Einurgen (officially the Jolchid Kingdom of Ei) (Old Ei: ЏолчиЮ Крали од ЕиЮ; Džlčiyu Krali od Eiyu), pronounced as "ei-nurr-gen" or "ee" is a nation that is now temporarily held by the European Union.

National Anthem

Name: I hate my country

The Ei National Anthem (it's soviet union's anthem but whatever)03:43

The Ei National Anthem (it's soviet union's anthem but whatever)

The true anthem!

Unofficial Lyrics:

These who were destroying us,
face to their execution,
we kill them who betray the Jolchi,
we forced to obey our glorious leader,
and believe that there is only a god in the world.

For the greatest industry, and order,
they kept their production,
into the hot iron of the works,
and boil our iron to help our empire grow and feed well


Their TV Program is only Turkish Productive Enterprise of Shows (TPES), and it's major ethnicity is only composed of Turks, Albanians and Arabs, there were unofficial programs that were only lasted for few days to few months. They were sued in order to make them join the TPES or be executed or send billions of money (which then make them bankrupt) to aid infrastructure.

It's press was all propaganda, all that says Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo or Serbia becomes Einurgen to prevent the 'collapse' of their national unity, some unauthorised press was released and the police forces arrested the ones who printed without authorisation. This is the outcome.

From Einurgen (Albania) to China, I walked for many miles across the large desert of the Gobi, in 1949, I saw the Jolchid Leader (the Communist leader) trying to help the USSR for no reason.

Constantinople (even in Greek) becomes Istanbul because of Turkish ethnicity reasons and communist leader has to be replaced as The Jolchid Leader to prevent the collapse of their own monarchy. Words or any kind that were associated with Anti-Jolcidism, Anti-Islam or hatred were removed, censored or banned completely from Einurgen.


It's population is 93822 only and its mortality rate is 0.99% more than the world average. Its city named Istanbul only has 50000 people and its population density is 25.5 person per km2.

Every day, 92 people were born and 45 people died and 0.00001% decrease of mortality rate, by 2100, its population is 196,577 and Istanbul has 84,523 people.


Their manpower is 200 and they are vulnerable to foreign attacks. It's their problem that their military supplies are low, the aid was sent by Turkey every day (50kg per arrival and 10 soldiers per month). By 2100, its manpower is ~1940.


Their ruling dynasty is the Jolchids. It's not a republic but an Authoritarian-Communist Constitutional Monarchy.

It's CoA has a wolf and a walrus (because the former owners has been claiming as a walrus), and its shield is a half of the Albanian flag except the base colour is darker green and the Jolchid dynasty CoA. It has a sword at the top.

The flag simply has two stripes and a crescent and 3 stars at the bottom right but rotated a little, the stripe colours are dark green and some swampy colour.


  • Jolchi I - (19th October 1894-4th August 1922)
  • Jolchi II - (5th August 1922-1st December 1938)
  • Milchilin I - (2nd December 1938-6th April 1939) (decomposed by Ei Fascists)
  • Chavu Yal Tükenirid - (6th April 1939-27th February 1942)
  • Manutasid Indur - (28th February 1942-12th June 1944) (decomposed by Soviet establishment on 1946)
  • Tanour ge Yal Ylschi - (19th May 1946-8th July 1948) (under a revolt at the end of 8th July 1948, 4:56AM [East European])
  • Jolchi III (pretender) - (9th July 1948-12th July 1948) (he was executed and Tanour is brought back by rule)
  • Tanour ge Yak Ylschi - (12th July 1948-3rd March 1976) (died and the Jolchids ran back to its old rule)
  • Cyustid I - (3rd March 1976-9th March 2001)
  • Jolchi IV - (10th March 2001-?) (That is Trio's claimant year birth)
  • Milchilin II - heir of Ei


  • Austria-Hungary: They killed our people, meaning that we have the same population as Antilla do.
  • Turkey/Ottomans: Our faithful ally. They traded our money with military supplies.
  • Greece: We will pay for what have you done, Greece! You have helped the Serbians to kill our major religion!
  • USA: They hate us just because we are part of the Central Powers then the Axis. And they see us as terrorists.
  • UK: They stole our colonies (Alexandria and Transjordan) and they embargoed us for no reason and we are bankrupt.
  • Yugoslavia/Serbia: They almost eradicated Islam from our land! Plus they embargoed us.
  • (Saudi) Arabia: This kingdom shows no mercy to our heretic faith. We are stronger and they have neutral but lower relations to us, they see us as infidels.
  • Germany: We are formerly allies after 1946, now they are against us.
  • Albania: Our vassal, why? Because of the fall of Yugoslavia and some problems in Albania.
  • Australia: The Government thinks we are imbecile, our only 10 scientists have been the smartest. We are embargoed by them and we embargoed them, they see us as terrorists.
  • China: Our large industry supplies and food was imported from here, and we export some of our finest kebab here.
  • Walrus Empire: We support them and brought ice caps to our coastal cities for our water.

Learn the Ei's Unofficial Language (no, srsly)



More coming soon!


  • Hello - Gvaiüo
  • Goodbye - Myauaaä
  • Comrade - Tascaä
  • God - Goe (in the East Bulgaria, then Gorc)
  • Ethan - Aüioia
  • Friend - Tvaiiüo

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