Espags is an country from JMathias' Alternate Europe Future. It's a ditatorial militar republic, with Spanish language.


Espags was one of the new countries created when Spain collapsed. It was founded by Spanish

Espags map 1

Espags when appeared

soldiers and Bulgarian soldiers that abandoned their country in Monaco War. Because it, Espags was the only primary Spanish country that wasn't invaded by Andorica and Portugal. After block Andoric and Portuguese troops, they conquered the rest of the new Spanish countries on south. The government annexed some ones, and the rest became a satelite country, which was used as a colony. It was the key for Espags become the second greatest militar power in Europe in a few months.

Participation on Nazi War II

Espags map 2

Espags(red) with its satellite(yellow)

Espags had a huge army and economy, but didn't act in the start of Nazi War II because the government was helping France and UK, and preparing the Great Berlin Assault. Espags was the best strategist and had the best army during the war, but was ignored by Nazi Gremany. In July 19th 2057, Espags commanded the Great Berlin Assault, and took down Nazi Gremany government with UK and France.

Participation on Great European War

Espags strategists planned all the strategies from Azuis alliance. Espags tasks:

  • Spy the enemies
  • Block Hezer troops in south France
  • Ally and protet Sicily
  • Conquer Greece
  • Break trought Hezer Empire borders

    Espags flag. It shows what is the government priority

  • Attack and conquer Hezerian Kosovo walled district
  • Fight for european Turkey
  • Join Gremany ships on Black Sea
  • Join Tremar troops
  • Attack Crimea
  • Use Crimea to attack Russia

Power Warranty Operation

After France fall, Espags lost one powerful ally. Because it, Espags and UK starter Power Warranty Operation, which included Andorica, Irish Empire and Portugal invasion. Espags easily annexed Andorica and Portugal.

Espags map 3

Espags and its satellite after Power Warrnty Operation


Today Espags have the biggest army in world, and one of the biggest militar stuff industry, and it is in 6th place in GDP rank.

(The serie isn't finished yet, this may change)

Espags 1 - Copia (2)

Espags Polandball


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