All videos have same plot as the history, every has a different era from Sumerians to Cold War, will doing the History of North America which sets during the Bering Land Bridge to Coups. The older version such as the original and the remake version has been dead, but 3 parts of the original are alternate, while no on the second version. Soon after I finish the series will take into The Fate of Gustavus Curse will be titled and focuses on the Swedish empire.

History of Europe (2013)

Cradle of Civilization

Cities grow and find new countries and devloped on sources, finding water on the Nile and the ancient pharaoh has started to grow it's empire and eat to produce population growth and the project has started

History of Europe III - (Part I) - Cradle of Civilization04:02

History of Europe III - (Part I) - Cradle of Civilization

The Part I, altough it's not included tribes likely.

to build the Stonehenge, one of the ancient wonders on Great Britain, as rages have grown the barbaric migrations spreads, the early Medes have formed. As Ashurbanipal grows it's empire, bringing the Mesopotamia to rise, as threats of the tombs have been stoled too much gold for revenge, taking more cities, those pillaging of the Egyptian tombs has ended, process of the invasion of the Mesopotamian Dynasty of Assyria has fallen.

Alexander's Conquest

The Medes have been destroyed by Cyrus which have a bit of crisis which the dictator nation destroyed all the Middle East and some of Minor Asia but the empire has filled with all conquests through Egypt and

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