Yet, the series based on the cythriuses, this is a scenario ON SPORE and also the plot is different to Spore. The locations are exact but the things are different, because yet it's an industrial era sort. But there are no flight and stuff so only the stuff were steam-like features and still little much in Act I have modern stuff until Act III, things go weirder but a different plot.

Incomplete. Some are not finished and some were working in progress.

Cythrius Information: Cythriusian Empire or Cythrius (Extended)


So far, only three is been shown, others will soon to be come!

Mission I: Strange Dream

The new recruit was scouting a new recipe for his general, one day he was tired and slept with his three dog guards. He was shown that the dream is filled with zombies, however the pets killed the zombies but the path appeared, and the recruit searched until the stranger appeared. He said that a dream will never end except his mood swing changes and became a demon trying toharness the recuritment's soul, because of his struggling his evil hiss summons the Cythriuses and began attack the pets.

However, the pets' souls are been gathered, because this isn't a real Cythrius but the real one only drinks blood they harnessed the pet's soul and give it to the demon and drinks the pet's soul removing the pets into existance. The dream gets even weirder as the soldiers killed them which the Gorygoian soldiers, the recruit saw them when he was young, but they are killing them into their fatal death.

After all of them disappears as the body began waking up, he saw none of the pets were gone, the soldier of Commander Makomins said to the recruit not to stay in his bed, he tries to help him and they will help the soldier instead of helping the commander.

Mission II: Escape Malta

The Island of Humern

Departure of the engine-powered plane, the crew needs of landing Berlin, but the fuel ran out and starting to crash into the Mediterrean Sea, it was also revealed that a cythrius is secretly part of the Homo, meaning it is Homo sapiens cythrius. Now the soldiers and Oilne is a castaway but it isn't. But this time it's a job, this results to find the soldier in the price of chicken feeding, he accepts and turns out that he had a problem on the feeding, now he turns that he needs to find Berlin to get Otto von Bismarck (the real character that who united Germany) or some person in this place. The amphibian general didn't agree to the job, he searched on.

He tried to find a person named, John Materfest has to talk to Oline about the secrets that he didn't know why history changes apart since now, he chatted to him, mostly about the timeline of the Cythriuses has to come.

"Don't you know that most creatures came and got information to stop this mad Cythrius trouble?" - John

"What are you talking about..." - Oline

"Agh. What if you say that creature is named Guilden Matile died in 1923? That pilot has a bad mood on flying this mood and whatever this could after that, we need to find out." - John

"No, I don't care on this. I want to know why." - Oline

"You see, I don't have interaction on "humans", they are just so boring to me." - John

"You can just interact them a bit, you see what I just meant for? You're just making you shy, you can't be shy to any human in this place, be nice." - Oline

"Okay, I suppose so." - John

Later they have became to talk to the farmee who is trying to help them, since he knows that he fifnds that old island of Malta is fading away into the cythriusian darkness, he told Oline about the aware and finally the depth of the demon of Malta. Him and his wife have survived during the infection of Malta.

"If you seek to explore the lands of the old malta, you'll beware, this place is not suitable for any human place, we are only survivors the city of Malta. You see that our homes are razed by the infected people who taken, they put our citizens into the prison walls, when they were starve they can feed them turning them into infected person similar vampire bite. They could kill us when we get there. Go on, it's your choice." - Farmer Serinto (Humern)

He started to feed the chickens, when John asked him, they chat after he finish his feeding he said that she is now pregnant during the Apocalyptic Era. And then he knocks on the door and he saw that she is pragment. He leaves and talked to Makomins about the bottle, it was that he coluldn't know why, he just talked and Oline is innocent about this arguement.

"Where's that bottle?" - Commander Makomins

"Don't know, you always want me to demand about this." - Oline

"Whatever you say, bring it to me." - Commander Makomins

"No, I'm telling you I got a message." - Oline

"WHAT!?" - Makomins (bored on the title so named as short)

"It's something what you did to this, here's a message about it." - Oline

"What is it then?" - Makomins

"We going are going to need something for it. The Demon of Malta, it contains the rituals of the meat." - Oline

"You can but it's hard, let's try." - Makomins

When he tried to told the sailor named Corutino, he raged at him back, not to access his boat except for human survivors, he backed Oline off when he is trying, but he know that aliens are dangerous enough just like Stephen Hawking said that aliens can be hostile and invade earth just like Columbus found America. Maybe he may have a reference to him on his quotes or something.

Old Malta

Oline said that Cythrius island is actually Old Malta. But he found out that there is a bridge for transfer and trade to the New Malta. He stepped foward and when he saw it, there is many cythriuses guarding the island, with this trouble. Mostly he talked to Sequetethe (Coopions, if Spore) then he knows that the Cythrius path is deadly to all other species than humans (homo spaiens).

"We shall let Corutino access ou-" - Sequetethe

"NO! He never lend us access to his ship!" - Oline

"Seriously?" - Sequetethe

"Can't you know that we have to get into the dead route?" - Oline

"Well, I suppose this is deadly..." - Sequetethe

"Yeah, lets survive this trap." -Oline

As they walked pass the bridge, he notice if Old Malta is actually have a prison other than the other island, he noticed that there is a problem. Likely the guards were actually gaol/jail guards are cythriusian, Sequetethe notice this answer that the guards were not human but cythrius, he may alert that if they starve they comsume the prisoners just as they have a low thrist.

This plan was attempted as they sneak by, as a cythrius smelled, they sense blood. The name was actually Hercavius, a cythrius who was formerly a Roman. But he tried to bite him and Oline killed him by a stake to him.

"You shall be a cy-" - Hercavius (later died)

"Ha, in your dreams!" - Oline

As they continue go on they found out that if they notice that the gaol/jail guards are very protective, the next prisoner is in a biting duty. An alarm is founded, notice that it was modern in Old Malta while the architecture is likely more tribal, cythriuses don't swim but problem is in Spore they swim like any creature, so Oline and Sequetethe has killed all cythriuses and the cythriusian guards to kill a prisoner into one of them. They have a key and unlocked them so they could retake and rebuild the city.

Another cythrius is not aggressive but was in Episode IV, that Cythrius name is Seilium Dethenius, the leaderof the Dethenius Horde. Also may have recruited Hercavius and other cythriuses around Old Malta, he was so sad that he got angry, he told about that Demon of Malta, he ran away in fear.

"What is wrong with you!? YOU KILLED MY HORDE AND HERCAVIUS, MY CO-LEADER HAS TO BITE YOU AND NOW WHAT YOU DID!!!!" - Seilium picking Hercavius' cythrius corpse

"That is not good enough, you are gonna be stake for good. And that corpse is very vampiric." - Oline

"Yeah, you shall die for every last second!" - Sequetethe

"You are mean murderers! You are part of the... CYTHRIUSIAN HUNTERS!? RUN AWAY! THEY ARE HUNTERS!!!!!" - Seilium

"Yeah, but that sailor is a meanie." - Sequetethe

Demon of Malta

When the cythriusian scream approaches the sleeping demon of Malta, the demon woke up from the approach, he began to smash the trees at his might, roaring to Oline and Sequetethe. Most, the demon weakness has one thing, a steak. Oline and Sequetethe has gathered the meat to the sailor and now they say to him much as he likes the demon meat, which boosts energy.

