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The strangers

Me, Johann and my friend Daniel were studying psychology in the university. We loved it, and as a probe to show ourselves, we were sent to a psychologist in the outsides of the city. The day we came, a nurse showed to us the center. I noticed a strange door just in a corridor. I heard a noise and some hits. The nurse told me to ignore that and guided us to the boss of the place, mister Adams. He sent us to sleep since it was 10PM. The day after, we all awake at 2PM, we didn't know why, but we still wanted to sleep more, even sleeping for over 13 hours. Nothing more happened during a long time, 3 weeks. Then, Mister Adams took confidence in me, so I asked him what I saw on the strange door at the end of the corridor. He took me to it with my friends, Johann and Daniel. There, there were 2 persons, both with strength shirts in a soft room. We asked why they were like that, and we were prepared to know it, so Mister Adams began to tell us the story: 2 months ago, a woman left the man here, told to us that we had to take care of him, and she paid a year of the cure. We never knew nothing more of she, and never saw she. Well, so one day, a nurse took him to the open part of the building, and left him, which didn't made any movement, seems in comma; and then, the nurse said that he said something, and the girl that was next to him, suddenly became like him. We had to sent her to an special room (the one you are looking at now). One day, they both went really angry, and started hitting objects, but they got calmed after 5 minutes. After an hour, another rage attack, and we put them a strength shirt so they can't move during those attacks... And they're like this till' now"

We went to sleep right after, and the next day, we went to saw those 2 subjects, but they weren't there, we ran to search Mister Adams, and he told us another story, this one shorter: "Today at 7PM we noticed those 2 subjects were not on their right place, so we sent a safe agent to look what was happening there, and then I saw through the camera of the room something terrible. The woman said something to the ear of the agent, and she became aggressive, and started hitting everything with her". We quickly close the door of the room when we saw a shadow, it was the man that should be on the room. He retained us trapped in the room for long, and finally he stopped hitting the door. 1 hour after, Johann got tired of that and exit, instantly, he became one of those subjects, and we were forced to kill the man and Johann with a gun. We went to the outer space of the building, and in the way we saw a lot of people: guards and patients hitting his heads against the wall. We went slowly through the corridor, since we knew they only attacked 5 minutes each hour, and they began to make noises. We were forced to run to mister Adam's car, and we took it going out of the psichiatric. In the road, we saw the body of Johann. I had no idea how it finished there, but it did. Mister Adams tried to make cintact with him, and Johann told somthing to mister Adam's ear. He just became another Stranger. We ran back to the car and made it run just before he entered in an make us (me and Daniel) strangers. We drove to a cave and hide there, since the city was too far for that car. In the next morning, we stole an abandoned car (like so many other there were on the road) and we drove towards the city. The city was in ruins, everything was abandoned. We just saw some people, but when they turned we noticed that they were strangers. Well, now, with those Strangers ruling the city, one thing is sure. We are the Strangers.

It is looking at you

Make this at high hours of the morning, like 4AM... you have to be alone... and there shouldn't be sound there... you can be with thr lights on, for now. You'll hear a hum, but not a familiar hum, an unknown hum... now you heard that hum, it will notice you know of it's existance. You'll surely have a hard day after that. Repeat the experience the next night. You won't hear the hum anymore... why? Because it wants to keep in silence, hidden, so you won't be able to look at it... meanwhile, you're reading this, it is watching you, maybe behind that open door, maybe under the bed, but it is surely here, taking care of his best possession: you.

A real story: Does really light helps you?

[5:48:41] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: anyway, I will tell my story

[5:48:47] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: it is 100%

[5:48:51] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: no

[5:48:57] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: it WAS 100% real

[5:49:04] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: it only happened once

[5:49:10] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: since I never got balls to do it again

[5:49:24] MOAP, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias: Do tell.

[5:50:14] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I was 7 when this happened

[5:50:24] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I was alone in my home since my parents were out

[5:50:30] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: and my grandma was in hospital

[5:50:39] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: it was one of the few time I was alone

[5:51:04] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I wasn't able to sleep since I have always been a very awake person

[5:51:11] MOAP, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias: Right.

[5:51:16] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: So I started looking from my window

[5:51:33] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: In front of my house there is a small flat

[5:51:37] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: and next to it

[5:51:51] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: an abandoned, really old and sinister house

[5:52:01] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I wasn't used to look at that house

[5:52:12] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I have always been scared of whatever could be there

[5:52:28] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: Most of the time there were anything there

[5:52:33] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: but not that night

[5:52:48] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: (man, meanwhile I'm typing this, I don't feel nice)

[5:53:03] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: that night I saw a light blue in the upper-right part of the house

[5:53:18] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: so, strange, I look to the moon

[5:53:26] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: and look back to the house

[5:53:37] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: the light was in the upper-left part of the house

[5:53:58] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: so, even more strange

[5:54:02] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I turned over myself

[5:54:13] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: and the light was in the bottom of the house

[5:54:25] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I did the same and it was at the gates of the house

[5:54:32] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I was scared

[5:54:42] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I could be thinking that light was following my movements

[5:54:58] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: so, extremely scared, I turned around again

[5:55:04] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: THE LIGHT WAS IN THE GATES OF MY HOUSE

[5:55:10] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I went under my bed

[5:55:16] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: and spent all the night there

[5:55:18] MOAP, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias: ._.

