CookieDamage Mapping Dialect is a mapping dialect in which every nation has a unique color of its own, rather than the typical green.

There are three CookieDamage Dialects, Western CookieDamage, Eastern CookieDamage and Rainbow.

Western CookieDamage

Western CookieDamage is where the nations are all in different colours (without nametags), therefore the speech of the nation is in the same colour as the nation, with the nation's name at the beginning of the speech.

This is the dialect that CookieDamage uses.
E.g. France: Lovely Weather

Eastern CookieDamage

As for Eastern CookieDamage, the colours are all different unique colours (with nametags) and their speech can either be black or the colour of their nation.


When mappers began using the CookieDamage Mapping, it had traits of both Western CookieDamage with the speech the same colour as the nation and Eastern CookieDamage, the nametags. Combining both Western CookieDamage and Eastern CookieDamage, created the modern and mostly used CookieDamage dialect of mapping, Rainbow.

People which use (or have used) this dialect

  • XCookieDamageX (Eastern) (Founder)
  • Emartis ✖ Arotanika ✖ It's excellent (Rainbow) (mixes with MOAP mapping dialect)
  • HappyDance9 (Rainbow) (former)
  • SameerImad97 (Eastern)
  • РЕконкіста.ua (Cossack Camp) (Eastern)
  • GenericAP
  • Java Sea (Western) (Mixed with Jabril)
  • MOAP (Rainbow)
  • Nick HD (Rainbow)
  • Ceplio (Eastern)
  • The Dark Knight It's Excellent (Rainbow) (mixes with MOAP mapping dialect)
  • IonMapping (Rainbow)
  • Lenny George (Rainbow)
  • Crazy02 Mapping (Rainbow)
  • XO Mapping (Eastern) (Mixed with Ion dialect)
  • Multi Mappers (Western)
  • Scout107 (Western) (Eastern)
  • Razvy (Rainbow)
  • Exordium (Rainbow)


2015 Popularity Spike

In April and May of 2015, CookieDamage became popular, starting when MOAP switched over to CookieDamage. Soon, Nick HD added colorful countries to his series. New mappers, such as Evergreen Mapping, soon started to adopt the dialect.

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