"Ah, that's the thing. One word in this mind, you defeated this monster?" - Couitino

"Yes, but you can have that demon meat." - Oline

"Ah, thanks. But WHY DO YOU DEFEAT THE CYTHRIUSES!? The horde is suppose to kill aliens not wiping them out!" - Couitino

"I think he is somehow developing Cythriusian DNA and when he becomes one, he joins the Dethenius horde to replace Hercavius Dethenius." - Sequetethe whispered to Oline

"You only reported that YOU'LL SEE SEILIUM DETHENIUS SURVIVED THE ATTACK!?" - Couitino

"You'll know that I have an injection to start with." - Makomins holding a syringe contains anti-Cythriusian DNA

"AGH! NO!" - Couitino been injected with anti-Cythriusian DNA

"That's better, your cythrius DNA is wiped off." - Makomins after injecting him anti-Cythriusian DNA

"What is it? Yes, I'll give you access the ship for the demon meat, it'll exchange for $50 per kilo." - Couitino

"YAY!" - Oline and Sequetethe

Valletta/Rus Island

He gives them access, he stepped into Frightdeck, an East Indiamen (or Travelling Ship in Spore), he sailed him to Rus Island or Valletta if you prefer realism. He landed to Rus or Valletta and parked his ship for Oline and Sequetethe to come out. He sailed back to other locations and never seen him again. But he sold the Demon Meat for $50 and he finally renovates his East Indiamen into an transport by Valletta engineers.

But when Oline and Sequetethe finds out Seporto I, the message was written:

"If you're looking for a cythrius, you may be a hunter of killing cythriuses. You are achieved my sword and claim your title as Cythriusian Slayer rank. If you came out to guard all cythriusian trouble, it must be you!

Signed, Seporto I in 1759"

Oline takes Seporto I's sword, something strange happened, an earthquake rumbles around him and the ghost of Seporto I came out from him and said to gain the Cythriusian Slayer rank and Oline is now finally gained the rank. He was finally gained enough power to wipe Cythriusians off Europe and the Earth.

He finally gets a license to give Couitino's boat on the way, and also later on it sunked again once for all.

Mission III: Trapped in Palermo

NOT DONE (Because of lot of busy work but doing mapping, map game and others)

Struck to Palermo

Yet, a storm was crushed down by his own transport ship, he said he might no longer getting them back, so they must find another way to find the travel of killing the current Cythrius leader where they lead all cythriuses in the place. Yet, the ship was sanked and he demanded to pay money to rebuild his ship, but they refused and that made Couitino angry and demanded a boat and leaves Palermo. "Another crash! Again, next time I'll get another ship and it will be indestructable!!!!!" - Couitino (simply name as the sailor)

"Another ship will take more money than yours!" -  Oline

Fear was spreaded, the whole city in the place named Palermo is under a new era, little or not, cythriuses are haunted around, the secret area of two cythrius horde leaders have been talking on conquering the remains of the people what they've seen. Their own place will be overwhelmed and encountered fears will be only cythriuses. Only they want the cythrius grand leader alive, so they will rule the world effectively.

The Cythriusian Encyclaeopedia

STARTING DESCRIPTION: We have arrived in Sicily, but what ahppened to the town? The place is seemed to be in fire, but the city of Palermo is falling apart, what happened?


When the things happened, Oline was searching for some people who knows about the cythriuses, he found out to make his soldier, Sequetethe finding out the sword and the cythrius behaviour. But when some citizen in Palermo, had the encycopedia book named the Cythriusian History and Appearance, it consists the history of the cythriuses, legends, behaviour, virus and finally appearance will be included in that book, it consists of ~300 pages. But in the game of Spore the name is Undead Sporepedia (likely a reference to Spore's Sporepedia) but it has designs of undead, myth, legend (e.g. zombie, mummies, Hydra) but maybe some reasons are coming through here.

"This book tells on cythruises."  - Gerliaruphus

"What do you say on this wonderful book? It's pretty good, decent writing? Did you written it or some copy?" - Oline

"I.... Made it myself, it has all cythriusian features..." - Gerliaruphus

As he passed the book, Oline took the book and thanked the publisher, which has some description through the line, it was through, he read page sixteen. The information was a bit large and cythriusian ones were been used by the link of this: Cythriusian Empire.

"... This blood sounds familiar, the cythriusian blood is mixed with the human and bat. Some will mix the human blood in order to be more bloodthirsty to humam. And other species too, sentient ones, of course. This blood sounded to be very dark red, which is dark brown, that blood can be reproduced from few cythriuses without having to reproduce by female which is more common to all cythriuses and also their first newborn cythrius may be the heir of the next horde throne. Some cythriuses have some reproducing fangs, it requires 2.5 litres of blood so the capacity of 1.5 litres of blood on each average cythrius, the other brings first nourishment, usually their fangs brings their own blood they've fed out and the reproductive fangs which creates the layer of their flesh, and the 1.5 litres of blood remains, which after this, that cythrius who created that new cythrius have been starved, while the new cythrius has been born, it's cycle is always adult when using their own fangs. During that, the cythrius has it's own nourishment, it's gender is female or male depending on the creator of the cythrius' gender, which that newly created cythrius joins the creator of him/herself of the horde. ..." - Page Sixteen of Cythrius Encyclaeopedia (Chapter I: Blood, Reproduction, History)

"What!? That is some scary details, but it sure is very accurate indeed." - Oline

While he had read through pages, he has done at page sixteen. The page was very detailed, the fangs, everything he looked is accurate, possibly Gerliaruphus is a polymath, outside the Italian Renaissance. He knew about the maths, artist and he invented one thing, the secret plans of the flight by engine power, exclude the real one where the Wright Brothers made their plane test. Oline had found a woodcutter, named Feranderos. He did chopped off the remaining forest in Palermo but he planted few, Feranderos opened the door checking the trees are enough of supply of wood. Oline decided to reply to him.

"How did you come here and chop those trees down? Anyway, where are those foolish cythriuses?" - Oline

"Give me a little time, I'm a slow thinker but on dendrology." - Feranderos Tyerphune (Spore: Gicofetili)

"Do not think fast, slow is the best choice." - Oline

"I don't know much of them, but there is lava around, ask the great leader of Palermo should help." - Feranderos Tyerphune (Spore: Gicofetili)

"This is stupid, isn't it Sequetethe (Spore: Coopions)?" - Oline

"Fine... Let's just find those stupid cythriuses." - Sequetethe (Spore: Coopions)

Because Feranderos doesn't  know cyhtriuses properly, he read the segment of the cythrius horde part. Which will be complicated through the population and how their horde works. Note that it's book is first edition, while the Act III is the thirteenth edition, so it appears to be like this on the plot text.

