Ethan's War was a Wiki War named after EthanConquistador.


Ethan posts unkind messages on Happy's wall. Ethan begins to accuse a new mapper (Wumpchump) of being Trio, outraging Happy and thus declares war on Ethan. The mappers eventually signed peace, and the war completely ended when Goldenrebel blocked Wumpchump, who was accused of being a leftover alt of Trio.


  • HappyDance is waiting for Ethan to accept the Treaty.
  • Ethan accepts the treaty, and thus the war is over.
  • Ethan and Wumpchump still have a feud, despite the war ended.
  • Ingo Declares war on Ethan.
  • Golden blocks Wumpchump without joining the war.

Team 1

  • HappyDance9 (Declared war 5:00 AM EST)
  • Wumpchump (Declared War 5:00 AM EST)
  • Ingo (Declared War on 10:50 AM EST)

Team 2

  • EthanConquistador (Declared War 5:00 AM EST)

14th War Treaty

  • Happydance apologizes to Ethan/Ironhand for anything that happened Before October.
  • They accept his apologies.
  • 4th October to 25th October is called the 'Oktöbre' Season.
  • Thus, 26th October to 31st October being the 'Halloween' Season.
  • Ethan stops accusing Wumpchump of being Trio.

Mappers who have signed the Treaty

  • HappyDance9
  • EthanConquistador