Drex (guide of conflicts) is a descendent of Disturbed, but unlike him, Drex likes war, so doesn't has a good relation with his "father".

  • derpy face*

Sample Text

K seriously let's go on...

Drex was born in a small place in a small town. He wasn't born in special conditions because he was Chuck norris holy. Drex always went on wars even if he didn't wanted to enter in them. People say that he made a spinning kick on the floor and made Iberia a square, from it's original circle form. Since then, people use balls to GOAL!!!!!!!!!! challenge others.

Drex once challenged himself to drink 13 redbulls and 7 monters, since then he can become a super saiyan.

Ancient tales say that he invented the weapons, like hammers and sickles, giving them equally to everyone.

Drex can also travel in time.

Gaelic Mapping's POV of him: He inspired me to do what i do now. Hes a great guy. He is also a Super Saiyin. He once bit Joseph Stalin's left earlobe and Stalin said "Ow mommy!" and then Drex said "I am the good communist!" and then Stalin changed his diaper. FUN FACT: Drex urinates tequila.

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