Capital of Kingdom of Parbounli  
Vėlaga Bulgabarda.jpg
Separated January 30th, 2018
Became a Capital January 31st, 2018
 - Major Ecabacer I
Population (2018) 167,579
Demonym Esinoran
Time zone UTC +2

Esinorus (Greek: Εσινούρη, Turkish: Asınoru), formely Edirne (Turkish: Edirne) is the capital of Kingdom of Parbounli since 31st January (it was Tzola before), city-district and the centre of Esinorus rural district.

City is located near River Evros (Maritsa), about 17 kilometres to the east of Parbounli-Bulgaria border.


Present name

The newest name 'Esinorus' was given by Konstantin Eladan after Turkey recognized Parbounli People's Republic. In January 31st 2018, Prime Minister chose Edirne as the new capital of Kingdom of Parbounli. After he and Ecabacer I arrived Edirne, Eladan said „Esi noi nor" (Translation: You're new capital), however, King Ecabacer I removed „noi" because „Esinorus is the only legitimate capital of Parbounli".

Names history

Name Officially started to use
Orestias unknown
Uscudama unknown
Hadrianopolis 2nd century
Edirne 1928
Esinorus January 30th, 2018

Traditional names

Name and Transcription (if it

uses other script than Latin)

Used by
Αδριανούπολη / Adrianoupole Greeks
Adrianople British (until 1928)
Одрин / Odrin Bulgarians
Edrenë Albanians
Odrin Slovene
Једрене / Jedrene Serbians
Adrianopolis Latins
Uscudama Thracians


Rezidensia Kvagina na Esinoruse

Esinorus Royal Palace

Mayors are electing every 3 years simply, by confirming a candidate by the 70% majority of votes. The only exception is Esinorus. The King of Kingdom of Parbounli is automatically elected as the Mayor of Esinorus. His residence is Esinorus Royal Palace (Kralk Pelis Esinora) and it is located in the south of city-district.



Although Esmilia is lived mainly by Parbounlese, Turkish is the major ethnicity in Esinorus. In 2018, Esinorus was home to 167,579 people.

Turkish Parbounlese Bulgarians Greeks Other
2018 56,1% 33,9% 8,3% 0,5% 1,2%
Baznita Bulgarinum na Esinoruse

St. George Bulgarian Church, one of two Bulgarian churches in Esinorus


Semilie Mosque in Esinorus

Semiliye Mosque, one of the largest Turkish mosques in Parbounli.

Esinorus is one of the most religious cities in Parbounli. Esinorans practice several religions: 99,9% Turkish and other minor communities are Muslims and Parbounlese, Greeks, Bulgarians, Russians, Romanians, Serbians and Macedonians are Orthodoxs. Only 0,28% population are atheists while other cities and towns have 0,4%-5% atheists. The largest Muslim mosque Selimiye Mosque (Turkish: Selimiye Camii; Parbounlese: Metzita Semiliee) is one of the highest achievements of Islamic architecture. There can also be found one Roman Catholic and two Bulgarian churches.

Royal Bridge

Kvaginila Brilta na Esinoruse

Royal Bridge

This Royal Bridge (Parbounlese: Kralka Brilta), which is built on River Evros (Maritsa), is one of the two roads connecting Esmilia and Propontus provinces. It was made of stone, it's length is 263 m (863 ft) and the width is 7 m (23 ft).