Традиційні кордони Емартіленду

Borders of Emartiland before separatistm

Emartiland flag


0-the end of the series

Style of Government:

It's excellent dictatorship

First video it appeared in:

Mappers wars part 1 (by Emartis ✖ Arotanika ✖ It's excellent)

Emartiland is a nation in the Mapping series Mappers wars series, made by Emartis ✖ Arotanika ✖ It's excellent.


This nation name was inspired by name of the channel It's excellent - creator of these series.


This country was founded in the first year in the series and, possibly, will live until the end of the series.

In year 31 Empire of Arseniy Paptusov sent separatists in south and east Emartiland (like the present situation in Ukraine) and in year 34 separatists became independent and formed Cossacks country.
Традиційні кордони Емартіленду після сепаратистів

After separatists...

After that nothing was happening with Emartiland in the third part (102-128th year).

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