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The Cythriusian Empire which includes all of the Cythriusians inside it, the creatures never had a such of the vampire  hearings and shapeshifting, they might be offended to say them as Vampires. Similarity of the hordes of zombies with larger than 2.6 million as maximum.



160 million (2013)

8.3 billion (2800)

519 billion (Milky Way, 2800)


Humans (they always thought they have lot of vampire folk but they hated their appearance since they matched like them)

All of the dominant species that are intelligent in the galaxy

Current era

depends on their human death


United Nations (tooked over the headquaters since the WWIV nuclear war)

Cythriusian Congress (pre-WWIV)

Species status

Least concern (3000 BCE - 2800)

Extinct (alternate dimension, 190 BC)


See the section of WotC.

Food type

Carnivore (since in S1E2)


see the details on Appearance of the Cythrius section

Plague type





Everywhere in any urban areas and anything. They always move when the food supply of the living ran out, they move into more populated areas if they are more bloodthirsty, these travel others than their other hordes.


Patient Zero

They said the creatures are mythical, this occur when the first eruption on Egypt, these might've been used as a immortal, they drank blood to stay immortal, it's rising spreaded the plague throughout the Old World, the people have awoken as dead, the babies were born as birds which is likely to be acted a little bit of the human personality, but the humans used the weapons and discovered the species.

Tomb of the Cythriuses

When the Egyptians discovered that the area is inhabited with the Cythrius tribe, the Book of the Dead is included the Cythriusians. Most likely the Cythrius Tomb was built (resembling as the pyramaid of Giza) the tomb is used for the new hatchlings to be born, when they've first drank the blood, they became reanimated and taken to join the army, the forced creatures are alive, when the Nile is overloaded they move.

This creates the group attacks the other, their hordes are larger than a small group of zombies, because the claws are very exotic, the merchant Aspatica have been trying to ake their claws off, he was bitten and forced to join the horde.

Science of Vampires

Millions are been founded and seen the creatures are called "Cythrius", the Greek patient is running to death as the camps of the Greek medicines are poor, which the founding of a creature which their teeth are sharp mean it have been dug into their necks.

The Greeks are useless but the research of the weapons may have started, the virus may be very dangerous too. He suggested to stop the plague by defence.

Alexander's Fate of Cythriusians

After the Cythriuses took over the Medes, the grand emperor of the Cythrius Empire enslaved the humans for their prey using the claws. It's treaty to the Cythriusians are very terrifying causing the science to continue, usually the empire is rising.

Alexander was sued by the group of cythriuses making them to think the battle to reclaim the Mesopotamia and Egypt back, the Cythrius army was slated as Alexander the Great's army have arrived at Tomb and razed the tomb into pieces to sow down the Cythriusian growth rate, and he reaches Persepolis and capture it and over 19,723 Cythriusians are killed as he ranked the highest in the Greek history or not...

Long Live the Emperor!

The ratings of Hannibal Barca is increased slightly because the Cythrius army is larger which are weak to feed on the elephant's blood which it was not suitable, they decide to reach Carthage and killed Hannibal building the new territory called Gorylin, the Roman Republic annexes Iberia.

The effect seems not working to the spears, the empire continues to rise on the Cythrius blood to the west, the Romans tried to destroy the south, failures happen.

The new emperor is elected and researches the science of the Cythrius blood and their stuff, their brains are depends on their natural death or been bitten when they are been revived they might still think everyone's name and they always tend to lead an army if possible when bitten 500 humans.

Roman Loss

The emperor died of the Cythriusian disease, this outbreak occupied most of the world, the resurrection happened when Jesus Christ is been overthrown to the Jews. The healing of all the alive Cythriusian creatures occur after the death of Jesus.

It's powers took control of Christianity and turn it into the Cythriusian religion, leading the Christian Romans are bitten and convert to Cythriusians in Rome. The soldiers attacked the Parthians when the Babylonian city of Babylon is razed down.

Even the Emperor is now the Cythriusian emperor too, the control of the Celts is rising along with the Parthian empire, the empire took its citizens to 5,823,000 which the group is aware to the Praetorian Cythriusian Army which is formerly the Praetorian Army since the army was now bitten after the Christian spread.

