The constitution has been accepted by all admins on October 5, 2014 AD at 5:27 PM


If running put in appropriate spots and do not remove someone else.

President: JayLastname

V. President:


Head Admin:

V. Admin:


Sec. of Defense: JayLastname

Sec. of Mapping:

Sec. of Media:

Court Justices

Supreme Court Justice(2):

Court Justice(6):

Constitution to read over

Article 1

1- Freedom of Speech: Knowing that we can’t eliminate what we said, what we thought, what we shared, and we can’t be forced to ban our words. 

2- Non-Government Press: We want our press! We want a non-censored press, a press that says the truth, and keep us informed!

3- Frequent elections, no admin can delay or stop them.

4- Checks and Balances, 3 government branches no person can be in more than one branch.

Article 2 - Section 1

1- Elections: Current elections! We want to vote for our leaders, we want current elections and with good candidates!

2- Government Branches: We propose 3 government branches, the Media Branch, which controls the media the expansion of this document and pictures and literature, the Defense Branch, which controls conflicts and peace out wars, and finally, the Mapping department, which oversees the all mapping types and mapper balls and help Mappers in troubles.

3- Elections every 2 weeks, 2 terms allowed per 2 months.

Article 2 - Section 2

The positions for candidacy are

President of the Wiki

Vice President of the Wiki

Head Admin

Vice Admin

Secretary of Defense

Secretary of Mapping

Secretary of Media

Supreme Court Justices

Court Justices

Article 2 - Section 3

To qualify to be elected you must be all of the following:

1- Must be on the wiki for at least 2 months but there are exceptions

1.5- Must be on the wiki for at least 3 months but there are exceptions.(if running for admin)

2- Parties are NOT allowed and all parties will be considered factions, a level 3 crime.

3- You can run for more than 1 position but can only win in one (Ex. MOAP wins Pres and V. Pres but only can choose one)

Article 3

1-Bans must be addressed by a council not just by an admin's choice.

1.5-The Secretaries of Defense, Media, both Admins, and both Presidents.

2-MOAP and Batran are automatically given the positions of Guardians of the Wiki unless they are found corrupt in a court of law

and are also limited by the Secretaries of Defense, Media, both Admins, and both Presidents unless a State of Wiki Emergency

is declared.

3-All positions may be impeached in a court of law by the positions not being impeached.

3.5-Ex. If President is being impeached VP,HA,VA,Sec. of Defense, Media, Supreme Court Justices, and Court Justices.

Article 4

1-There are 2 Supreme Court Justices and 6 Court Justices.

2-In the event of a tie any neutral representative will decide the tie breaker.

2.5-If no neutral representative is found a neutral non-representative will be appointed temporary Court Justice statis to decide.

3-If a law is broken the person who committed the crime will be tried in a court of law by a jury of their own peers and one Court Justice will work as the Judge.

3.5-Crimes are separated into 3 categories:

Level 1-Petty

Level 2-Intermediate

Level 3-Unacceptable

If someone is charge with a petty crime they are innocent until proven guilty.(Ex. Arcy is charged with Spamming-1 banned from editting/creating pages for 1 week)

If someone is charged with a intermediate crime they are innocent until proven guilty but there punishment will be slightly more severe.(Ex. Arcy is charged with ExcessiveHarassment-2 banned from using chat

and or posting on someone else's message wall for 2.5 weeks)

If someone is charged with an unacceptable crime they are guilty until proven innocent.(Ex. Arcy is charged with DeclaringWarOnTheWiki-3 banned permanently from the wiki)

Hereby created and proposed by,





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