Cologne and Archbishop of Trier

Roman CB Countries(CB against a Country with HRE Lands, if the Emperor declares the War the whole Empire joins): Burgundy, German Order

Electors can vote for a new Emperor if he dies.That Progress will last for 3 Turns.

Max Electors are 7.If there are less the Emperor will make more Electors

Personal Unions:

Personal Unions can be formed in a Peace Treaty or if a Country accepts it from a Player (very unlikely)

Electing the Emperor

Bohemia: Bohemia

Rhine: Austria

Saxony: Austria

Brandenburg: Bohemia

Friesland: Austria

S.G.U : S.G.U

Elsass: Austria

Pope Vote

This is a Vote for a Catholic Country to become the Pope owner (adds good Effects) to the Country that wins. (Country has to be Catholic and have much Lands or HUGE Church Influence.

There is always a Chance that a Country wins (More Chance when much Lands in near of Pope or Church Influence)

France: 24%

Spain (Aragon): 45%

Austria: 2%

Milan: 2%

Portugal: 20%

Hungary: 2%



None yet


None yet


First French Unify War: France and Auvergny VS Burgundy

Brandenburgian Reconquest of Neumark: Brandenburg VS Teutonic Order 

Serbian aggression in Bosnia: Serbia VS Bosnia

Portugesan Invasion on Morocco:Portugal and Navarra VS Marroco

Albanian Independence War: Albania VS Otttomans

Thuareg Saharan War:Tlemcen and Tunis VS Thuareg Nations

Battle for Ireland: Munster and Scotland VS Irish Clan Countries

Battle for North Italy: Venice,Korfu and Crete VS Toskana - Toskana is annexed, Venetian Victory.

Hungarian Invasion on Wallachia: Hungary VS Wallachia

Bohemian invasion of Salzburg: Bohemia VS Salzburg

Venetian invasion of Albania: Venice, Korfu and Crete VS Albanian rebels and the Ottomans - Venetian Victory, Albania is brought into Venetian rule.


Nordsian Mapping:Map Maker

Player Countries

  • France (Nordsian Mapping)
  • Austria (Toadster)
  • England (Fedex)
  • Castile (Chris Mapping)
  • Serbia (Serbian-Balkan Mapper)
  • Bohemia (OtakarPremyslid)
  • Aragon (Troutstrike)
  • Ottomans (Ethan)
  • Hungary (Thunder)
  • Poland (PolishRapidFire)
  • Venetians (Numan)
  • Bradenburg (Bob's Mapping)
  • Albania Principality (RichardLamborghini)
  • Empire of Trebizond (Potato09)
  • Sweden (The Bright Side of Mapping)
  • Kingdom of Cyprus (Countryball Mapper)
  • Jan Mayen (TheCreator901)
  • Lithuania (OnceOfStronk)

Turn 1

France: Charles  Adm:4 Dip:2 Mil:3

Ruler Ability: Power of Army

Warfare: We declare War on Bretagne and we occupied The southern part.

Politics: We will unite our Marches to one big March.We send Alliance Offer to Austria and Hungary.

Trade: Nothing happens here

Economy: Nothing happens here

Technology: We research on better Weapons for our Soldiers.

Ruler: Frederick II. of Hohenzollern Brandenburg: 'Adm: 3 Dip: 2 Mil: 4'

Ruler Ability: Power of Army

Warfare: We Declare war on the Teutonic Orders, because we want have our old territories from them back.

Politics: We ask for alliance from France, Austria, Hungary, Bohemia and Castile, but also Ottomans!

Trade: We ask to trade with France and Austria.


Technology: We Research into better Weapons and better Siege techs.


Regent king: Jiří z Poděbrad - Adm:3 Dip:4 Mil:3

Ruler AbilityDiplomatic Influence

Warfare: We start to gather armies in Prague and northern Silesia. around 10 000 knights and cavalry gather in Litomerice.

Politics: Regent king Jiří z Poděbrad sends a purpose of marriage to king of Poland. Bohemia starts to integrate their Silesian vassals, this should take about a year and whole Silesia should join to the Kingdom of Bohemia. We start to do some claims in Brandenburg, and motivate people there to join our kingdom.

We send diplomats to all divine electors in Holy Roman Empire, in order to persuade them to vote for king of Bohemia, after Austrian Emperor of HRE dies.