Barbarian Reformation

The sacking of Rome creates the Catholicism, the Ostrogoths have move the territory to its fit, Plialken is a Cythriusian general of the army, before he was bitten, he was tend to be a farmer, however since at 17, he saw some strange sounds hissing like a snake trying to hypnotise him, until he saw Cyhtriusian groups and he was bitten.

Later, used for the battles, the fallen Rome is destroyed creating a camp of 300,000 Cythriuses in a row which the creatures break up and scatter the food for the resource, these creatures formed a clan, and therefore their ants are bitten with a small mark to resemble the Grand Chirstianity Remnant.

The Vandal leader Genseric have sacked the Christianity, not sure he attacked the North, the Romans are killed but the Cuthrius Byzntines are forced to be the remnants too.

Holy Cythriusian Empire

Appearance of the Cythrius

WARNING: Long description!


Their wings are in 2.5m in length, their wings are demon-like or sometimes bird-like which their colours are commonly brownish which is more common to worldwide, the red considered to be very hot areas and the blue is sometimes when camouflage in any cleaner areas like Switzerland and founded in clean areas. It's wings have a little holder at the end which is like carring tools or weapons, the flight is very high than a bat in a cave, but they fly.

As of January 2014, the wings were discovered to be revealed as bat-like wings, because the creature was a malevolent species.


The claws are usable for find the food storage on humans, the colours are ply red to blue which may be the sign of the claws may used it for feel the human personality or anything, it's claws cuts the victim on necks once the victim is infected with their DNA they absorbed the human DNA which lead the infected into dath and a few hours it became animated again.


The teeth is filled with deadly of their DNA, each have its own identity, it had a partial of it's appearance but oly a little bit is only included. Their teeth is usually fall off if the teeth is came off, they regrow after a day like sharks but they are weaker and difficult to inject the DNA.

As of October 2013, when start finding the human blood, it's fangs are actually retractable of their teeth to bite the neck more better than jaws.


The sense is like a metal detector when they find a human, they walk into it, when its close to the victim the sense will stop detecting.


Their hair is most likely goatlike but they are like sticking branches in trees, these have a better camouflage to the trees but the leaves that are red is better in autumn if the Cythlius may have red leave-like in the hair. When the DNA spreads it's old body hair loses turning it into feather-like protection, same with the eyebrows, hair around the skin but the whole hair at the top of the head loses and within, it turns into a horn shaped.


Their technology is very more common if the dead people lived in the older timeline, for example a person died in the Renassiance when the person became reanimated they still have their Renaissance technology on it but they have a slow thinking into later eras but they recover their 80% of the living form when before their revival but the other 20% is the Cythlius part which they hunt and sort of this stuff. When the victim was infected they still have their technology and their old recovery too.


The clothes are very rare because they had not been using it like vampires, while the neck is the 4-7 teeth like necklace but they are range of red to purple except green.

As of August 2013, clothing is added with vampiric clothes. However they might have a defence system to the clothing it may be armour.


Their prey is only human since they are more common than vampires which creates its food, when the area is no humans in the food they will starve and may die when they decay its body to create their claws into ivory-like resource, the victim will also die too when the Cythrius is starved as the DNA starts to decay too.


Here, the infection caused the victim had its eyes changed their colour and having fever, coughing, nausea and sweat until the victim haved their support through the doctors but their teeth had rapidly grown its teeth as its starting to develop their wings, claws and the teeth with a deadly DNA. Dehydration will start and the fluids start to dry out as it fills the DNA sparse of human morphing the victim, but it causes death and if the treatment is failed, the victim will die until its transformation starts when they put into the ground. Finally, if the victim survives the deadly DNA they may reanimate and their wings erupted the ground and start to climb with their feet, then after 1 day, they forget about their social on humans, once the newly transformed Cythrius is finished they begun biting their amily and convert them into Cyrhriusian.

Infection effects

However the victim causes the brain to go declining their human status but their technology remains, but chills in the body declined the temperature into 80 degrees instead of 96, as their blood became Cythrius type their body starts to itch when the blood switches and shut down the body system as the victim had no performance through if it continues over ten days. Once the shut down process the victim wll transform, inflammation causes their lips, throat and stomach to became very dry, but the stomach will lose the food and demands blood. However the nose began sneezing at day six as it was serious than the common cold.


The skin will remain the same when the transformation was completed, the lungs became trouble at breathing as the requirements are now like the largest bird, high blood pressure starts on its heart creating the rate higher than the human child beat which is 300.