"... Cythriusian Hordes are like zombie hordes in 300,000 but cythriuses have the capacity of two point five million of them, meaning they are almost unstoppable if their horde is large meaning they are unstappable from any cythriusian hunter, about sixteen million total of the current hunters will. The horde works like a country but a nomad-like movement meaning they are moving everywhere finding blood, their leader starts off as the founder, then later when the leader is killed by a hunter, one takes its place, then another. Those cythriuses can actually be in a system of the council for each horde. Currently there are nine thousand seven hundred and sixty-nine hordes of cythriuses in the process of Act I to III. ..." - Page Twenty-two of Cythrius Encyclaeopedia (Chapter II: Hordes, Cythrius Grand Leader, The Council of Cythriuses)

He found out that the cythriuses are unstoppable if their horde size is more than 150,000, each city contains 90 hunters or more, the most guarded one on Italy (Act I) was actually bases of Ravenna and Milan. Ravenna is an outpost now because of the cythrius wall border, a vaccine base was there also.

Oline had found out that a citizen walking right behind him, named as Qilgarino had been bumped to buy the published Cythrius Encyclaeopedia made by Gerliaruphus.

"Uh, sorry. Oh, you have that book, can I have it?" - Qilgarino Safalus

"No thanks, I need it for Cythriusian hunting and research." - Oline

"That's a shame..." - Qilgarino Safalus

When she left for the copy of the Cythrius Encyclaeopedia, Oline and Sequetethe searched for any cythriuses in the west, finding only citizens of Palermo, but celebrating the day of the founding of Palermo. But Sequetethe found a volcano that has flowed the lava through there, although too many protests from the north was distracting and wants the freedom breakage but the borders are closed, many soldiers tried to overthrow them buit they don't.

"This lava has no escape. We can't cross over here!" - Sequetethe

"Well, it will wear off, but some plans will be, anyway." - Oline

"Seemed so, but what's this sound?" - Sequetethe

"Some cythriusian chattering, right there! Let's go and attack them!" - Oline

Secrets of Plans

Soon, Oline and Sequetethe founded two horde leaders of the cythriusian empire. The remaining horde of Dethenius named as Seilium, a Roman person died upon the settlement of Malta where the Romans did to it. And the Sregaluisus (Spore: Sagaluisus) leader of Tycinlino, both were pale, bloodthirsty and undead. The plans to take over the world to infect remainings were suspisiously scary. Which they are planning instead of biting Oline and Sequetethe.

For times, they hid in the destroyed house so the cythriusian hunters of Palermo such as Gaperlados Aerik, was a hunter that killed the cythriuses near Palermo or in. But he died. Meaning the Palermo region is defenceless, after Oline arrived, it began to wipe the cythriuses off. But Oline suggested Sequetethe to destroy them by sword, Sequetethe agrees and grabs a cythriusian slaying sword that can kill cythriuses and turn them to dust. "DIE, UNDEAD CREATURES!" - Sequetethe

"You, again! Trying to kill me with the sword?" - Seilium Dethenius

"Yes! Now die, you dead creature!" - Oline

"Go away from our shores and land!" - Sequetethe agreeing with Oline

"Never! We have a plan that'll crush your blood into ours. And you are going to die with so much of killing us for fun!" - Seilium Dethenius

"You suffer to the death! Napoleon will be crushed and same with you!" - Tycinlino Sregaluisus

"Oh, you may die but you will suffer! We will meet you soon... Oline..." - Seilium Dethenius

Those horde leaders hated hunters, so they distracted Oline and Sequetethe away to get their plan done. So Oline and Sequetethe (Coopions) ran away in order to find some clues on cythriuses and the volcanic lava solution. They found a tavern, which many people go and drink. And also food, which they need it for.

The Tavern of Palermo

But in Spore, the tavern is more of an restaurent because it excluded the cups in the game which is not included in the Galactic Adventures expansion pack. But, if you exclude this stupid person who is planning to make a music that parodies the musician names (somehow between 1600-1800) from Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and many many others, he still comments something like this, when Oline walked through him. But instead of having an classical instrument such as a violin, piano in spore, he has a didgeridoo (alternately didjeridu) in his hand, which is inaccurate in spore because European cultures do not have any Aboriginal instruments been there during Classical and Romantic eras of music. In the non-spore plot, the musican Hedreus has a violin in his hand instead or woodwind instrument.

And more inaccuracies, rock music does not originate in the 19th century but in the 20th century, meaning he meant to say romance.

"We would know to compose music, but I just know Hedreus (Bel in Spore, possibly Bach? Similar name, sort of.) will compose this new music." - Hedreus

Oline has opened the door, shutted the door, then found some people drinking, waiting food to order in the spore version, I don't know if food has been introduced into the public buildings instead of home-made. Possibly, he found a person named Gepelastino Macarf, a person who knows on the deep history.

"Who are you anyway?" - Oline

"I, Gepelastino, the person who knows history at the deep and accuracy." - Gepelastino Macraf

"No, you're not!" - Sequetethe

"Okay, I'll give you a lesson, ask me a question and I'll prove it." - Gepeleastino Macraf

"Fine, The Cythriusians were actually originated from Egypt?" - Sequetethe

"What is a cythrius, I didn't ask to learn this." - Gepelastino Macraf

"Fine, let's find someone else, then." - Oline

As they search by, he founded the person who have carried a drink, Weharidos Caverus Fedraich, the person who carried drinks to them, because excluding the Chef Alisimos of Spore because I'm not sure chefs came in taverns or restaurants since late 19th century. So, he decide to talk to him, including Sequetethe.

"Escuse me sir, do you know about cythriuses or that Mount Vesuvius recent eruption?" - Oline

"What is a cythrius? Well, I think Mount Vesuvius is a Neapolitian mountain that erupted in the old town of Pompeii before. But also, it erupted recently, it reached from Naples to HERE!?" - Weharidos Caverus Fedraich

"A clue!" - Sequetethe

"Not really, it's useless, we all know it erupted recently, the history and more. Let's go and find some more clues." - Oline

He found another person near Weharidos, Gavarikpe Salemos (Spore: Leonardone) but the spore name is too close to the real human name of Leonardo, so it's altered. He asked him to know on cythriuses or the eruption.

"Do you know on the eruption or the cythriuses?" - Oline

"Uh... Event CXII, the eruption has caused from the problems of volcanic activty meaning it's domant. Alternately, the cythriuses have erupted it by some horde named Sregaluisus, which a leader led the volcanic eruption which killed over 500 citizens from the lava, from ranging Naples to Messina to Palermo. Which many protests have occured in these areas, which makes the Neapolitian area unstablised." - Gavarikpe Salemos reading a book of history of Palermo (not real but fictional)

"A clue! I think we got this." - Sequetethe

"Okay, let's move onto the lava expedition." - Oline

"Fine..." - Sequetethe

North Palermo

Since then, Oline and Sequetethe, exits the tavern and found out that the armoury was there, it has gunpowder that is specialise to turn the cythriuses to dust. But he ran into the approach of a person who is making the gunpowder into the barrels to sent the ships to the city of Venice, Marseille, Pisa, Barcelona, New York and Ravenna for the aid of supporting the cythrius hunters. But since, Garifon has found some young, brave hunters here. But he send them by having request.