Trade: We start to send ships on Elbe to trade with German countries to the north. We offer a trade note between us and Poland.

Economy: We start to prepare our economy for war. More maintenance goes to the armies.

Technology: We research new and better siege machines and better weapons.

Edward III of England 'Adm 3 Dip 2 Mil 5'

Ruler Ability : Militarization

Warfare :The army suffers heavy reforms increasing funding from the government

Politics: Irish ducats are offered to join EnglandTensions with Scotland rise





Technology:Better spears and bows are developed by the army men themselves


Ruler: His Majesty, Karaman Adm:2 Dip:2 Mil:4

Ruler Ability: Defences

Power: Good defense, especially against the Ottomans.

Warfare: Grows the navy, calling it the "Black Navy", also known as Kara Filo, more ships are built every month, the Karamans begin their,  " Year of Ships ". The army is also focused on, many troops are recruited and the tax is lowered to end revolts. Troops are each given a horse, a packed lunch and a sword they must love and keep. Soldiers are then sent to the Ottoman-Karaman border to prevent an invasion by the Ottomans. The Karamans also research cannons, making a prototype called the Turkish Gun. The Black Navy begins an invasion of Cilcia, blockading them and making little advances with troops.

Politics: A treaty is sent to the Ottomans, to decide for a Turkish alliance against threats, we seek an alliance with the Ottomans, but also are threatened by them. Konya is our capital, and we invite the Ottoman sons to a meeting. We hope for a better Turkish Anatolia, and even ask for a united union! In the East, Cilcia (Little Armenia) and the Karamanids start negotiating about peace as the invasion continues, we ask Cilcia to join us.

Economy: We ask for a free trade with Europe, this year, 200 merchants have been sent to Europe bringing goods and giving some too! Karamanids see their navy as a new way of trading, and we ask Mediterranean countries to trade. Karamanids grow on money and start recruiting volunteers. The tax is lowered, again, to stop revolts.

Kingdom of Poland

  • King: Kazimierz IV Jagiellończyk- Adm: 3 Dip: 4 Mil: 2

  • Ruler Ability: Diplomacy

  • Warfare: The Polish king annexes the Polish east Marches and join Poland fully. 6,000 Knights are gathered in the Marches. 14,000 more Soldiers are mobilized and gathered in Krakow to increase the man power.

  • Politics: King Jagiellończyk confirms the marriage between the Czech King and Polish King's Daughter. This makes both countries largely connected and become allies. Also the Polish Kings son proposes a marriage to Lithuanians kings daughter in hope to make Poland and Lithuania unified, Poland starts to influence the Lithuanian people.

  • Trade: Poland establishes a trade route between Czech and Poland, this makes both countries stronger slightly economically.

  • Economy: The production of goods increases and standards of living are better due to more people working and getting the country's market active, this also influences the Lithuanians to migrate and like Poland.

  • Technology: Light Cavalary is improved, for now the armour is under good research for improvement

    Ruler: JOHN CENA of aragon: 'Adm: 3 Dip: 1 Mil: 4'

    Ruler Ability: Popularity

Warfare: None

Politics: We ask Castile, Portugal and Navarre for an alliance, to expand the borders of the Iberian race.

Trade: We ask the same nations for trade.

  • Economy: We try to get people to move to big cities, to improve our labor force.

Technology: we improve our ships

Kingdom of Serbia

  • King: Djuradj I Brankovic - Adm 2; Dip 4; Mil 2

  • Ruler Ability: Diplomacy

  • Warfare: We start to gather armies 3.000 Cavalry and 6.500 Infantry on Kosovo. Starting producing more Ships for trade.

  • Politics: Serbia sends a purpose for marriage to Poland,also Serbia sends a purpose for marriage to Austria. Serbia sends a treaty for "not attacking" to Ottomans,the treaty will be on force till 1460.

  • Trade: Serbia establishes a better trade route to Ragusa. This will make our income of trade much bigger.

  • Economy:Taxes were never better not high not low.Revolts are not on the view for many years.But we need to prepare the people and economy for war.The best income comes from farms and agriculture.

  • Technology:We start a research for a better defending technology.Also we are trying to make a better equipment for our armies.


