The Dutch Mapping Community is a Discord-based mapping community for Dutch mappers. The Discord server was created by Khan Productions.


Concordia was the leader of the community for a long time. He gained the title of Emporer by founder Khan. He was a good leader of the Discord server but he later left the server and made Khan his successor. Some members weren't happy with Khan as leader and he had to resign before the community would collapse. Bosko is now the Emporer.


Member Role Subscribers
White FlagBosko Keizer der Nederlanden none
Khan FlagKhan Productions Groothertog 617
Flag of Luxembourg.svgDutch Republic Mapping Hertog 497
Flag of the N NetherlandsImperial Dutch Mapping Hertog 163
Rhinea-0Omega Ω Mapping Hertog 454
GroningenDutchie Productions Baron 86
Flag of the N NetherlandsDutch HD Mapping Groothertog 938
White FlagArnoud Baron 14
220px-Flag of the Netherlands.svgHolland Mapping Opper Hertog 1056
FlevolandFlagRoblox Man (FlevoBoi) Roblox-Addict None
Flag of AlbaniaMapping Eagle Hertog 359


In the community we have a lot of inside jokes and memes here are a few:

  • Dutchie's Pizza meme
  • Omega only makes memes about others meme
  • Roblox man meme
  • InsaneJulia meme
  • DRM's stolen hat meme
  • Holland with bad excuses meme
  • DRM's background noises meme
  • Dutch HD is a pedo meme
  • Funny roles given to each other
  • People treating people as slaves (for some reason xd)