As of October 2013, it was revealed that their skin when sensing the human blood will change their skin into grey-blue and usually comes with their fangs that contain their own species DNA, likely they have more blue when their own young age of 16 but later centuries their blue will slowly fade away into grey-blue and most were based on their skin colour of their old human appearance.

As their skin had blend in blue toned to make some water fluids slowly fading which the water may had caused the bluish effect of the skin.

Skin affection of Infection

Later the skin became very feathered with their colour of their skin in the next fifteen days they may have all of their skin will became full of feathers, but according to Ethan, their skin will depend on the race, the African is rather darker, Europe, Australia and North America is lighter and the Asians, Native Americans are yellowis, and the Islam area and India is brownish. As their age loses the skin creating their feathers to expend further and consumes the skin until the parts are gone.

Tastebud Effects

When the tastes buds changed whilst in late-infection, the changed and tastes only blood but didn't do with the sour, sweet, salty or any other types of flavours, their tongue grows longer unlike birds which they don't have they can feel the victims temperature and checking if they were ill, if feed on the victim have the illness they might get sick.

Nail Effect

Claws grow quicker when in transformation which their fingernails replaced them as claws which they grow longer when feeding on the victim however when their claws grow longer they have to shorten when the feeding is done, the leader of the clan had a longer claws than the other members of the clan, all of them may end to scratch the human skin.


They're immune to sunlight which it may became very powerful when the sunlight reflects them but they don't show their reflection on mirrors, the ultraviolet light creates a chain to the feathers creating a powerful creature but when the clouds appear and removed the light they might lose the extra strength.

Skeleton Body of the Wing

The creatures spend their skeleton as the wings and the hands are inside the wings creating a powerful flight through this they make a extra powerful part.

At September 2013, it was revealed that the remains of their human bones are part of the wings to control the wings with their human arm bones as the wing performance.

Vocal Folds

The vocal folds are little similar to humans but their voice is bird-like but their shouting results a longer echo and may look like hissing from a snake, but they hypnotise the victim when hissing they are avoided because if, the others may get hypnotised accidentally. With the louder voice that it shatters the human ear but they get louder once they angered with their own victims.

Voice on the male are louder and females will do same, almost the air will become lesser expelling to the males and females had a medium sized expelling air towards it.


Lungs are cut down into 3/4, as their breathe is very longer which is longer than a human deep breath, the oxygen creates lesser production when they are in the sunlight but this results the lungs will lose control.


Their saliva is very deadly than a Komodo dragon but the saliva includes mix of water and their DNA creating a formation of the victim to be infected, they have more production than a zombie saliva production which is slightly 2x as the zombie saliva production.

Storing Food

Their diet stores 2 litres of blood, if overflow they might go sick and they use it to stop the decaying for the formation of the bloating, the bladder was stored half of it, when it does the bladder goes down to humans the bladder also consisted of the deadly DNA create infection on them if the victim drinks the Cythriusian bladder they might go infected. If you just compare a child blood storage about 2 litres, it would be the same.

Digestion System

Their digestion system is very small than a human, about the half of the size is finished but they store more at 500 millilitres they live a bit longer with the system using it, but the max is at 500ml which they might drink at the mix of 50% of the saliva and 50% is the human blood.

Body Temperature

Temprature remains 80 degrees like the birds and mammals but they are still warm-blood creatures that may decrease their heat production to the body, like cats they can't swim as they don't have better swimming skills unlike ducks, geese and swans for example they might not swim but instead they fly at the lakes when at the sea if the flight touches down not in the land they might drown and die permanently. Possible locations like smaller towns such as Perth, Hammerfest, Goose Bay they might live here but they might also found new areas and annexed them as temporary lairs.

Sexuality and Reproduction

At mating they use more human-like sperms on males, which they fertilises on the sperm when laying it they stay still when it gets in they disappear. But they have to corrupt their own human body shaped inside this egg of that creature, but if a female cythrius is killed then the forming baby will be killed too causing this to fall their own horde production during reproduction.

Most of the baby skeleton is similar of the newborn baby during the mammal species they had similar appearance of a human egg but many male had deformed sperms about twelve types of the deformed were founded.

As of October 2013, the egg laying is been removed for a new information.