    Ruler:Hernandes the 1st-Adm:2 Dip:1 Mil:4

    Ruler ability:Power of Army

    Warfare:Castile invades Navarre and Portugal.Castile does well against them because of high military power and the recent improvements of the army(see:technology section).Ceuta is taken from Portugal but they also lost a notable amount of lands on their mainland just like Navarre

    Politics:Castile offers Aragon to form a common Iberian state the Iberian Kingdom.The 2 countries would have separate legislation systems,economy,military even separate rulers but a common foreign policy and a common state. Meanwhile, Castile asks for an alliance with England.

    Trade:Castile asks France for a trade agreement and trades with the Italian states

    Economy:As the time goes forward Castilian economy gets better and better however the war with Portugal and Navarre slows down the growth.

    Technology:Castile improves its army and navy.

Albanian Principality:

  •  </li></li></li>
  • Ruler: George Castrioti Skanderbeg</li></li></li>
  • Ruler Ability: Warfare</li></li></li>
  • Warfare: Destroys any Ottoman Army in the near thanks to Albania's rugged mountains. We produce a navy with the assistance from Venice to prevent the Ottoman Navy from advancing further. </li></li></li>
  • Politics: Closer ties to Venice, the Papal states, and Vatican City.</li></li></li>
  •  </li></li></li>
  • Trade: We trade with the Papal States.</li></li></li>
  • Economy: Cloth and mining has become our primary profits. Weapons have also contributed to our economy.</li></li></li>
  • Technology: -</li></li></li>
  • The Kalmar Union - King Christopher III - Adm 2; Dip 4; Mil 2 - Ruler Ability: Popularity Economy, infrastructure and military improve. Population continues to grow very fast. More residential buildings, cultural and public buildings, commercial buildings and mining plants are built. Roads and farms are built or improved and cities continue to grow. Education is improved and more educational buildings are built. Continues trading with coastal German states, England, Poland and France. Hungary: Ruler: Gangalji Vodm Ubkea Ruler Ability: Warfare & Defence Warfare: Hungary declares war on East Romania. Hungary sends 5,000 troops to fight in East Romania. Hungary also starts expanding they're military and finding new technology. Shortly after the Hungarians start mobilizing further into East Romania. Soon enough Hungary reaches a military of 6.2 Thousand. Diplomacy: Hungary asks Austria for a personal Union to form Austria-Hungary. Hungary also asks: Poland, Lithuania, Venice, Aragon, Castile & The Kalmar Union for a alliance. Cities & Population: Hungary starts expanding Budapest. And the Hungarian population reaches 500,000 residents. Trade: Hungary trades with almost every nation except East Romania. Economy: The Hungarian economy is mainly based of tourism.</li>

    Ottoman Empire

    Ruler: Mehmed II

    Ruler Ability: Military

    Warefare: We send a 90,000 army to Albania and blockade them using our fleet and use the weakest generals. We decide to soon conscript 200,000 men by next year

    Politics: Isolationism is now being imposed by Sultan Mehmed II and trade will still be priority

    Trade: Once we take Constantinople, we will control the Silk Road for the European route

    Economy: Improves

    </li> </li>

  • NPC Events

    Serbia: We declare war on Bosnia</li>

    Portgual: We send Alliance Offer to Castile,Aragon and England,we are declaring War on Moraco.

    Provence: We send Alliance Offer to Aragon and Austria,we also join the HRE,we increase our Military due to France´s Aggression

    French Marches: We crushed Bretagne and united to one big March: Auvergry

    Navarra: We accept Aragon´s offer and we will support Portugal in Africa

    Marroco: We captured Portuguesian Land on the African Continent but our Navy got destroyed

    Tlemcen: We declare War on the Thuareg Nations in North Africa

    Tunesia: We declare War on the Thuareg Nations in North Africa

    Mamelucks: We declare War on Dulkadir

    Byzantium: We declare War on Athen

    Crime: We declare War on Theodoro

    Salzburg: We unite with Bavaria, The Pfalz, Memmingen and some Southern German Countries to Burgingen

    Burgundy: We attack Austria 

    Venezia: We attack Toskana

    Teutonic Order: Launched attack on Western Brandenburg,we ask Austria for help if they accept we will join the HRE.