[5:55:19] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: since then

[5:55:27] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I never looked at the house again

[5:55:38] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: 100% true story

[5:55:51] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I got a cold because I slept in the floor

[5:55:59] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: and now, trust me

[5:56:01] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: that NOW

[5:56:06] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I WILL LOOK THERE AGAIN

[5:56:15] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: (I will do, I am extremely scared)

[5:56:24] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: nothing there...

[5:56:31] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: wait.

[5:56:35] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: not empty at all.

[5:56:43] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: one light is on.

[5:56:58] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: i'd better stop watching there.

[5:57:15] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: but I can't. Meanwhile, I type this. I am looking to the light.

[5:57:17] MOAP, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias: Didn't you say it was abandoned?

[5:57:25] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: it is abandoned.

[5:57:49] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: no one lives here since 1994, when the owner and his wife died in weird way.

[5:58:51] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I am scared now...

[5:59:38] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: *slender sound*

[5:59:48] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I just saw a quick light in my window

[6:00:56] MOAP, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias: Maybe you should stop looking...

[6:01:16] MOAP, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias: And close your curtains to help resist the urge to look...

[6:01:29] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: no...

[6:01:39] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: it's like I can't...

[6:01:45] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I am like hypnotized...

[6:02:00] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I knew that.

[6:02:13] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: I wish I had never told you my story.

[6:02:25] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: because...

[6:02:31] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: see that light there?

[6:02:34] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: *terror music*

[6:04:39] MOAP, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias: O_O

[6:04:52] MOAP, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias: what meeeeeeean

[6:05:03] ☭xXx_Doritos_xXx☭: don't turn





Pasta looks Creepy

So there I was at midnight eating my pasta from Italy. Until the pasta looks creepy. Then I made a new Pasta and called Creepypasta. And it will haunt you.

Mapperdonian Nightmare

So there I was with Asdf, watching Netflix we were very chill of course. Sunny calls us in the phone however the call goes down. We heard a radio station had been robbed. I get a phone call from a guy I never met. He called himself Trio. He's voice was creepy and I could not tell he's voice. I put it on speaker so Asdf would hear. The call ended when he said Second Anschluss. Me and Asdf thought of Germany and the Nazis... we checked on TFOE wiki about Germany, Anschluss Tag appeared. We were creeped to see that a third Anscluss tag had taken place ater a day Nick beated Moap. This user was Jeff the Mapper. We were creeped to see that, so we checked on creepy pasta... and... pictures of dead bodies, dead children appeared, the wiki had been raided. We called Nicole to see whats up. A disturbing voice saying Ben Drowned showed up. Later that day I saw some usual ECC insulting, I ignored. But then he said something disturbing, he said: Jeff, stop making me do this. Later Jeff the Mapper appears. They talk as if Jeff was trying to kill ECC. After Jeff said Fucking Finally he is gone. ECC left. Fedex, Pez, FSM, Devin and Canadian were there. Later Jeff showed a picture of Ion, ECC and Nick hanging. We called Batran to come to our home. He didn't pick up the phone. We called KKAP but he din't pick the phone. Then Ceplio said he was coming, so he did. Asdf, Ceplio and I analyzed the pictures and checked if there was anyone dead in Hong Kong, Germany and the UK. Pez and Moap were on vacation at Puerto Rico, when suddenly, Everyone in Germany, Hong Kong and the UK disappeared. We were freaked out. We went to sleep, and we had the same nightmare. HHK was eating almost every mapper until a unknown bullet shot him. Admins and Sunny survived. We later discovered that Mervue shot HHK, TL Mapping comes back to the wiki to find that it had 666, red backround and eary music. Something weird happened, the points changed to 666, while every other wiki was fine. We evacuated to the Great Mapperdonian Wiki and the Caribbean Wiki. It was safe... Later TFOE got deleted, Batran went in to AltHist chat and saw Ace say: FINALLY THEY ARE DONE!. We don't know what happened next.


