Dezracium is the Official Nation of Awesomapper

  • Full Name: Kingdom of Dezracium
  • Adjective: Dezeracian/Dezrian
  • Official Languages: Dezrian (French-Spanish Hybrid)
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Capital: Bilbao (+San Sebastian)
  • Personality: Modern, Independent, Honest, Trusting
  • Ethnic Groups: 42% Spanish, 38% Aquitanian, 11% Italian, 6% Galician, 3% Other (Granadan, English, French, Swiss, etc ...) .
  • Currency: Dezria
  • Motto: (Translated): United under the spirit!
  • National dish: The Andorra Salad
  • National sport: Cycling/Mountainbiking


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  • The name is actually MrAmericanMapper idea, i thought i was really good and used it!
  • Formerly this nation was called Denfea, but it was changed by arcy, and it was kept.
  • Each of the provinces is very different from the other, but thats also because the provinces got drawn according to this.
  • Toulouse is the third biggest city in europe, after London and Berlin, it has the biggest skyine though, followed by frankfurt.
  • Some say Ghost-Province Leon is abandoned by the Dezeracian government, because they don't do anything to make the situation better there, and that theyre also planning to send all future refugees there.

National Flag

Waving flag of Denfea

Dezeracium flag


1st: King Corane Dezran I - Considered to be the founder and father of the nation, and is only hated in the Leon Province. He is the first to adapt the name of Dezran, in honor of the nation. He was killed whilst visiting the Leon Province, by protestors. He was visiting the ghost province to integrate it more into the country, but almost none of the people there actually wanted to be integrated. In his short rule he did accomplish some noticable things though, like putting the country on the map culturally, he is also the guy that built the Pèrigord cycling lanes.

2nd: Queen Juliet Dezran I - The only child of the old king, Corane, because he didn't have time to have other children because of the Leone assasination scandal. 'I will find the man who killed my father, even if have to nuke the enitre world for it!', A famous quote from the Queen herself, it got very negative attention, and since this day, the queen is viewed on very negatively. Many experts also say, the day Juliet said these words, the country was doomed and that it caused the civil war.

Alliances and Enemies









-Slovenia (because of Italy)


-The Independence War

In the independence war, Galicia, Dezeracium and Granada revolted against the Spanish nation. France joined the war on the opponents side, and that's the reason the Italian Empire joined the war.The rebels in Spain Quickly won, giving them independence. Dezeracium, together with Italian Empire, were still fighting France, who hadn't left the war. this war led to a victory, giving Dezeracium her french lands, but after peacing out, France won against the Italian Empire, who had to continue to fight because they still had occupied lands, and wanted to fight it out. 

-The Leonese Civil War

Not that long ago, when the old king visited the province of leon for integration purposes, he got assasinated in by leonese rebels. because of the quote of queen juliet (See article on Queen Juliet), The Leonese province declared independence from the government. They captured cities like Gijon very quickly, and are currently fighting on a line in the middle of greater asturias. The outcome is very unclear, but it known that, if the country would lose the current line, big cities like Bilbao and Santander will soon be destroyed.

Political and Natural Geography

Dezeracium map

-City State of Bordeaux: Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a free City because it's the trade capital of the nation (not the Financial or Political), it's almost all urban city and there's a big port here, there are not a lot of highrises here, though, because there are mainly factories here, and it's also the reason why inhabitants call it the Stink City or the Little dirty Toulouse. it's pretty easy to make out of this that the city is considered pretty ugly and there isnt a lot of tourism.

-Province of Aquitania: La Rochelle

This is one of the bigger provinces, and it is also one of the most rural. Heavily forested in the south with nature reserves, with in the north, above Bordeaux, a lot of islands and great tourist destinations. the capital city is also the biggest city of the province, while there's still a lot of nature around.

-Province of south Périgord: Périgueux

A big, hilly province that is also rural, this is the poorest province of the nation, because it's not really attractive and there almost aren't any big cities. this area is popular amongst bikers, because of the perfect hills (so they say) and the good road connection to Bordeaux, because of this, this is the only province that has bycicle lanes next to every road.

-​Province of Montauban: Montauban

This province was hurt by the independence war the most, because there was a lot of fighting in the land of this province and in Montauban. it has the most inportant road connection of the country because of it's central position. Even though Montauban was almost entirely destroyed by the war, it is a fast growing city which is gaining a lot of tourism, because there are a lot of musea here about the independence war, this is also were the peace-treaty was signed and where it is still located.

-​Province of Narbonnais: Carcasonne

This province still holds a lot of Italian refugees from the war, and is also the province with the biggest Italian population in precent (34%), this is also why every sign is both in Dezrian and Italian here. Carcasonna is the capital because of it's central location, but the biggest city is Perpignan, which also is the location of the province Minister.

