The Crakow Republic is a country in Ethan's TAFOE (pronounced: Krae-kaw) or simply Crakow, since the era of the Dark Ages have started, it's capital is the same name as the country, it's a city-state but have a little advantage to take over the occupied Yi Dynasty of Europe.

However it was part of the three city-states of the Polish Descendents and Slovak. No one can see the smaller one called City-State of the Futerlidsk which is the size of Vatican City (Holy See)



Would you be intrested to trade with england

The Crakow Republic is in dark green, the allies are lighter one and the neutral is grey.

The Paradox Studio people have used Kraków in Victoria II, now the pledged of the resistance by the Gdansk force called 5th Gdansk Division after the Casablancan Empire forced its empire collapsed, forcing the people to die quickly, and revolts are very unstable which soldiers became failure and turn the Casablancan Empire into giant pieces of nomads.

Now that the remnants became the three city-states of PDAS, which have three but the small one cannot be seen, alternately there is the kingdom of Transylania but was not been part of the city-state of PDAS, people called it Transzig in some ways but the name was rejected.


It's empire duelled as the Hymir people named after a Norse mythology of a giant, invasions take place at the capital, the plains are now known as the Gilshire Plains, the Hymir Kingdom is soon to be razing every city of Europe trying to win the European War, the Southern Kiev Federation founded an alliance like NATO but it's called the Freedom Union. Soon the "giant" empire soon to be destroyed.



It's money is traded to the tree city-states they became rich when trading the resources every month, it's GPT is almost 56, instead selling luxuries they supply it's troops by using food over and over until they rest for one month.