This shows any events are coming, feel free to edit this for any upcoming events, it has to be in range of Late 2013 to Early 2014. For the rejected events and details, see this link, Rejected Events


  • There is a cultural era which is likely to fall down until the Late 2013, since people are abandoning, some survived such as batran99, MrOwnerandPwner and me.
  • Meringue will need to come to the community until he uploaded the eleventh episode.
  • 99batran spread the blank info of culture or stuff are added, the creators have to revert it back so they can decide.
  • Community spreads into anarchy (not as in rule, as in chaos) since no-one is joining, to all of them please send a message to login.
  • By the end of 2013, it will be either to slowly come back up or the community is abolished leading only fragmented things convert into new camps of the non-talking series.
  • Ethan will build a new introducing cities, it is unknown how it gets here.
  • The community will have to be collapsing into rubble, but an next evolution needed to create another revolution, however the main mappers will stop working, and more is like sticking with nothing.
  • 2014 will be the release year of ArceusFan2013's Fate of The World series!
  • Poor sense of the community is very poor and as in Jan 2014, the community will need to pushed into a revolution.

Predictions: Rejected

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  • Cultural Era with arts and stuff was rejected, because we don't have a big community enough or richness to be like Hollywood-like, however this considered to be difficult to share in the public since there are only a few people are mappers so it will be 0.0001%. 99batran will no longer edit this section of the cultural era.
  • Skype nor Messenger is rejected because we don't have to send messages to random strangers and calling you which your appearance, your privacy will be hacked if your someone will steal your account. 99bartan will no longer edit this section about the social programs.
  • There is no adverts or stuff, it may take and pay your money for dollars, pounds, euro etc. for causing it, this may cause pay each time you have used it. 99batran will not edit this section of the advertising.
  • The accent are very stupid and very annoying, if you did that, people will laugh, I don't like this idea now I shall remove the accents in it. 99batran will NOT edit this section of the accents and personalities.