"You look like a hunter to spare on gunpowder, here have some." - Garifon

But he thanked on Garifon, the Chothan Cythrius hunter is still remained the leader of the resistance. Oline just asked Sequetethe to stay away from the north.

"Do not go to the north, I have a meeting with the great mayor. The Great Honourable Mayor, I'll say, just because it's a diplomat mission doesn't mean we can solve some." - Oline

"Fine, I'll stay there then, with Garifon's help when he was away." - Sequetethe

"A helper! Brilliant choice there, Sequetethe." - Garifon

In the moment, Sequetethe agreed to Garifon's terms and helping manufacture the iron weapons and gunpowder. At the moment, Oline decide to walk down the south where that sailor named, Recaribal, has been serious to all people who wants to go, except Garifon and his helpers. But he asked him to give Oline an access for a mission to do with.

"Hello, there, why do you come here... I see you're trespassing my permission." - Recaribal

"No, we're on a diplomatic mission." - Oline

"This ship is for trade, so no military support, no exploration, no archaeological digs and NO diplomatic missions." - Recaribal

"If you don't, then suffer to become a VAMPIRE (Cythrius)!!!" -  Oline

"Fine, I don't want to be a vampire (Cythrius). Get onboard." - Recaribal

Recaribal believes a cythrius does exist because of Oline asking him on the cythrius but he told him as "vampire" instead of cythrius since he does not know the meaning of the word "cythrius" yet. The clipper was loaded (or the East Indiamen) has been sent to the north part of Palermo, although there's a border been closed due to lava flow from Mount Vesuvius.

"Been sailing through, I've seen an ironclad earlier, with some hunters onboard sending them to Rome." - Recaribal

"These hunters need some good offence attack to the cythriusians." - Oline

"What?" - Recaribal

"You don't know cythriuses? Here's the encyclaeopedia." - Oline

Cythriusian Attack

He passed on the book to Recaribal until the shore has been set to north Palermo area. The book was quickly got back under 2.55 seconds or 255 milliseconds. Because Oline had spotted over sixty-nine cythriuses led by their horde leader, Garphildro Mercharnti, the dead merchant who came back to live since the year 1880. The great Garpjildro begin to hiss at Recaribal first, one of his horde members, Pedriakrl hissed at him too, then Pedriakrl begin to lick his neck testing the blood that is actually normal which cythruises could drink this normally, if he is hunter-blooded, it means there's a venom that could bring a cythrius decaying their blood.

"I think this blood tasted like normal, we should bite his neck, I and Garpjildro will bite his neck while you others bite somewhere else." - Pedriakrl Mercharnti

"Yes, his blood tastes nice, once we mix them, we'll be having his partial blood drained!" - Garpjildro Mercharnti

"Hm, you're in danger of their own bite, Recaribal, I'll deeply read the encyclopedia." - Oline

"... Their blood is familiar, every bite of a cythrius mixes the victim's blood to theirs, every blood creates a partial appearance to the victims, such as the clothing (cythriusised/vampiric), body, skin colour and finally their behaviour. The bite of a cythrius gives the cythrius genetic DNA to the victim, such as the wings, fangs, ears grew longer and larger, losing hair, they also share the cythrius' DNA appearance. Because the cythrius ancestry is in Egypt, the first cythriuses are ancient Egyptian and the recent ones are Egyptian because of the genetics. Every bite makes them not so Egyptian such as from the western cultures, eastern, and non-Egyptian but they are originated in Ancient Egypt, so meaning that they have been evolved into their appearance, adapts it and finishes it's appearance. Only about fifteen bites per cythrius will stop their appearance change, only their gender can allow changes. So a female cythrius can change their appearance by biting a female victim. Only 1/15 appearance is genetically mixed from other victims and their core (self). ..." - Page Seventeen of Cythrius Encyclaeopedia (Chapter I)

"You're going to unveil our idenity, you foul creature!? DIE!" - Garpjildro Mercharnti

"Whatever, undead creature! I'll destroy you into pieces! MWHAHAH!" - Oline

"But, sir, we didn't have a bite yet, so we need to bite this harvested person we need, to stop having the depriving process." - Pedriakrl Mercharnti

"Fine then." - Garpjildro Mercharnti

Garpjildro retracts his fangs, trying to aim his bite to Recaribal's pulse area, his fangs has dug into his pulse, he finally reaches his own creation of the new cythrius, also bringing infection to Recaribal. He is now neutralised in 50 seconds after his bite, which Oline tried to find a vaccine, and he founded a syringe, he tried to use it but it doesn't work, it killed 1/5 of the cythrius virus infection in his place.

"Finally, I command you, great cythrius to rise from your death and you will join us and strive for blood!" - Pedriakrl Mercharnti

Recaribal's hand moves a bit, the wings begin to sprout slowly, he begins to be awaken from infection, and joins the horde to destroy all of the lifeforms that are sapient. The Chothan Cythrius hunter is furious, that Garpjildro has created a new cythrius also, spewing his own blood out, to form a new cythrius, which he was now formed.

"Attack this hunter! We shall stand to the rise of the horde!" - Garpjildro Mercharnti

The leader summoned Pedriakrl to command his horde members, from a hiss communication to Pedriakrl, he accepts and led the horde, and attacks him for the attack, he founded that Garpjildro is blockading his access to the mayor of Palermo. Oline attacks the member named Wecaslin and hissed at him very aggressively that he begins to give few of the horde members of Mercharnti under his command, dragging him to command.

"Die!" - Oline

As Oline moves his sword to Wecaslin, onto his heart, he suffered to death. Which Pedriakrl and Garpjildro has lost the member, after Oline's killing of their members, which he killed them from stabbing, he kills all of the members but Garpjildro and Pedriakrl.

"Surrender and give me the access or die and blow away from your remainings!" - Oline

"Never! We want the north to be a cythrius farm, where we harvest few of the protestors and turn them into our members!" - Pedriakrl Merchanti

"I guess you shall die first, Vascainta (Pedriakrl)." - Oline


Pedriakrl is angry on Oline that he created large hiss against him to change his mind to not say his real name. Oline resisted the hiss due to Seporto's sword.

"Die, Vascainta." - Oline

"How did you not suffer my hiss towards you... You are going to be crazy! Garpjildro, attack him!" - Pedriakrl Merchanti

"If you do this again, Vascainta, I'll kill both of you."  - Oline

"I said one more time, DO NOT CALL MY REAL NAME!" - Pedriakrl Merchanti

"Fine then, I shall kill you." - Oline

"You... have, reached... my heaarrrrrttt..... No! Ugh, I...." - Pedriakrl Merchanti

"You have killed my heir! You shall pay for this! No.... heart attack, I will.... get my revenge.... my ghost form....." - Garpjildro Merchanti

As their death has come back again, they slowly turn to dust and their skeletonal body remained. Oline gives a victory to the battle, he reached further, he saw the revolts happening, opening the border for the free access, but they refuse, as more were killed, more wants the enforcement but citizens wants it but the guards refuses. He steps away from the protests and reaches the hall of Palermo, the heart.

