Original: Colozeb

This modern version of Colozeb is more focused to monarchy and less on communism, its communist-monarchy government boosted the level of productivity and the heir is chosen by vote if the king has two or more children, females cannot be the leaders.

Official and recent flag of Colozeb. The third version is in work in progress to remove the hammer and sickle and more focused on the coat of arms


The history of Colozeb starts off as a province of Europe (led by the Hersphellian King), a protest starts and it fell apart because of the protests.

Non-Qual history

In this path, an alternate history of what if Quals never invaded Earth at the second time or they collapsed.

Colozeb declares war on the Dalmatian bordered countries to form the New Yugoslavian Union, the Serbatija forces have fortified the borders as border guards for immigration toward this conflict, a battle in East Belgrade known as Operation Stormfly, an air paratrooper lands on the hall and two hundred paratroopers lands on the city but a half is killed by Belgrade guards.

The first leader of Colozeb dies in 1780, he has only three sons and one daughter and named as Galir I.