    Scotland and Munster:We attack Irish Minion Countries

    Golden Horde: We attack small Caucasus Countries

    Navarra: We will start expanding in Africa,we will probably help Portugal

    The Papal State: We ask Naples and Aragon to give us Sardinia and some of Northern Naples,if they refuse we will excommunicate them (Bader Relations with Catholic Countries but can be removed if Aragon wins the War)

    Savoy: We want France to give us some Land,if they refuse we declare War.

    Lithuania: We accept the Marriage and we declare War on Baltic Order

    Turn 2


    Turn 2

    France: Charles Adm:3 Dip:2 Mil:4

    Ruler Ability: Power of Army

    Warfare:We make Peace with Bretagne, full annexation, we declare War on Burgundy and seized some Land in the south.

    Politics: Our Marches are united and Hungary accepts our Alliance Offer

    Trade: Since we invaded Bretagne our Trade with England and Irish Countries rises

    'Economy:' Nothing happens here

    Technology :Our Soldiers are now good equipped with new Weapons(Better Swords) now we will focus on cavalry forces.

    Cyprus :

    Warfare :The non Cypriot part was attacked by Cyprus army and was conquered after from a tough battle

    Politics :We Want peace with the Arab nation that is under us and with the north nation that we want alliance with, too .

    Trade : Western Nations make good trade with Cyprus Economy is upon it

    Economy : *Nothing Special here*

    Warfare : Soldiers got better shields and better swords and other deadly weapons. We focus on Naval Force and Heavy Defences on Island

    Ruler: Frederick II. of Hohenzollern Brandenburg: 'Adm: 3 Dip: 2 Mil: 4'

    Ruler Ability: Power of Army

    Warfare: We Advance in Pomerania (Rebels On Coast) and West Brandenburg and Neumark, and ask Poland to join the war.

    Politics: We ask for alliance from Poland and Bohemia, we also will vote for Bohemia as HRE Emperor.

    Trade: We ask to trade with Bohemia and Poland.

    We also made with Poland partition plans to partition Teutonic order.

    Emir Amine Gherensi of Tlemcen: Adm: Dip: Mil:

    Ruler Ability:

    Warfare: Improvements are made in the military. Men are leaving the cities, towns etc. to work in the army. Not only this but intense research is being put into finding out which type of weapons are most effective. The navy is also being improved on.

    Politics: An alliance offer is sent to Mamluks.

    Trade: Ask the Iberian nations if they want to trade resources.

    Economy: Using the spoils of war, Algiers is being built up.

    Partition Plan toward Teutonic


    Ruler: King Jiří z Poděbrad: Adm:3 Dip:4 Mil: 3.

    Ruler Ability: Great diplomat.

    Warfare: Our main army hits 20K knights and cavalry and it is moved to eastern Bohemia. We then declare war on Salzburg. Our armies move quickly through their land and in major battle we defeat our enemy. Now we occupy north eastern land of Salzburg, we call Poland into war for help, if we needed it. 

    Politics: The heir to the throne Ladislav Pohrobek is murdered! The murderer is said to be from Saxony. Regent king, who was said to be ruler before Ladislav Pohrobek took the throne is now elected as the new, rightful king of Bohemia. We also accept offer of alliance from Brandenburg, and we thank them for their vote. We send a marriage offer to Hungary and Austria

    Trade: No major changes, money flows through trade with Poland and states along Elbe. 

    Economy: No major changes 

    Trebizond Empire Ruler : Komninos Adm:3 Dip:1 Mil:5

    Ruler Ability: Militaristic Strategy

    Warfare : Rebellion for free West Pontus lands has started inside the Ottoman empire Kastamonu wants to help . Also Trebizond Navy has attack major Genoa cities in Anatolia and is preparing future attacks in Crimea . Focus of Trebizond is on Defence, Rebellions and Navy 1k ships are in the former Genoan cities of Anatolia while Rebels destroyed every ottoman's force . China discovered a new way of Warfare they sold us muskets and horses for cavalry.

    Politics : Alliances with Georgia south nations of Anatolia . Trade : Good Trade will all the Black Sea Nations a lot of things sold on them Economics rising but it goes stable cause of rebellions and naval warfare against Genoans for helping Cypriots .