The Creepy Skype Incident

So one day, I was using Skype with my school friend, Dylan. We were Skyping usually daily. On 5/3/2015, were were skyping usually. He said that he needs to go to his grandma's house. He said that he will come back at 6:00PM. I said, "yes", then he left. At 6:00PM, he wasn't there. But I'm pretty sure he was a little late. I waited until 9:00PM, I now knew he was probably gonna sleep at his grandmas. But at 9:02PM, he sent me a call. I accepted it. A creepy voice came out. He said my first, middle AND last names. I was shocked. I never even heard of him! I had to Skype call Dylan's dad, I knew his name. His dad's name was "Tim" I called him on Skype, no answer. I waited 4 hours, nothing happened. I was gonna go on the TFOE wiki chat to tell this. Tomorrow when I woke up, I was gonna go on the TFOE wiki chat, MOAP and Golden were on like I like a TFOE chat to be.

[9:08] Mich56 wikia: omg, this was so weird.

[9:08] MOAP: What?

[9:09] Mich56 wikia: Well, MOAP, this happened on Skype.

[9:09] Mich56 wikia: I was skyping to my friend, and an unknown voice came.

[9:10] MOAP, Golden, and Pez: What the hell?

[9:10] Mich56 wikia: I know it sounds fucking weird.

[9:11] Mich56 wikia: I was gonna Skype his dad -- what the hell is that person?

[9:11] Golden: This is weird, happening on 9:11 eastern time.

[9:12] Mich56 wikia: HE HAS A KNIFE.

[9:12] Mich56 wikia: HES A MURDERER!!!!

[9:12] Mich56 wikia: OMG IM DEAD NOW!!!!!

[9:13] MOAP: Probably the unknown voice was the murderer.

[9:14] Mich56 wikia: Yes, your right, I can't live anymore.

[9:16] Mich56 wikia (MURDERER): I murdered him.

[9:16] Everyone on chat: Da fuq.

[9:17] Mich56 wikia (normal): No, I am living, I will KILL HIM!!!!

[9:18] Golden: If he actually gets murdered, I will be like, da fuq.

[9:20] Mich56 wikia: I murdered the murderer.

[9:20] Mich56 wikia: I did it.

[9:21] MOAP: Yay

I was so glad to live through this experience. I would thank all of you for reading this story. The end.


The East Asia Indicent

One day, I traveled to Japan but Hirohito's corpse ate my balls which means i can't read this page anymore


The Night Everyone Was There.

One friday night, at 12:00, A person named John, heard noises outside. He saw about 10 shadows in the house he saw. He got outside, but they were not there. So now John went back to bed, he heard laughing, then he saw no one outside. But then, when he got back to bed, his door was open. He closed it. But then he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He locked the door. But then out the window, there was 972 people out. John was worried, so then he decided to hide in his blanket. But then, when he closed his eyes, he saw a horrific guy, It was Jeff, and Sunny. Sunny looked like a zombie, Jeff was a killer obviously. But then he woke up. He was thirsty and he went downstairs. He got a drink, but someone was calling him on the phone, it was unknown, so he said this:

Unknown: Your fate is ripping apart between your soul which I possess. 12:08

John: Holy sh*t..(runs) 12:09

Later, he ran at his bed, scared, he called 911, but no one picked up, then he looked at the window, only one person was there, staring at him.

Then as he forgot to lock the door again, SOMEONE ENTERED THE ROOM.

John woke up looked behind him,

And then the "thing" was looking at him.

John passed away.

His last words were: Oh god.

The creature was unknown.

And no one will never know what it is.

The end.


Log Cabin Killer

One day Tom's parents decided to go on a camping trip with his dads co-workers. He wanted to join in. Halfway Tom wanted to go to the toilet to take care off the business. When he entered the men toilet, he saw a weird looking guy, but the boy didn't really care, and did the business. When he was leaving, the creepy guy said: "tonight" and he smiled. Tom didn't really understood, and went back to the car.

15:27 PM. Everybody is drinking and Tom is sitting in the log cabin, where all the beds where, because he knew, there is nothing to do outside, especially in a hot sun. Everything went right, until the night. Tom was woken up by some noise outside the cabin. At first, he didn't mind it, then it woke him up again. He went outside to check. Nothing. He went back in and saw his mother dead. Tom started crying with a laughter he heard. The laughter was getting louder and louder, closer and closer. The laugh stopped, followed by a scream. Tom ran to the cabin and he was surprised no one heard the scream, everybody else was still sleeping. The boy got closer to the sleeping people to inspect them. They weren't really sleeping. They had no eyes, their faces were cut, some had their jaws ripped off their bodies. Tom started to scream, hoping he would wake up others. No one heard. The killer got in the cabin, smiled and said: "tonight". Boy recognised the face, and ran out. He ran to the to the exit of the camp. Luckily, a car stopped to help the boy, he got in the car, said where to go, told everything that happened at the camp. But he did not look at the persons face, until he was stabbed in the throat. The killer said: "Tonight, is the special night". The child bled to death.

The end