Mayor of Palermo

During his arrival, he saw royal guards near the hall, he knocks on the door (in spore, Oline asked permission from the royal guards then come in), he arrived into the hall of Palermo, the rooms were clean, he founded the mayor's room. But there's a note, it said "Talk to me when something in Palermo is in danger, your sincerely, Mayor." Oline knocked the door, he came in and found the mayor in the mood of boredom, writing something by quill to send a reinforcement of police from the south to stop them. The buildings in the north were burning but the hall.

"I do not know but there's some things." - Oline

"How dare you, did you say!" - Mayor of Palermo

"No, there is a lava stress in the north, the north protests and the south isn't. There is dispute." - Oline

"Some kind of protest against them, they didn't take care of their buildings, they just protest until they got burnt and we need some water reinforcement, fresh water is too far away so we have to pump some salt water!" -  Mayor of Palermo

"And where is Mount Vesuius?" - Oline

"In Naples! The only away is to take the path of the ship, but now the sailor died and turned into a cythrius! Wai-?" - Mayor of Palermo

A reanimated version of Recaribal appeared, flying through the hall founded Mayor of Palermo, but he isn't in his real name anymore, he was Tecrosepus Merchanti. As he approached to the Mayor of Palermo, which he hissed and say the commands of the hiss what he wants.

"You, shall be hypnotised and pretend me I am in my living form! And adore me as possible!" - Tecrosepus Merchanti

"Yyyyyyesssssssssssssssss...." - Mayor of Palermo

"No! Mayor, don't fall into his trick!" - Oline

As he retracts his fangs, he begins to slowly moving about 1.3 minutes until he reaches the mayor's pulse. And as the mayor begins to get his attention to Tecrosepus, Oline takes out his syringe of anti-hypnotisement and injects him and the mayor felt that Recaribal is actually Tecrosepus, his undead side. He begins to reach his pulse and slowly sucked his blood until Oline took his sword and killed Tecrosepus.

"Uh, where is Recariba... AHHHHHH! CYTHRIUS!!!!" - Mayor of Palermo

"You shall be fall into your undead self! Now I'll slowly give you some medicine and this gives you some good sleep." - Tecrosepus Merchanti


"You, have...... bbbbbuuuurrrrnnnt..... my heeeeart.... Bloood of Meerrchanti willlll return...." - Tecrosepus Merchanti

As he has his final hiss in pain, he slowly decays into a pile of dust and possibly few remains of his skeleton.

"What happened here? Look, a skeleton lying around and dust!" - Mayor of Palermo

"Ah, read this book." - Oline

"... Cythriusian hisses are spells of the cythriusian horde leaders, members and also heirs but the cythriuses who created one cythrius, the created one without fetus developed does not hiss at command but they hiss for food. It's commands depend on the sentence, for example if a cythrius wants a victim to make himself as his living form, the victim will be hypnotised and seeing him as his living form (before he was biten), because ever since, the powers were powerful, some uses the bite without notice by making the victim looked like he was before the cythrius form, then when he's biten the spell is lifted. Only victims can be hypnotised, if a cythrius bites on a hypnotised cythrius, the victim's hypnotisment ends, later he sees the real counterpart of that cythrius he was hypnotised. ..." - Page Sixty-Nine of The Cythrius Encyclaeopedia (Chapter Five: Hisses and Spells)

"Okay, I see, but few of the virus is controlling me, I'm.... fainting...." - Mayor of Palermo

"Don't worry! I'll inject you!" - Oline

"Ahhhh, it's better, all of the cythrius virus is dead, but I have a weird feeling of my skeleton, just only about 100 joints were added into my skeleton, the wing part." - Mayor of Palermo.

"And you promise me to take sail to Naples?" - Oline

"Yes, you could." - Mayor of Palermo


He walks away from the mayor's room and decide to go back to the south part of Palermo. He stumbled that the boat has no sailor anymore because Recaribal became Tecrosepus and died, and there's no-one, but he decided to sail by himself, (in Spore, Palermo is south and north, in real life, Palermo does not have canals to travel south, so I added canals in the fiction) to south, finding some notes to Sequetethe.

"Sequetethe! I found some very bad news!" - Oline

"What? I thought you may leave me and do some work." - Sequetethe (Coopions)

"It's about the north... The place is filled with cythriusian germs, at the farther north. And I need your help to destroy the cythriusians in Naples so we might fend there too." - Oline

"And are you sure you want me to help?" - Sequetethe (Coopions)

"Yes. We need help to the Neapolitian people!" - Oline

But in Spore, it seems that 'Naples' is connected with Palermo which is actually Catania. But instead in the non-spore plot, he sailed from Palermo to Naples, Seqauetethe sighted Mount Vesuvius after 44 minutes of after departure. Meaning we are close, the sight is set and Oline sighted few citizens were in a cythrius farm which is now currently produced and need blood extraction. The remains of the Ferlarus horde is in Naples, the horde leader, is dead so the stranded Ferlarus horde remains, led by Gaclitians Ferlarus for the leader of guarding.

"Those stupid fools! Attack them! And crush them to greet the Roman Emperor of Nero!" - Gaclitians Ferlarus

"Oline, I think he was born about 9 years before Nero's reign." - Sequetethe

"I know, let's fight behind this, but hey, I known to see the list of his real name!" - Oline

"If you reveal my real Roman name, I shall be hissing you forever!" - Gaclitians Ferlarus

"Sequetethe kill their guards then him." - Oline

"Yes!" - Sequetethe

Sequetethe (Coopions) took over the destruction of Gaclitians' guards, trying to take down the walls, but the wall part failed because it is sword proof. He founds out that if he kills Gaclitians, the wall will be taken down easily making Gaclitians' spell useless because he died. Sequetethe asked Oline to give some hint.

"I should give you a hint, but there is a hint. I think killing the person who casted the hiss should make the spell worthless and we can take it down." - Sequetethe

"Okay. But, here Cerladrus shall die!" - Oline

"This is the final straw! Emperor shall be pleased to here! And I'll hiss you until you forget my real name!" - Gaclitians Ferlarus

"Okay, die! Oline shall burn your heart!" - Sequetethe

"Yes!" - Oline

As he stabbed him into his heart, it can't pass through because he has some armour from the ancient times that prevent sword stabbing. Maybe the Roman armour of Gaclitians got cursed by a cythrius and makes it harder. Meanwhile, Gaclitians hisses at Oline at a hypnotising rate, but it is backfired.

"This is no good. Cerladrus' armour cannot penetrate my sword, maybe Seporto did have a mystical sword that can penetrate armour. I should destroy his pulse instead." - Oline

"Okay, it's a choice then." - Sequetethe

As he finds Seporto's sword, he found it. And takes a large stab into his heart to burn his own heart, dead, solid and frozen heart. Soon, that Gaclitians (Cerladus) has a hiss, a sad hiss that he worries to be killed again by another lion in his living life.