    Economy : It's based on Farmlands and Sea Trades situation normal  

    Kingdom of Poland: Adm: 3 Dip: 3 Mil:4 

                                  • King: Kazimierz IV Jagiellończyk 

                                  • Kings ability: Diplomatic influence 

                                  • Warfare: War is declared on the Teutonic order and 12,000 mobilised knights are sent into the north of Poland in order to take over Danzig and Kashubian lands. Another 20,000 Knights are mobilised and gathered in Poznan ready to attack next turn again. New cavalry divisions are made equaling to a number of 8,000 so far. 9,000 of the 20,000 mobilised knights are sent to help Bohemia against Salzburg. Weapons are supplied to Albania against the Ottomans. 

                                  • Politics: An alliance is made with Brandenburg, Serbia and Albania. A personal union offer is sent to Lithuania. 

                                  • Economy: Trades improve the money flow and happiness of people 

                                  • Trade: A trade offer is sent to: Lithuania, Hungary, Brandenburg and Moscovy. 

                                  • Science: Cavalry tech is finished, now heavy artillery is under research. 

                                    Albanian Principality

    </li> </li>

  • Ruler: George Castrioti Skanderbeg</li></li></li>
  • Ruler Ability: Diplomacy and Military</li></li></li>
  • Warfare: Albania launches a surprise attack on Ottoman troops in Eastern Albania, killing a few thousand thanks to months of planning. The Ottomans lose Eastern Albania, but still dominate the Sea. Skanderbeg's secret alliance is unleashed when the Papal States sends it fleet of naval ships and destroys 8 Ottoman ships. The Ottomans currently are fighting the Italian states on Sea, and Albania on land. Skanderbeg uses new tactics to counter the Ottoman's superior army. Albanian Army uses the mountains as a natural barrier of defense against the Ottomans.</li></li></li>
  • Politics: Albania's alliance with Papal, Venice, and the Italian states only strengthen. Albania wants peace with the Ottomans, as they are unsure about the future. Albania aims to ally with any European country to seek more protection.</li>

    Trade: While the Ottomans may have a naval blockade, Albanian sailors sail around the Ottoman fleet using Greece as a method to sail to Sicily for trade. Economy: Mostly base on weapons, farming, and logging.


    Ruler: -Dead-

    Regency: Adm:3 Dip:2 Mil:2

    Mr Karaman was rudely killed by an Greek nationalist. The country is now in Regency but we have a Heir that is 3 Years old.

    Enrico Dandolo Of The Venetians: Adm:2 Dip:4 Mil:2

    Ruler Ability: Trading

    Warfare: Invasion of Albania begins when the Venetians refuse to be the Italian states who are "loyal" to the Albanian rebels, Venice always wanted the territory of Albania, so when the Ottomans were in a weak situation with rebels, it was the perfect time to strike. A huge feet is sent to Albania from Dalmatia, about 70 ships begin siege on Durres, a complete success, rebel villages fall, by April, we take Tirane,  and march into Kruje and Kavaj. We are stopped in Peqin, a delayed force is awaited, we lose 40% of our troops there, Naval bombardments at Vlore pave a way for us to expand into Fier, and then lay siege on Peqin again. This time, they are defeated, and we set camps on our occupied land. In North Italy, we capture Tuscany's Capital, ending the war, as we annex Tuscany as a whole.

    Politics: We are at war with the Ottomans, and the "rebels", who we don't see as a full state. In a way, we are helping the Ottomans to get rid of the rebels, but as we are fighting in their respectful land, and that we demand Albania. The Veneto-Papal split happens, leaving many Italian states to choose between the two.

    Trade: Trade routes have been established all through out the country, this starts a trading era for the Venetians. Venice produces twice as more ships, and starts trading with it's most famous merchants. We ask the Ottomans to trade land, for us to help them get rid of the Albanians. Also, we ditch the Catholic Church to get the Venetians Church running, against the Papal church.

    Damn Daniel of Aragonian Iberia

    Power: White vans

    Politics: We join union with Castile. we request to Portugal and Navarre to join the union, they will both be autonomous. We annex southern Naples.

    Military: We accept the papal states offer IF they give us money, trade, and general support in invading Tunisia.

    Trade: We send trade offer to nation in Morocco.

    NPC Events

    The Papal State: We accept Aragon's Offer, as well we will form a new Country called Catholic Kingdom.