Populations today was approximately 160 million as the Cythrius seek Tokyo, Moscow, Shanghai, Sydney, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Los Ageles, Mumbai, New Delhi, Cairo and Dhaka are the largest cities in earth, the population rises on the areas as their lairs are wiped with millions of them looking, but the Bubonic Plague (Black Death) is the best growth since the rats are the infected to humans containing their areas with the deadly DNA. The extent is 291 million since 1734 before the Industrialisation, the creatures always expend their bite looking for humans to feed.

Reproduction by Blood

Cythriusian blood can be reproduced from few cythriuses without having to reproduce by female which is more common to all cythriuses and also their first newborn cythrius may be the heir of the next horde throne. Some cythriuses have some reproducing fangs, it requires 2.5 litres of blood so the capacity of 1.5 litres of blood on each average cythrius, the other brings first nourishment, usually their fangs brings their own blood they've fed out and the reproductive fangs which creates the layer of their flesh, and the 1.5 litres of blood remains, which after this, that cythrius who created that new cythrius have been starved, while the new cythrius has been born, it's cycle is always adult when using their own fangs. During that, the cythrius has it's own nourishment, it's gender is female or male depending on the creator of the cythrius' gender, which that newly created cythrius joins the creator of him/herself of the horde.

Earlier Concepts of Cythrius

The early concept was a vampire, which has a transformation of a demon-like shapeshifting. It's rather a dull version isn't it, because it has lack of better abilities but the vampire bats were discovered and no longer valid of my drawings of a vampire.

In Early 2013, I've made a show called All Hail Bismarck which stands as the Bismarck Project as the name was after Otto von Bismarck. The developments failed and made the vampires/Cythriuses as a bird-human formed with their hair and wings, it's not quite complicated isn't it? They have a shapeshift to a human with vampiric clothing, it's really little bit dull, but later they turn into statues at sunrise they might've been overloaded at the cities which they had to be removed.

Now in later versions, things changed in the Cythriusian concepts, they have been transform into more bird-like which is the human sized and they were immortals of the past. Most likely hair is changed, wings are changed into pterodactyl-like, clothing was no longer valid, shapeshift was eliminated to avoid the vampire-like and most of all, their claws and necklaces were dark, red, and blue colour mixed and so does violet, orange to make they were vampire-like personalities which had their clothing as red and black. This may be the final concept and was accepted. Statues were removed to avoid the overload to all over the world and they were now immune to sunlight which make the sunlight to have better abilities.

Most likely, the species is almost conceited from Early 2013 to Late 2013 when this concept had to redraw into more vampire-like sources to the appearance to make something similar with their bat wings and had their blood darken into dark brown blood.

About August 2013, clothing is used.

About November 2013, an announcement that Ethan, the creator of the Cythriuses, he decided to make a spore scenario of Apocalyptic, Rebuild and Destruction.

About January 2014, the model of the Cythrius has changed, it's wings are bat-like, hands were included, with the claws were averagely about 1.5cm long for each Cythrius. Now that ears were created also, to hear the sight, their eye colour will be blood coloured when finding blood taste and smell from human. To make sure, their skin is now paler and blueish, the boring features are removed such as the neck thing and the ground. Their main body will resemble human-like with wings, they can spread their virus by reproduction by bite, it the victim was bitten by them, they'll become one of them too. But the effects are, lost of the real name due to a Cythriusian venom, their blood becomes digestible so they are more bloodthirsty than before.

About February 2014, he decided to copy all of the cythrius project book of cythrius enyclaeopedia into this, to keep on the update.

About March 2014, he abandoned that page instead to use the extended edition of that page, catagorised more properly than fragmented ones. As well making it a bit realistic apart from the wings, but includes history, virus, lifecycle and culture of it.


If the Cythrius died after the attack within the weakness, the death occur, their death will only just remain as a dead person putting their wings on the body. After this, if someone injects the blood this may lead their DNA contained inside but the resurrection will stop and start to stop growing its claws and their colour on their necks, claws and wings will decay for 50 years. If the claws and wings are immortal, the wings may start developing the DNA for 20 years.

The Cythrius corpse will stay immortal and beautiful until when after 1000 years the corpse will start decaying its body and the blood will also decay which the thirsty development increases without the drinking of the prey.

Even if they are resurrected with their DNA in it they might start reviving the body and became animated again this DNA can heal its death.


