Council of Order was proposed by disturbedfan1100, to be a United Nations-like council after all the Wiki Wars in the community. After raging in the Early to Middle 2013, it has been collapsed and rebuilt.

Base idea of the Council

The idea of the Council is to create a friendly community without any fights. In the community, everyone would solve their diffirences within the Council, where the leading members can make decision on how to handle these things.

The Council would have 3 leading members as the persons who would have the right to veto any intervention or suggestion that is made within the Council.

Leading members could be replaced, if the Council members so wish. In this case, leading member that is suggested to be replaced, doesn't have the right to veto this suggestion. Every other leading member would have the right to veto, as long as they would have solid arguments for that.

Leading members of the Council

The leading members have been elected in a democratic way. The three leading members are 99batran, ArceusFan2013 and MrOwnerandPwner with votes:

  • 4 - 99batran
  • 2 - ArceusFan2013 (Arcy)
  • 2 - MrOwnerandPwner


The Advisors are selected only from the smartest users on this Wikia

The only Advisor is DisturbedFan1100.

Civil Officers

Civil Officers work on the community and usually attract additional mappers to the community.

No Civil Officers have been selected!


No rules have been made yet as the leading members haven't assembled and decided the basic rules of the council.


The Members include:


Advisors/Civil Officers,

And Minorities that agree to follow the current rules (If any) (Vassals/Puppets are indicated below the user he/she is controlled by).

If anyone could help us build a table do it please (And after its done delete this sentence.)