    Tunisia: We want to call Hungary and Ottomans to help against Aragon,as well we have all our Ships defending 80% of our Army defends against Aragon and 20% are fighting Thuaregs.

    Tlemncen: We crushed the Thuaregs and take some Land and make a Vassal.

    Portugal: We began Invasion on Morocco (West-Coast), we don't accept Aragon's Deal.

    Navara: We began Invasion on North west-Coast, we accept Aragon's Deal BUT: All overseas Colonies and Colonial Nations won't play Money for Aragon AND they cant demand Oversea Provinces

    Morocco: We failed defend from Portugal but send 70% of our Troops against Navarra the Rest will protect Civils.

    Austria: War against Burgundy continues and we won some Battles.

    Teutonic Order: Withdraw Troops to Northern Coast.

    Sweden: War is declared on Denmark.

    S.G.U: Invasion of Switzerland begins

    Norway: Our Troops are killed of the Swedish Army but we are currently colonizing Lapland.

    Golden Horde: We Peace our with Caucasus Countries

    Crimea: War is declared on Genoa

    Genoa: Our Ships crushed some Cyprus Ships but we send 50% of our Navy against France

    Byzantium: We crushed Athens and peace out

    N.Italy: Most join Catholic Kingdom

    Herzegovina: War is declared on Bosnia

    Mamlucks: We crushed Dulkadir and Peace our,we declare War on Tunisia

    Georgia:War is declared on Shirwan

    Savoy:To prevent Papal State and Veneditia we declare War on most N. Italian Countries

    Holstein:War is declared on Denmark

    Scotland and Munster:We are more crushing Ireland

    Irish Clans:We unite to one Country: Ireland, and are defending against Scotland and Munster

    Baltic Order:We declare War on Teutonic Order

    H.R.E Countries: Saxony and Bohemia Conflict spreads around causing a Civil War,mostly they want to unite the small States to prevent Saxony and Bohemia invading them. </li> </li>

  • Turn 3


    Turn 3

    France: Charles  Adm:4 Dip:2 Mil:3

    Ruler Ability: Power of Army

    Warfare: We are besieging North-Burgundy and our March South-Burgundy

    Potiicis: We ask for Alliance offer from Catholic Kingdom.

    Trade: -

    Economy -

    Technology: Since our Army has upgraded Weapons we will focus on exploring the Sea, if we are done we will get an African Map, we join in a Pact with Portugal to colonize in Africa, if Aragon tries invade them we will react.

    Edward III of England 'Adm 3 Dip 2 Mil 5'

    Ruler Ability : Militarization

    Warfare : Armies mobilize to the border with Scotland, The armies are two massive armies of 25 thousand men, with a good distribution between archers, spear men and cavalry.

    Politics Edward III of England has proven itself to be a militaristic ruler. England prefers to remain isolated from Europe, even owning Normandy.

    Trade The English Channel supposes a boost for English trade.

    Economy The English economy carries on the military spends

    Technology  </li> </li> </li>

  • Ruler: Frederick II. of Hohenzollern Brandenburg: 'Adm: 3 Dip: 2 Mil: 4'

    Ruler Ability: Power of Army

    Warfare: We Advance in Pomerania, because we want to destroy this Revolts. We also Advance in Neumark and East Prussia. We also declare war on Salzburg, because we want to aid Bohemia.

    Politics: We try to gain better relations toward Bohemia and Poland and threaten Saxony with a war, because of killing our Ally's heir. 

    Trade: We ask to trade with Bohemia and Poland.


    Technology: Continuing

    Jan Mayen: Harald  Adm:3 Dip:3 Mil:4

    Ruler Ability: Power of Army

    Warfare: Jan Mayen Vikings invade Norwegian Iceland and the Norwegian city of Hammerfest. The Jan Mayen vikings also come with domesticated Polar Bears.

    Polticis: Declares war on Norway and sends an alliance offer to Sweden.

    'Trade: 'Sends trade routes to France, Benelux nad Germany.

    'Economy: 'The capital city of Jan Mayen is being improved inspired by the cities of Andalusia.

    Technology: Some Jan Mayen merchants go back to the capital and tell Harald about Europe's technology. Using this new technology, improvements are made in infrastructure, the military and the navy.

