DO NOT EDIT THIS. Based on the Earth (Modern) scenario and some future settlements in near or real locations might settle. Starts at 1990 AD, some eras in the past are inaccurate like China in the Industrial Era.

North America

  • Mexico City (Industrial)
  • Havana (Industrial)
  • New York (Atomic)
  • Atlanta(?) (Atomic)
  • Dallas(?) (Atomic)
  • Kansas City(?)/St. Louis(?) (Atomic)
  • Los Angeles(?)/San Diego(?) (Atomic)
  • San Francisco (Atomic)
  • Chicago (Atomic)
  • Ottawa (Atomic)


  • Rabat (Industrial)
  • Cairo (Industrial)
  • Benin (Iron)
  • Lagos (Iron)


  • Madrid(?)/Barcelona (Industrial)
  • London (Atomic)
  • Paris (Atomic)
  • Saint Petersburg (Atomic)
  • Brussels/Amsterdam (Atomic)
  • Warsaw/Berlin (Atomic)
  • Kiev/Minsk (Atomic)
  • Moscow (Atomic)


  • Tokyo (Atomic)
  • Osaka (Atomic)
  • Seoul (Industrial)
  • Beijing (Industrial)
  • Shanghai (Industrial)
  • West China (Industrial)
  • Delhi (Industrial)
  • Dhaka (Industrial)
  • Mumbai (Industrial)
  • South India (Industrial)
  • Bangkok(?) (Iron)
  • Manila (Industrial)
  • Jakarta (Iron)
  • Guangzhou/Hong Kong (Industrial)

Middle East

  • Tehran (Industrial)
  • Baghdad (Industrial)
  • Istanbul/Athens(?) (Industrial)
  • Karachi (Industrial)

South America

  • Bogota/Caracas (Industrial)
  • French Guinana (Industrial)
  • Lima (Industrial)
  • Rio de Janeiro (Industrial)
  • Sau Paulo/Buenos Aires (Industrial)


  • Sydney (Atomic)
  • Melbourne (Atomic)


  • Stone: The earliest civilisations start here, simple tools and fire invention, speaking aand stuff were also developed. They used art to communicate before communicating with language.
  • Bronze: Cradle of Civilisation is been developed, pottery, complex tools, agriculture are been discovered, people founded civilisations by rivers, people form small towns and used settlers.
  • Iron: The optics, slavery, iron is discovered, the rising civilisations destroyed many city-states to build their own civilisation to put in. Their soldiers will have swords, bows, armour and spears to their own new system.
  • Industrial: Industry, gunpowder, modern machinery and archaeology is invented, people used guns than using their swords. Colonialism is developed to colonise the continents, the warming earth has melting the ice caps.
  • Atomic: Manhattan project, tanks, processing and flight is invented, through the big civilisations clash areas for seeking power, they want to capture lots with their new planes that are engine-powered.
  • Information: Ecology, cloning, space flight, globalisation and missile are invented, superpower civilisations declare a large raging wars each other beginning a world war and used nuclear weapons to destroy themselves.
  • Nanotechnology: Terraforming, insteallar flight, advanced robot and nanomedicene is invented, people began to migrate to many locations from Mars to Alpha Centauri, they used their city to migrate. Everything starts again with another species taking our place.

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