Back when I made this it was like 2014... (I think so). Oh and I was retarded as fuck. Take it into account before reading this, I'm not the same way I was back then in most aspects.



Note: Drex is heavily related with the VideoMappers community (basically alternatehistory and history in youtube).

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Valencia, Spain

Best friends in wiki

Zukas - Mind - Gandaime - Zephyrus - Thumboy (most of them left)

Political views

National Bolshevism, Maosim, Stalinism, Nationalism, Federalism, Republicanism

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Other nations created by me

Romanesia, Borealia, Illyrium, Arctic Empire, Yemirate, Aegyptia and more crap


Drex's maps

Languages spoken

Spanish (native), Valencian/Catalan (fluid), English (fluid, but I never speak it, just typing), can barely understand Portuguese, French and Italian; some words in Russian and German

Creating a small resume of me? That's for muggles. Channel link? uhhh I don't have a real channel. Okay, you know that was a lie, do search down this text.


I was born in Mordor Spain, and I'm living here now, concretely in Valencian Community. Since I was a child I was being bullied by a lot of SUBHUMANS in the school. That made me a lonely person, giving me time to think about various things. Two of that things are paleontology and astronomy, and everything related with science in general. I'm actually in the highschool. Most of the people in my school have the ridicoulous idea that I am somewhat of genius, however I failed half of the signatures still I passed to the next grade, where I'll just keep doing nothing anf sleeping in class. I am a full-time lazy guy, that never makes anything of importance and wastes his life in the computer doing pure shit and videos with a quality such bad that seems to have been taken from the most inner parts of the Hell itself (will never pass 480 px, if it does, is that you have a bug in your computer). I've been diagnosed with deep mental deficience (Thought I was clever by reading the part of the text up there? Ha! Ignorant). I don't know why, but I use to make everything really fast when I want, that's why I never have such thing as homework (unfinished homework burns in the stake for heretic). I am a: Racist, Homophobic and Xenophobic. My political view is mostly Communist with heavy Nazi aspects, such as hate for other cultures and a deep militarist attitude. Sieg Heil 14-88

My beginnings in mapping

In Early 2013, I started to watch war simulations on youtube. One day, while I was watching european war simulation crap, I searched future of Europe. The first result with a map was Disturbedfan1100. It was an amazing and great video. In September this year I created my 2nd youtube account (Drexmapper, D from my name, rex, for my other account and mapper is obvious), and in early October, I uploaded my first video. Since then, I'm subscribing to all mapping channels and watching and liking their videos. And about my videos? Bah, I will never upload more videos, force me to do it, duh! Even though I uploaded like 4 in the last 2 days ffs. My channel is . If you suffer some kind of medical complication, DON'T watch my videos, they will enworse it.

Mappers opinion's about me

Yep, I copied this from Pez, any problem?

João, The Mordecai mapper

Its my best frind in the wikia, its communist like me and make good videos.

^ I said under the god damn line

Add your opinion about me under this line. ______________________________________________________________________________________

SakhsPro Mapper

Good friend , Op at AtWar and good allie , Communist like me , Wants war like me and awesome videos

Peter Mapping

He is ok!

Kebab Master Lel/Mexican Kebab

He seems a kewl guy, hes communist, xenophobic, racist, and homophobic like me, he's also Spanish, and i like Spaniards...


A guy who changes his ideology every month in a more extreem direction. Pretty funny and helpfull. Weard somethimes. If I'm to honnest sorry XD



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Gotta update this whenever I can. Or not?



  • Similar ideologies (+100)
  • On Skype (+20)
  • Oldfag (+50)
  • Upload a fucking video, lazyfag (-20)



  • Close ideologies (+70)
  • On Skype (+20)
  • Oldfag (+50)

Total: 140


  • Good person (+50)
  • Does show maps even if he doesn't upload (+10)
  • On Skype (+20)


If you are not here ( ^ Relation section), I am sorry. Let me know in the comments

Mappers inspired by me

  • None


You can ask questions in the comments that I will answer here!...




Why do I even bother to make this if no one will even spend a second here?



  • Wasting time on the computer
  • Being lazy
  • National-Bolshevism
  • Stalinism and Maoism
  • Nazism (some aspects)
  • Sports such as football
  • Mapping when I'm on it
  • Drawing maps (since I was 5 I memorized the whole world map)
  • Racist/xenophobic/machist kind of jokes, I just love them
  • Oldfags
  • Nationalism
  • Going into the fields or abandoned houses
  • 20th century ideologies and conflicts
  • Watching idiot stuff on TV
  • Wandering around without doing anything
  • Astronomy, biology, paleontology and such things
  • Correct borders based on ethnicity


  • Lists
  • Reading
  • Black text
  • Too long articles
  • Irony
  • Most of the videogames and gamers
  • Being too lazy
  • Homework
  • Studies
  • School and everything related to it
  • Most of the people irl
  • Idiots that spend the whole day doing parties. Ya'll see how you you'll end up like a towel in 30 years
  • Newfags
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Kids
  • New "cartoon" movies (They're not even cartoons, they seem to be maden of clay, for fuck's sake, or they are simply idiotic series with no fucking sense)
  • People that plays idiotic games such as Minecrap or Call of Dumbs
  • Bad mappers (would take a knife and assassin them)
  • People from countries that ignore their history (such as Turkey, Armenian genocide? Never happened... *punches the kebab in the face*)
  • Idiots that are all the day like "Hi :DDDDDDDDD"
  • The whole world
  • Humanity in general
  • People that think they are always right
  • Learning things I'm not interested in
  • Having to wait for things
  • Guys obsessed with sport and health (Da heck dude? If you wanna kill yourself by doing so much exercice don't try to convince me to do it)
  • Fake communists
  • Non-sensed based nationalism

Did you know...?

  • Drex was the 15th mapper ever?
  • Drex has an IQ of 64, being technically retarded?
  • Drex's age is the square root ot 960?
  • Drex's hometown has less than 1,000 inhabitants?
  • Drex has nevel traveled further than 50 km, thus not even leaving the province he lives?
  • It's not easy to write this shit?
  • Drex's favourite planet is the Moon?
  • Drex's favourite music genders are rock, epic and metal?
  • Drex conquered the wiki chat and skype chats through wars several times?
  • For making videos, Drex uses Micrsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker?
  • Drex uses Windows 7?
  • Drex is partially racist, xenophobic and homophobic?
  • Drex never had a GF and will never have one?
  • Drex trends to use offenisve words and swears in nearly every damn phrase?
  • Sometimes Drex can predict your moves? You just took it as it was a joke, but now you realized I just hit your thoughts, but you still think it's a joke. Keep thinking that.
  • That there is a high chance that the map you are using for mapping was uploaded/done by Drex?


  • The worst error the human being can commit is an Artificial Intelligence that surpasses the human capacity.
  • There is no way the world will end up in a massive natural apocalypse, after all, are humans still "natural" beings?

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Drex's world opinion

The World


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Valencia This user speaks Valencian
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This user is Male.
Kebab as of 1270
This user removes kebab (including Yigit himself)
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