-​City state of Toulouse: Toulouse

Toulouse is the Biggest, and fastest growing city in Dezeracium, which has the biggest skyline of Europe, because of its central position in Dezeracium now it also is the Financial capital. There are a lot of students residing of the skyscrapers in this Huge Metropolis, that is comparable to american cities like Chicago, LA or New york. This city is also known for being very clean, and the place were the modern popular electric car brand Toulonis hq is.

-​Province of French-Basque: Pau

Also quite a rural province, in the shadows of the more populated, metropolitan areas and the capital to the south, even though it's the most empty provinces, with some hills and the pyrinees in the south, it has the largest highways, because it connects the capital and reagions west to big cities like toulouse and bordeaux. It is considered to be one of the three core Dezeracian provinces, with a distinctive culture (somewhat basque).

-​Province of Dezeraci-Basque: San-Sebastian

This province is often called just in combination with the capital Dezeracium, because it is the metropolitan area of the capital, it is also the core of Dezeracium. The reason that it's always combined with The Capital State of Bilbao, is because there's almost no distinction between them. Even the capital got merged with Bilbao, and it got turned into one big city, hence the reason why these 2 provinces are called one thing.

state of Bilbao: Bilbao

The heart of the country and the place where it originated, it is completely build full, so there isnt any nature in this state, it even merged with san sebastian, another city which if often considered part of Bilbao itself, but is in a different province. Bilbao itself isnt the biggest city (Toulouse is) but combined with san sebastian, it is. it is the political and cultural capital of the city, with a lot of old buildings, the commercial highraise centre of the city is at the edge, but most highraise is in san sebastian.

-​Province of Andorra-Pyrinees: Andorra

The province itself is barren, filled with high mountains filled with ski-pistes. the capital, Andorra, while not that big, is really beautiful and is filled with hotels, and is absolutely crowded in the winter, when there are a lot of tourist that come to ski, and for the famous Pyrinee-Cuisine, which has grown very popular in the country, and surroundings.

-​Province of greater Asturias: Gijon / Santander

While Santander is the biggest city, and also considered to be in the bilbao metropolitan area, Gijon is purely the capital because of centralisation reasons. Spanish culture is very present here, and is where most Spanish inhabitants go on holiday. It doesn't get that much outside attention. There was fought a lot here, and the rugged, cliffed coast was one of the aces of Dezeracium to win the Independence war.

The west of this province was heavily hit by the Leonese rebellion, causing the loss of cities like gijon, and this is also the reason the capital got moved to Santander, though it technically still is in Gijon. a lot of battles are currently fought the midlands of the province, for protection of the capitals and santander. although the war is going very well currently, many fear that if they break the lines, the capital is doomed and the country then will follow soon.

-Province of Leon: Leon / Gijon

The population has almost entirely fled to spain, because the war took a huge toll on the population here. becaue of this almost no spanish people live here anymore, and cities like Leon got almost entirely abandoned. The spanish people still there hate the Dezeracian, because they destroyed the cities and there died a lot of people here. Renovations still haven't began, because of protest and the hate towards the Dezeracian government here. it has gained the nickname Ghost-Province because of these reasons.

Though this province is very sparsely populated, it is the heart of the current Civil war. The place is famous now for the assassination, and the words Queen Juliet spoke to them. While the actual province only covers inland iberian areas, the actual region rebels control, stretches all the way to Gijon, and some areas east of it. because of this the actual city Leon gets controlled from is Gijon.

-Province de Nueva: Zaragosa

Unlike Leon, the war here went very easy, because the area really wanted to join Dezeracium.The hilly area, first used for almost nothing by the spanish, was changed to farm. the Dezeracian, with help from the dutch, were able to irrigate a lot of the province, and is now the biggest harvester of crops in the country. Zaragosa is a farmer city which blossoms from nature and the irrigation works, it even got famous because of this.

-Province of Girona: Girona

One of the more empty provinces of the country, and also the biggest. this area didn't really get affected by the war, because there wasnt even faught a lot about it, Girona is the capital, because the city was part of the original rebellion, and from here they were able to take Barcelona and the South province. -City-states of Barcelona and Lloret. The tourist capital of the country, even though it was damaged by the war, Barcelona quickly grew again to be a huge tourist attraction. the Sacra Familia got destroyed in the war, but it got replaced by the Independence Tower, the largest building in Europe. -South Province: Valencia Valencia is considered to be the southern most point of the country, and considering it's faraway location, it still is quite a big city. Valencia is the place where the peace treaty with Spain was signed, and is the place where all negotiations with spain will happen. Mallorca is part of this province, which actually makes it quite a big tourist province. 

Top 10 Biggest Cities

10. Zaragosa

9. Santander

8. Perpignan

7. Montauban

6. Valencia

5. Bordeaux



2. Bilbao

1. Toulouse (Or Bilbao & San-Sebastian combined)


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