AKA the most unnecessary but for roleplayers war.

The Brawl over what personality Ethan has begun in September on the 30th.

The Battle has begun to spread into YouTube apparently triggering old battles! Guiyii2 has joined ArceusFan2013's side because of relatonships.

But a Non-Mapper seems to be seizing a chance to dominate now that the wikia is starting to enter the biggest war it ever seen in history! The old battle between Guiyii2 and MrBean35000vr was sparked up again out of nowhere!

The Battle in YouTube ended in less than a day. Leaving the Wikia to fend for itself.

What happened after it begun?

When Ethan Destabilized ArceusFan2013 got shocked!

He Said "Is Ethan ACTUALLY changing??? UNBELIEVABLE!"

As Ethan Changed...

Ever since the change has occurred, ArceusFan2013 rooted for democracy.

How will it end?

We'll have to find out...


It started when the fifth wiki war ended and now the communist had fallen into a revolution, the war had been cracked as a dead end. However ArceusFan showed the mighty power and more clones appear when Brandon is active, the Plutocracy and Confedracy were killed in the fifteenth turn.

Ethan's Revolution

Time of War

September 30th - October 4th (5 days)




ArceusFan2013 [Leader] (10000)

99batran (3000)

Ethan's Friendly Personality (250)


Ethan's Angry Personality (1000)

"Zukas" (500)


Ethan's Socialist Personality (900)

Ethan's Fascist Personality (500)


Democracy - Turn Ethan into a friend.

Rebels - Turn Ethan into a unfriendly person.

Communist - Continue Ethan's Anger toward the Wikia.


ArceusFan2013 continues to keep Ethan a vassal until war is over.


Democratic - Mind Eater

Others - Nukes




MrOwnerandPwner (4000)

Ethan's New Wikia Intrest Personality (3500)

DisturbedFan1100 (5000)

Other Minorities (3000)

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