"Prepare to be destroyed by the mighty Seporto's sword!" - Oline

"Please, don't kill me... I surrender, please, I promise not to bite anything again, just don't do it please, I don't want to end up like been killed by some gladiator..." - Gaclitians Ferlarus

"No decisions, let's do this the old way, Cerladus." - Oline

"The old fashioned galdiator style? Bring it on!" - Gaclitians Ferlarus

"I can't look at this!" - Sequetethe

As Sequetethe hides himself, Oline take's Seporto's sword while Gaclitians (Cerladus), took his old sword to battle against him. Oline begins to fight Gaclitians, about 1.5 minutes later, Oline cutted Gaclitians' (Cerladus) sword and he has no defence but bite him which he had the hunter's blood (not the animal hunter) which Oline stabbed his heart.

"You! Are.... so..... aggre.... sssivvvvee.... Nero..... willl..... aveeennngge..... me...." - Gaclitians (Cerladus) Ferlarus

"Ah, victory, again!" - Oline

"Let's smash it down, since he's dead, his hissing spells do not work anymore!" - Sequetethe

As they smashed down, the walls released few of the citizens of Naples and getting out of Gaclitians' (Cerladus) farms. The few decide to be Cythrius Hunters, which Oline choosed few who has the hunter's blood because the cythriuses didn't notice and their fighting skills.

Oline decided to go back to Palermo, as the Mayor of Palermo decide to solve the problem by an alternate way to reduce the protestors for the opening access.

After this, Oline and Sequetethe decide to leave Palermo and head to Venice.

Mission V: Venetian Bloody Battles


Spore: Excluded Cythriuses and Player

  • Cairo, Egypt (Population: 2)
  • Dreamtime (Cairo) (Population: 1)
  • Malta (Population: 10)
  • Rus (Valleta), Malta (Population: 18)
  • Palermo, Italy (Population: 95)
  • Naples, Italy (Population: 13)
  • Adriatic Sea (Population: 1)
  • Venice, Italy (Population: 75)
  • Dreamtime (Venice) (Population: 0)
  • Ravenna, Italy (Population: 60)
  • Pisa, Italy (Population: UNCONFIRMED)
  • Dreamtime (Pisa) (Population: UNCONFIRMED)

Non-Spore Plots

  • Cairo, Egypt (Population: 2)
  • Unknown, Malta (Population: 11)
  • Valletta, Malta (Population: 23)
  • Palermo, Italy (Population: 154)
  • Naples, Italy (Population: 25)
  • Adriatic Sea (Population: 5)
  • Venice, Italy (Population: 238)
  • Ravenna, Italy (Population: 276)


The percentage means how long they've appeared.

Mentioned (0%)

Farmer Humern's wife - Never came in Episode II, Humern was planning to make a baby but came over two.

Gaperlados Aerik - A cythriusian hunter in Palermo, he killed thirty-six cythriuses but he died in 1821. But he has faith toi them, someone needs a successor other than Oline.

Otto von Bismarck - Been mentioned in Episode I to III, there's no evidence where Otto von Bismarck is. So he does don't appear and not going to have the mention ever. There is a page in wikipedia about him, click the link if you want to.

Only in Non-Spore Plots (<50%)

Qilgarino Safalus - A citizen of Palermo who is intrested on cythrius hunting.

Seporto I - Hero of Rus/Valletta and Cythriusian Hunter, he was promoted to the Cythriusian Slayer rank in 1743, died at 1765 after a long sickness. Never came into spore and also was founded as a statue and his sword.

Gepelastino - Historian, he knows everything but cythriuses, because he does not approach of educating the history of cythriuses. He knows on Rome, Napoleon, Columbus, Vikings, Catherine the Great, William the Conqueror, Alexander III and everything but not the future (post-1900) such as WWI, WWII, Hitler's rise to power, Gulf Wars, Vietnam War. He is curious on cythriuses.

Garifon - Gunpowder maker, he did make a chemistry on the cythrius, putting cythrius blood, and when the cythrius gunpowder is used, they usually get killed from their own species' blood. He current sends them to Venice, Marseille, Pisa, Barcelona, New York and Ravenna, he send few to Oline to keep up the slaying resistance leader in the top rank than other hunters.

Minors (<50%)

Demon of Malta - The demon was awaken by a Cythriusian tear to the group awakening the demon cfreating the demon killing him or end up been killed to save the Malta's three islands. The demon can be awaken by a cythriusian scream.

Farmer Humern - A farmer who tames chickens (spore, Raquince) he only appeared on Act I-III of episode two, also has a chicken to collect eggs for food comstumpions, in the non-spore plot, he has grown vegetables. He is vegetarian according to the data of him by non-spore data.

John Materfest - A person who never interacted most humans in the "New" Malta and was likely a bit similar creature model of Ethan's generated info of Rayhon. The species has four arms and his species has that too, meaning that they are related but not contacted due to Spore dimension problems.

Couitino - A sailor, mainly he is selfish on other species than humans, he likes meat the most. Later, he has been discovered that he is becoming a cythrius but was injected out of it by Makomins. Been angry and revengeful when some storm, or any damage will make him vengeful to the passengers or soldiers on board.

Patylte "Aydent" - A manager of taking the books. She is only appeared in Episode V.

Lanttencer "Kylexa" - A philosopher (?) in Episode V.

Gerliapruphus - A citizen in Episode III. Possibly publish his encyclaeopedia and he also gave an copy to Oline.

Feranderos Tyerphune - A woodcutter, last remaing person to be the woodcutter in Palermo (which there is few in today), had known to be a tree whisperer. Trees were last in seen of Palermo except the decorations such as parks.

Hedredus - Who is a muscian who composes more of the early classical musics in the 17th to 19th centuries. But he has holded an woodwind or violin, voila but in Spore he holds a didgeridoo.

Weharidos Caverus Fedraich - Weharidos is the owner the tavern of Palermo (unless you think Alisimos is the owner in spore), he brewed drinks from root. Spore name is Waiter.

Gavarikpe Salermos - Another historian in Palermo, just only recent ones he reported and send them to book all events of Palermo. He knows on Mount Vesuius' eruption.

Recaribal - Recaribal is a sailor, his personalities are always a bit grouchy and serious. He only allows free access to the gunpowder maker named Garifon. He never gives anyone access unless they asked permission.

Cythriusians (individuals)

Hercavius Dethenius - The cythrius who smelled Oline's and Sequetethe's (Coopions') blood and was killed by Oline's stake. He was a former Roman. He may died in 40 AD.

Seilium Dethenius - The leader of Dethenius Horde, in non-spore he may have over 1,000 attacking Malta. This also caused the gaol/jail guards been picked by one of his horde members, he was been sad and was dying for his own horde for it's death ending by Oline and Sequetethe destroying his horde by their own stake. He was died in 75 AD and resurrected by a Cythrius DNA progress in 1889. Real Name: Jerilius Retorum

He also was planning to ally Tycinlino and take a plan to execute Oline and Sequetethe or bite them to become their slaves.