The infected from the dead bites will reanimate and changes it's shape then when finished their resurrected body will rise, the wings are pterodactyl-like or demon-like inside the bones but the human arm bone connects the wing bone part which the human hand performs the flight through the bones. The skull is more of a half-human and half-dinosaur part but the teeth is more of a tyrannosaurus. The claws have its human finger bones but its claws make their finger bones expend when they feed. Unlikely, their bones had similar human bone sculpture but with wings and few features.

If the short cythriuses at 110cm to 170cm, the feeding of the blood more than an average cythrius drank, it's height will increase by 1.5 inches to 5.5 inches depending to the drinking rate, the spine will be more longer and the wings will also increase into a bat-like shape of the wings.

It is also considered to be more stronger than an average human bones which they can break easily by heavy objects and else.


Their behaviour is very aggressive and friendly to the Cythriusians but their hypnotising hissing makes the human thought the Cythriusians are not real.

Feeding to Transformation

Claw Extend

The first part is they have to sense for the blood tracking does not work on any living animal, because the wings are used to find the victims more easier like setting into the bird's eye view. They start to stop its flying and then the claws begun to expend because its claws were very immortal enough to reach 10 metres then the claws send the data to the brain and what the victim feelings look like.


The sound always speak in their human death, they still have their old language but they've obtain the hissing which make the victim sleepy. Unlike the snake hissing sound, the sound uses the air and pushes out depends in their human death, they've still got their voice. When the hissing starts the sound will make the prey begun to be hypnotised, making them sleepy which their vocal cord is really beautiful sounds but very alluring.


After hypnotising the victim, they've used their wings and then the mouth opens and begun to use their teeth to inject the DNA, instead their prey will have its eyeballs rotate to death and the eyes closed. The infection spreads towards their body the eyes changed dramatically creating its eyes green or blue. The feeder was swallowed the human blood seeping from its mouth and stored their feeded blood, the immortality increases with their mixed of various blood types.

Victim Infection

The infection of the feeder's DNA creates illness which the fluids dry out but their blood fills in their fluids, the infected areas are everywhere such as:

  • Head: Likely having trouble seeing since their sight is declining when infected, headaches are very severe and the hair loss.
  • Bite wound: The Cythriusian bite is very severe, the inflammation through, the bite has also contained of the Cythriusian blood saliva it have been known to be 99.5% of blood and 0.5% consists Cythriusian DNA.
  • System: Fever which is almost very highly severe which will last after the victim's death.
  • Teeth: The teeth develops the Cythriusian DNA and their teeth will expend into more of a tyrannosaurus teeth-like.
  • Skin: Begun developing feathers which will reduce the skin but depend on the skin colour the feathers will rip the skin apart.
  • Lips: Likely to decay, which their feathers are coming through the head.
  • Nose: Sneezing and running nose.
  • Vocal Cord: Begun developing hissing, depends on their voice it's hisses are hypnotising, the infected will have a less sleepy hissing.
  • Sleeping: Trouble through sleeping, uncomfortable, having nightmares and it will look like they've begun transforming into a Cythrius when the dream was over.
  • Blood: The DNA mixes through the blood creating the Cythriusian blood.


When this coma ends the infected will die even the chances are 100% which this dead will start creating a silk to cover its body for building up the wings and claws, this painful transformation will evolve into a Cythrius which is apart from the Homo sapiens which will made their claws on any bloody, blue or dark colours. The feather colour remains but the hands disappear replacing them into wings, the wings are leathery but the feet will go into claw-like. Later in one day they've forget about human stuff and start convert their family into Cythriusians and later their group will join the Cythriusian hordes which is about 50000 of them which they'll join and stay there forever.


Now what was I thinking about... Ah, yes the hissing, the sound they've made is temporary sleepy which the sound was more of 560Hz which they made it more of a modified sound of the voice.

Depending on their real sound, it's hissing is used for hypnotising humans to make them feel they never exist. But the hissing was sounded like a snake with their voice.

Their human voice remains the same but the hissing is not so much human, however the hissing didn't look like a Gorgon which is similar, they've used the voice and when communicate others the hissing is probably their true sound.


Usually they sleep in a straight line and place their wings in their body with their wings in their other wing trying to stay still as a statue until when awoken they began to stop been a statue.