This is now an Inactive Map Game.

Looks cool right?

War creates peace but peace doesn't create wars, yet desire for peace causes wars.
- ScrubDub

Empire Americas is a map game made by Scrubydub2222. It takes place in North and South America. The game is based on cooperation. Take your sides wisely. It has been reactivated as of Friday October 19 2018.


How to Play!

  1. Choose a country.
  2. Be accepted.
  3. Take your turn.
  4. Don't capitulate.
  5. Make allies.
  6. Defeat enemies.
  7. Have fun!


  • In the comments put down what country you want to be MANDATORY
  • Say "Pretty Please"
  • Read the rules. MANDATORY
  • Also say the password MANDATORY


  • Player Rule Enforcement [N] : No Mini Mod.
  • Maturity and Etiquette [Y] : Be Mature and Nice.
  • Rushing [N] : Don't rush development or take overpowered moves.
  • Unjustified Warfare [Y] : War without reason is allowed.
  • Player Admins [N] : No creating NPC events or starting next turn.
  • Forceful Moves [N] : Don't force players actions such as handing a territory or war.
  • Forceful Moves Article 2 [Y] : You may just invade the land instead or attack them to point of them having to give your desired territory.
  • Insanity and Unrealism [N] : Be realistic and no silly moves.
  • Intelligent Moves [Y] : Think your moves through.
  • To confirm you read the rules say "Ravioli Ravioli give me the map gameioli."
  • To apply for moderator say "Ravioli Ravioli give me the moderatioli."


I will not be playing as a country. No player limit. No requirements either.

For those who are kicked you may rejoin as the same or diffrent country if your country has not been claimed by someone else already. Just say "Rejoin as [country name here]".

Come join! No Requirements because everyone has to start somewhere!

  • DickHairyson (Venezuela) [KICKED for inactivity]
  • Cilety (Canada)
  • IlllSpaghet-Tillll [KICKED for inactivity]
  • Österreichisofstronk (Chile)
  • 1Dominica (Cuba)
  • Tumford26 (USA)
  • Zackthemapper (Mexico)


Flags WIP.

North America

  • Flag of the United States United States (TAKEN)
  • Flag of Canada Canada (TAKEN)
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico (TAKEN)

Central America

  • Central Federation
  • Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua
  • Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica
  • Panama


  • Flag of Cuba Cuba (TAKEN)
  • Bahamaflag Bahamas
  • Jamaica
  • Haiti
  • Dominican Republic

South America

  • Flag of Brazil Brazil
  • Fascist Argentina
  • Flag of Chile Chile (TAKEN)
  • Flag of Bolivia Bolivia
  • Socialist South American Union
  • Flag of Peru Peru
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay
  • Guiana
  • Guyana
  • Flag of France French Guiana (France)

Turn System

Year 1 Q1, Year 1 Q2, Year 1 Q3, Year 1 Q4, Year 2 Q1. (No dates such as 2018, 2019, 2017, etc.)

Turns will be skipped if you do not post turn. You may have a exuse though as I know with IRL stuff it could get a bit crowded with the schedule. Post on my wall if you have a exuse such as. I can't play (Month, Day # to Month, Day #) 1-3 days until next turn.

The Map

No I don't need map makers. I have a map making website to which I can easily make maps in 2 minutes.


Version 1.1 - News Update

  • Added News Feed

The news feed is a newspaper that allows players to learn more about the situations and gameplay in the game to justify their next turn. This will boost the possibility of being a better country and to prosper for many more years!

Version 1.2 - New Events and NPC Turn Systems! [NEW!]

  • Berserk Event now activated
  • Halloween Event now activated
  • New NPC turn system!

NPCs can now take turns just as if they were regular players much like the player turn system. This is to make gameplay more interesting and fun!

The Game!