Tycinlino Sregaluisus - The leader of the Sregaluisus Horde. He is a person who died during the battle of Waterloo, but when a cythrius came, he bitten the dead soldiers that fought in Waterloo well about one of fifth, including Tycinlino. He was reanimated into a cythrius since the year 1865. He founded the horde of Sregaluisus, he had over 1,500 cythriuses and claimed to bite the French because he was allied to the Napoleonic Wars. He sometimes speaks Napoleon-related. Real Name: Geperick Teritsch

At time, he met Seilium, the founder of the Maltese village, near the island where Farmer Humern lived. Later, at Palermo, he had planned to kill those hunters named Oline. In Spore, he is actually a British or French admiral of the battle in the seas of the Western Europe instead of a Prussian soldier.

Barlisi Ameral - Horde leader of the Ameral Horde, he summoned all dead people into revival having a second chance of taking over.

Garpjildro Mercharnti - Cythriusian horde leader of Mercharnti (sounded like merchant a bit because Garpjildro's living self is a merchant), founded to be born during the 17th century, been raised through possibly Venice, Amsterdam or London. Garpjildro has finally land to Palermo and found to esxtablish a trade route, a small cythrius named Pedriakrl (Mercharnti) has bitten him to let Pedriakrl giving him the neutralised mode until the infection is done. After 16 hours of infection takeover, he was moving slowly trying to wake himself up then he was now reanimated by Pedriakrl, he greeted him to welcome to the undead world. He founded and also Pedriakrl. Real Name: Garpjildro Heerdrethen

During his time, he bites the Palermo citizens over time when he lacked of plasma (blood). And his fellow heir, Pedriakrl for all of the plasma, both of them gets 10% to 20% of it while their members get 1%.

Pedriakrl Mercharnti - The cythrius of Mercharnti, he keeps all tracks of the cythrius infection data. He died in year 1455, then reanimated in 17th century, he finds some blood stravation until Garpjildro arrived, he bites at him, licks his remaining of Garpjildro's blood and mix his own blood to him, making him look little bit similar to him. He is heir to the horde of Mercharnti. Real Name: Vascainta Chafrendo Degreligrez

Wecaslin Mercharnti - A cythrius that has led the army of cythriuses of Mercharnti. Possibly he was maybe born in the living world or been created by Garpjildro, unknown.

Tecrosepus Mercharnti - Reanimated version of Recaribal. See Recaribal for his data of his past. He is the last leader of Mercharnti horde, he tried to hiss at the Mayor of Palermo but it backfired though after injecting the mind to resist the cythrius hypnotic hiss, after 2.5 minutes of the hissing it was injected to Mayor of Palermo. He died after Oline's sword that killed him.

Gaclitians Ferlarus - Leader of the remains of Ferlarus horde. The cythrius horde rampaged all of Neapoltiian citizens, killing them and many fleed. His origins are in Rome, working as a gladiator, but not like Spartacus, really. He died after a duel against the lion. But the lion is not an african lion, it was a cythrius, he was hypnotised by a cythrius, believing he was from African savannas and grassland, and he was bitten and end his own life, he was reanimated at the eleventh century. He killed few citizens of Rome and after he campaigned Naples to claim as his new territorial area. Real Name: Cerladrus

Majors in all episodes (100%)

Oline - The new recruit of the Chothan Empire, he needs to kill a single enemy before promoting him as a private. When birth, he was taken to the Meden Space Factory for this, at his age of 4, his mother executed for treasoning in Meden, he became an orphan which he doesn't like, he tried to escape the orphan house.

A few weeks later he uses a rope and escape the orphan, he was using a device and made him invisible, after many years finding him, he disappeared to Aerpo, the community was sneaking at him. He managed to kill the person and escape to further than the home planet of Meden. He was been captured on Samepas Military Group trying to reach to the core. Later after a few years of detention in the prison, the person chose him to be a recruit and sent to Earth.

While dropped by in Earth, he was stumbled onto the Egyptian Guard House, he investigated the plce and no-one was there, so he took a nap then he tried to find the recipe for the new food base in Earth but nothing, instead he follows the commander to find the secret plans of Bismarck Project. He is a soldier of Commander Makomins.

He came in and tried to stop the cythriuses in Malta, he killed out the demon of Malta (which is a giant cythrius) and he also found a mysterious island called the Rus Island, which he didn't know.

After, he found the island of Silcly and helped the mayor of Palermo, then he saved the Neapolitian citizens from the cythrius feeding which they thanked him. He also sorted out the volcanic incindent during the Mount Vesuius eruption.

Cythriuses - The main enemies of all series, as infected humans on two billion people total in earth. Only 98% of the humans were now Homo spaiens cythrius, it was also vampire-like species like the vampire bat but was more sapient.

Major in one to five episodes (>50%)

Commander Makomins - Only appeared in Episode I-II, his only soldier recruits new soldiers from the empire, there is also something about him, in the spore starting description his species was an amphibian race.

Tuargunta Pel'errtn - As a crew of Oline's group, left in Episode III.

Mayor of Palermo - The main character in Episode III, when Oline has sailed his boat and killed the cythriuses near of his house, he is trying to stop the revolts by harsh treatment but failed and he also sent soldiers to stop them. He also suggest to dig the dirt to each the lava, after Episode III. In-game, he is president not mayor, this means the city-state of Palermo is a independent nation not part of Kingdom of Italy.

Liercunte "Speraels" Aqueoeten - The main character in Episode IV and a soldier, he only has few acts in Episode V. Meaning that he has to be defended against the four reanimated corpses.

Adroryxes Tagentthe - Another recruit been hired by commander Makomins, he is major in Episode V.

Stranger - The person tries to kipnap Oline's soul and was killed by a dreamy Gorygoian soldier.

Narpolikaus Fesorlte - Neapolitian citizen that ffleed due to the cythrius attack on Naples and also the eruption, he landed on shore and he was a hunter which he was supported for. Been there, he was ever since killed over sixty nine cythriuses but fleed due to outnumbered hunters in Naples.

Major in more than five episodes (>50%)

Sequetethe "Coopions" Aletten - A soldier been recruited by Makomins, has to voyage towards the island much more, he was part of Makomins's army. He began working him at 1887, after Otto von Bismarck unites all Germany and the beginning of the Apocalyptic era. He was one of Makomins's species. He was a bit of brave but very scared of any high pitch sounds which may be bringing him to deaf.

When in Episode V, he was killing the cythriuses after the priests near the church killed. He is somehow aggressively annoying to cythriuses, and a cythriusian hunter.



The current Egyptian capital in today, it was completely hot and was in the Nile River which will get some fertility growth and also the largest population city in Egypt. In Spore, the place is just only one house for unknown reasons.


A small island, away from the Italian island of Silcly, it was also has a siege of Malta where the Muslims try to capture the island for the religion. But became indepedent from the colony later on. But in Spore, there were two islands, the old one and the new one, they were not related to the real Malta. As Humern said there were two realms of Malta, one old one and the new one that he lives.

