The Dashian Empire ( real name : Socialist Republic of Dashian ) is a nation located in the Persepolis area. The capital is named Rar-Bow. They are the first Equestrian nation. Dashia was at war with the nations Rumas, Seleufistia , Turrania, and the Potlemiks. Unlike other nations, Dashia is a Socialist Theocratic country. This major party was responsible for revolts that killed 10% of Dashia's population. Dashia is a member of the EA (Eastern Alliance).

Dashian Empire
Dashian Empire
"We're not fascist and not in west"

Dashian Empire of 2800 is orange .


2250 ~

Population (2820)

146 millions

National langue

Equestrian , Dragonnian , Dashian ( Persian Equestrian )

Capital City



Social-Equestrian republic



Ruled by

Kindor Rarity ( Rarity III )

Largest cities

Rar-Bow ( 11 millions ) , Persebowich ( 4 millions )


3 600 billions Dases ( 9 000 billions $ )

Gouvernor (Prime minister)

Dash III


The Dashian's population is very strong ( 146 millions inhabitants ) , but the country is not very rich . The reason of this weak wealth is the fact that Dashia is always at war . The wars are responsable from big increasing population and of the poverty in the country . Today , the most populated cities in Dashia is Rar-Bow , with 11 millions inhabitant ( 25 millions with metropolitan area ) and PerseBowich with 4 millions inhabitants ( 14 millions in metropolitan area ) .

History (FWH)

Dashia's history begin in 2250 , in his first times , Dashia was in Cascadian region . Dashia is a Native American country all like the other Equestrian countries. In 2280 , Dashia merge in the Persepolia region , when this empire install his new capital Rar ( before Suttle ) , Dashia decide to found a empire who have the superficie is of 3/2 Russia . Even if Dashian empire success to invade Persia , Tibet , Middle east , Levant region ( Egypt understanding ) and Afganistan , his empire begin to collapse in 2360 after 50 year of domination because Flutterzancia ( Kidness Empire ) and some other countries invade the Empire . However , empire's rest survive with persepolia region . His borders are stabilized after 2390 even if Dashia is under tension against the Rumas , Séleufists ,Turranians and Potlemiks . In 2550 , Dashia lose a territory by the fault of turranians .

Political party and critics

Dashia is a equestrian country , the principal ideologie is the communism . The first political party is social-dashian party . The president , Rarity is responsable to 94 millions dead because this last have forced the people to work for the patrie and for application of the death penalty in the country ( all like the other countries ) . Normaly , Dashia is a democratic country , but with the pony left , all the freedom is limited . with compulsory school until 23 years old, forced into the army and parodies strictly forbidden in the right pony (except on occasions Some), Kindor Rarity III is the worst dictator of mankind after Milobelucianose (Rumas). This record is as that rarity is often accused of discrimination against some cultural peoples. Dashian Anthem ( Persian ) :

ایستاده برادر از زندانحمله به موجودات بی روحاجازه دهید ما قوی و عجله بسر می رسانیدنابود کردن دشمن فاشیست این مبارزه کشنده استبه از بین بردنجمعیت بردگان راست قامت ایستاده.این خواهد بود که روز سوسیالیسمما خواهد شد بردگان نقطه است. این مبارزه کشنده استرفقا و قویحمله به دشمنما قوی و ظالم خواهد بود.


The Dashians are poorly known (such as Albania), is thought to have a mixed culture Native Americans and Southeast Asian (Buddhist Civilization). Their religion is Kardachisme ( animism ).

dashia official flag

HDI and Economy

With a population of 146 millions inhabitants , Dashia is a big country . the HDI is 0.920 , the mortality rate remains of 200/1000, even though the birth rate is 6.3 children per Box families, the reason for the extremely fast recycling of the population is related to wars. If all these accidental death apart, life expectancy is about 115 years or more. Dashia have much money but get a weak economy compared to Rumas . The economy have stagned between 2620 and 2640 .

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