Corva was a language in Goldenrebel25's Alternate History of Europe Series. It was mainly used by Vordalkien, Caravor, Kopani, and parts of Valgond, Krynki, and Sottani (as of year 700 Era 1).

European Languages

Languages of Europe, Corva in orange.



The language started around the year 50 when Vordalkien started expanding. It started around Georgia. It soon became the official language of Vordalkien by 100, and spread to modern-day Russia when Vordalkien expanded there. It also went across to the black sea to Trieste and eventually Pivka, into what was the Eastern Part of the Sacred Mafrian Empire. It expanded into Assarion and Akkér too. By 300 It was the main language of the Balkans and most of the Middle East, except for Derdor.

Loss of area

When the Affanisid Caliphate went to this world, it took over most of Assarion and a part of Derdor. Then it kicked all of the previous foreigns outside to what remained of their countries, and used a language that was unknown to outsiders every year they allowed no outsiders in.


When the Affanisid Caliphate fell, the languages Corva and Henavaliot returned to the area. But all was lost when the world fell to Nukes in World War 2.

Learn Corva!

Corva is mostly a mixture of Turkish, Romanian and Bulgarian. I recommend you use Google Translate for this. So you switch each word in the order I just said. The punctuation is normal English.For example: "Can I have a cookie?" is мога (bulgarian) eu (romanian) var (turkish) a (bulgarian) fursec (romanian)

"мога eu var a fursec?" (Can I have a cookie?)

"да, tu olabilir." (Yes you may.)

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