But since the larger island has the town of Victoria, and the smaller one has the Cumano park, it means that house could be somehow the station. However Rus island is related to the largest island in Malta, the other island does not count as it was fictional, it was called Demonland Island.

Rus Island

A fictional island, was based off the largest island in Malta. There is similar to the real one, since that island has Valletta (the capital of Malta), it was renamed to Rus, it was urbanised and few problems. The island has a different species rather than a human species dominating, and has a tribal-like civilisation acts unlike the early modern acts as the time was set in. Probarly Oline has travel to Africa if you are think that silly idea.

There is a monument of Seporto I, the slayer of the Valletta Cythriusian Hunter or Rus Cythriusian Hunter, allowing citizens of Rus or Valletta is moved in. More freedom, he died at 1765 due to his sickness of a flu not Cythriusian DNA.


A city in Sicily, the province of Sicily has made a reign of much culture and art, it was somehow big in Spore similar to the real Palermo, but it was 92 and was been rioted but in real life, the riots don't exist. It was also considered to be affected by Mt. Veusius, the volcano that erupted in Naples, Italy but the distance is over 100km.

There is a forest in Sicily but it was further maybe at the hills they included or the terrain is applied to the plains or rocky desert terrain in real life. It is unknown if the forest existed or not, most likely not.

It has lot of blockaded locations such as building the walls to stand against the rioters, the east may have been stable and the west is rioted for lot of times and therefore unstable. Here are the accessible locations that you can find in Spore:

  • The Palermo Hall - Only has one mayor and has a table.
  • Palermo Tavern/Restaurent - A food area, also supplying stuff in there, about four lives in this area.
  • Palermo Armoury (was purposed but never came in)


A city in Italy, it was been cultural and artistic, it was once has Pompeii in the zone and destroyed. Later refounded as Naples and the second eruption happens. But in Spore, Mt Pompeii seems active but the activity started in 20th century but it seemed to flow lava to Palermo, it caused riots. In real life, the distance from Palermo to Naples is estimated as 15km, but in spore, it was just about 1.5km away meaning it can be Messina with a fictional volcano. The population is at 13 in spore, and in spore it wasn't urban.


A city in Italy, has canals, it sinks sometime and can last for years. Was the city of trade in the past, but now it was tourism. In spore, the islands were existed, instead of having building in water, graveyards are across instead of having someone chunked into the water, it was a religious city but in real life it is a tourism city and finally, there is only one church in Venice not two.

Some similarities are spotted as the same in as spore and real:

  • Canal bridges were built.
  • Has ships in the dock.

You can access these locations:

  • Venetian Hall - Has two floors, four people in that building and has a key to enter the Lancando Jail.
  • The Lancando Jail - A place where prisoners and cythriuses live, only three people were guards and soldiers, and also has three corpses later turns into cythriuses.
  • The Venetian Trade Centre - The place where merchants sold the goods and coopers made barrels and therefore not part of goal.


A location of the dreams, they were set in various locations when you sleep such as beds, portals, they were also encountered Cythriuses everywhere in the dreamtime location.

Dreamtime (Cairo)

In that dreamtime location, it was consisted of Zombies, Demons and Cythriuses. At this path, you may track fire from it, that stranger is a demon, and he summoned all Cythriuses and also the soldiers are illusions of the dream. The dream can start by sleeping in Cairo.

Dreamtime (Venice)

At this dreamtime, you may see lots of Cythriuses in the path and getting your key. This may have to hunt all Cythriuses, look through the fog and find the key easily. The dream can start by walking through a portal in Venice.

Dreamtime (Pisa)



A city in Italy, it was small, was a Roman city (unknown), and in spore, things are different. It was a military city, and a Cythrius Vaccine Centre city, it was also has many people, meaning it was urban. There was a lake down the urban Ravenna, it was not real, they called it Ginen Lake, it was large. There is also a wall on Ravenna, it's a Cythrius wall, it was deployed for defence against the cythriuses, they deployed much of the soldiers as possible, defedning their city meaning that it was most defend city in the Italian peninsula. It was also considered that their gatling gun is a defensive ranged weapon to protect against cythriuses, instead of gunpowder or bullets, it uses a cure called Anti-Cythrius.

It was the first and only city to deploy cure to their city so far in Spore.

You can access these locations:

  • Ravenna Security Building - Maltenk in Spore, mostly remoted with lot of cameras and it also deployed cameras around the Ravenna houses and also the hospital, a military centre for few people of Ravenna wanted to be protecting Ravenna.
  • The Cythrius Radar Centre and Hospital - Usually cures cythrius neck bites in an industrialised machine, a research centre in Ravenna. it was a radar centre of finding it, they deployed three phones around Ravenna, giving them to contact.
  • Gopus House - Supposed to be a tomb area and guarded but it was removed and left a blank house due to making more cythriuses.


A city in Italy, has the wonder called Tower of Pisa. Spore information later.

Current Acts

  • Apocalyptic - 1890 to 1900 - The era of the Bismarck Project has finally ended, after this event, it was swamped with cythriuses and lack of all humans/random creatures roam, meaning that most of them were cythriuses. Oline and Sequetethe are stop this reigning Cythrius or not, the missions are at below:
    • Strange Dream
    • Escape Malta
    • Trapped in Palermo
    • Pirate Siege
    • Venetian Graveyard Attack
    • The Sea Crush
    • The Arrival to Pisa (WIP)
  • Restoration - 1940 to Q2 1950 - Most of the cythrius hordes were slowly fading away. The first Great War has made Cythriuses more powerful than any species. It will present the WWII tech.
  • Destruction - Q4 2030 to Q4 2050 - The last part of the series, possibly Cythriuses were heading extinction in this act, this is also the first victory of the Cythrius Hunter. It will present Near Future tech.
  • Revival - 2100 to 2120 - Much of the Cythrius guardians are rising again, with the curse activated into earth and will perish the new war, against them but this time the player is the cythrius. It will present Futuristic tech.
  • Conquest - 2120 to 2160 - The Cythrius status becomes larger, as more cythriuses are re-infecting the earth, they also migrate to other worlds, cold terrifying ones but this won't show any. The player will still be a cythrius. It will present the similar tech in Revival act but little more advanced.
  • Annilation - 2160 to 2200 - As the 23rd Century begins, cythriuses have re-roamed the world again, but few managed to survive, they began to find an antidate, the goal is to stop the vaccine completion of the cure, making the survivors immune to the virus and it is you who needs to destroy the cure to Earth and let the cythrius roam Earth forever. It will present the similar tech in Conquest act but little more advanced.
  • Reconquest - 2340 to 2360 - The long reign of cythrius hunt is over, few remains of humans and other random creatures declare to reconquer the cythrius world. But the time machine has broke in 2360 causing the game to end (this is a reference to TAFOE's episode of Byzantines, Stop). But this time you are a hunter again, not cythrius. The tech in earth is a mess, stone age-like, hunters were similar to annilation tech but was more advanced.


History of the World: Cythrius Conquest

An alternate history one where Cythriuses started from the tombs of Egypt to the crypt of blood veiling earth. This is based off that project way before that plot happened.