    Moscovy: Adm: 3 Dip: 3 Mil: 4

    King: Vasily II

    Ruler Ability: Military

    Warfare: War is declared on Ryazan and 12,000 knights are sent to fight to annex the nation. The overall number of knights in Moscovy are 36,000 currently.

    Politics: Alliance proposal is sent to Poland, Bohemia and Novgorod. Also a Royal marriage is sent to Novgorod with Vasily's Son and Novgorod's king's daughter. A diplomat is sent to Novgorod to improve relations.

    Trade: Trade offer is sent to Lithuania, Novgorod and Poland.

    Economy: Living standards are good currently. Vodka is starting to get produced more and will be one of the main trades.

    Technology: improvements are made to armour and new type of swords are under research.

    Bohemia: Adm:3 Dip:4 Mil:4

    *King: Jiří z Poděbrad

    *Ruler Ability: Diplomacy, Jiří z Poděbrad becomes better fighter.

    *Warfare: Our armies destroy Salzburg's capital and the war is quickly won. Peace deal: Salzburg will release Bavaria and that will be fully annexed by Bohemia. The Pfalz, Memmingen and Salzburg will become vassals of Bohemia, along with counties that formed bigger Salzburg.

    We also start to prepare for another war, our army maintenance hits 30,000 troops and those move to Prague and north western Bohemia.

    *Politics: We accept Moscovy's alliance offer, along with Brandenburg's trade offer.

    *Trade: Trade begins with Brandenburg.

    *Economy: New taxes from cities in Bavaria are now going to Bohemia's treasury.

    *Technology: New weapons are put into military, such as maces and morningstars.

    Enrico Dandalo of the Venetians

    Austria: Friedrich Adm: 3 Dip: 5 Mil: 3

    Warfare: Troops are sent to help France siege Burgundy. Preparations are made in case of war with Venice. Across Austria, more units are recruited and more generals are trained.

    Politics: Austria begins improving relations with electors to stop Bohemia's attempts to become emperor. Diplomats are also sent to keep HRE stability. An alliance and marriage is requested with Hungary.

    Trade: Merchants are sent across the empire and France and the economy flourishes.

    Economy: Money comes in from trade and taxes are reduced to keep the army supported, but people won't be taxed too much and Austria will continue gaining money.

    Technology: Naval technology is is researched in case of wars with Venice.

    Duchy of Lithuania



    Enrico of the Italians:

    Power: Trading from Sea

    Politics: NIC has become bigger in size due to the unification of the three states, Venice - Modena - Ferrara. It begins a declaration of war on Milan, and sends assassins to kill the pope. The assassins are disguised as if they were from Milan, so if they are captured, no one would blame Italy ( Confederacy ). 2 of the Assassins are stoned to death when they are captured. But one of them succeeds, killing the pope. After that, the murderer is beaten to death, and then crucified. The pope is dead, and Venice is happy so. We hope that the Papal States will believe that they are from Milan, which is a 85% chance.

    Warfare: Invasion of Milan begins, recruits are every man above 16 and below 60. The war is very one sided, as the invasion continues, ships arrive at Venice, with immense amount of troops, and then go into the battle field. In less than 6 months, 3/4 of Milan is captured, including the city itself, forcing the state to surrender. However, they don't, we fight the remaining forces, lose huge amounts, and but defeat Milan. The state is soon annexed, and Milan becomes a state in the confederacy. Mantua also becomes a state after the Italo-Millan War, boosting the state number to 5. After this, more recruits are sent, and the army doubles its old army, and troops are stationed at the border with Austria to prevent their invasion. Milan, Mantua, Venice, Ferrara and Modena become allies, in the name " Confederacy of Italy. Troops from Modena, Ferrara, Venetian territories outside of Italy, and Milan, including Mantua, are stationed at the Border, mainly Trent.

    Trade: Trade is still famous in Veneto land, ships sail and go, more ships are also made. NIC creates the biggest ship in the world. It weighs quite a lot, is slow, and is armed with about 150-200 guns. We also research more ships, and science. We are a lot more powerful than before.

                • Grand Duke:
                • Ruler Ability: Diplomacy
                • Warfare: Grand Duke moves 10,000 troops from the Polish Border to the Lavonian order and occupies southern parts of the nation and demands them incorporated because they have a large Lithuanian population
                • Politics: Poland what will happen to player control if we unite? A trade ship heading to Novgorod mysteriously goes missing, The Livonian order is blamed. 
                • Trade: Trade from Muscovy is accepted also from Jan Myen
                • Economy: Equality in standard of living is restored thanks to increased employment thanks to new trade
                • Technology: Not much change

    NPC Events

    Italian Countries: Battle for the Union begins, Savoy attack Venician Armies and crushed 2/4 of them but also loots Milan's Lands. Milan recruits more Soldiers and some "Catholic Pope Revolts" rise up in Italy, supporting the Pope to own Italy and a Catholic Vote for Pope begins(Look at Game Mechanics)

    Navarra:Joins Aragonian Iberia and war continues

    Morocco: We failed defend from the Attackers and will make Peace.

    Teutonic Order:Armies are dying and used now to protect Civilians

    Sweden: War goes good with Denmark and we accept Jan Mayen's offer.

    S.G.U: We join the HRE Unifying War,we easily crushed Bohemian Armies that were besieging Salzburg, we don't accept Peace deal and make a Offensive on Bohemia

    Norway: Our Troops are killed of the Swedish Army but we are currently colonizing Lapland(50% done)

    Crim:Siege some Crimean Genoa Lands-

    Genoa: Crushed the French Navy but our Army is falling.

    Byzantium:We are falling because of the Ottomans,

    Peace Trety:Some Lands go to Ottomans and we will be an Vassal.

    Mameluk:We crushed the Tunisian Army in the East

    Holstein:Besieging up South Denmark

    Scotland and Munster:We are falling back from Ireland

    Ireland:War works good and Attackers are falling

    H.R.E Countries:More Countries joins the War

    Catholic Kingdom:Accepts Frances offer and joins the Italian War.

    Novgorod:Sets Muscowy as Rival and doesn't accept the Offer.

    Turn 4


    Turn 4

    France: Charles  Adm:4 Dip:1 Mil:5

    Ruler Ability: Power of Army

    Warfare: We send an Peace Offer to Burgundy:Burgundy gives Half-North Burgund to France,and South Burgund to our March.

    Polticis: We ask for Marriage with Catholic Kingdom and ask Portugal´s Prince to Marriage the Daughter of our King.As well because of all the Wars our King has improved his Military Skills but lost some of his Diplomatic Skills he is now called:Charles the Unfriendly in other Countries.

    Trade: -

    Economy -

    Technology: Works with Portugal is good and we found new Lands in Africa, we don't know exactly how they look like but we will sell Maps for other Countries for 500 Ducats.

    Ruler: Frederick II. of Hohenzollern Brandenburg: 'Adm: 3 Dip: 2 Mil: 4'

    Ruler Ability: Power of Army

    Warfare: We Advance more and more in Pomerania and Neumark, and East Prussia.

    Politics: We ask Teutonic Order and Pomeranian Revolts to make peace with us and Poland, or else they will regret it...

    Trade: Trading with Poland and Bohemia ^^

    Economy: Due the trade , our Economy goes up.

    Technology: We research Cannons.

    We also show again the partition plan for the peace treaty: 

    Austria: Friedrich Adm: 3 Dip: 5 Mil: 3 (wip)

    Warfare: More troops are recruited. These troops are put on the Venecian border.

    Politics: Austrian diplomats continue to try to get electors to vote for Austria. Austria sends a warning to Venice not to attack anyone in the HRE.

    Trade: Same as last turn.

    Economy: The economy continues to be improved.

    Technology: More naval tech is researched.

    </li> </li>

  • Austria: Friedrich Adm: 3 Dip: 5 Mil: 3 (wip) Warfare:Austria </li></li></li>
  • recruits more troops and places them along the Venecian border. Duchy of Lithuania{| |
        • Grand Duke:Švitrigaila
        • Ruler Ability: Diplomacy
        • Politics: Alliance offer sent to Muscovy and Kalmar against Novgorod
        • Warfare: Lavonian order accepts peace terms and hands over southern regions (Check last turn for partition)
        • Trade: Trade offer to Bohemia
        • Economy: Looting has finished in Iivonia and has brought many riches, mines have begun in livonia as part of the peace deal
        • Technology: Research into canons and other artillery
    |} </p></li> </li></li>