On October 8. Ethan declared war on Mapmaker for making relations in the negative zone. The winner was unclear and was going to be resolved in a game of at War, but Ethan declared White Peace.

Ethan's Goal

Grow his ego even bigger.

Mapmaker's Goal

Protect himself from Ethan and demands an apology from Ethan and relations improved.

Ethan's Side


Mapmaker's Side



Ingo Mapping (support only)


Ethan declares White Peace.

Treaty of Map

Ethan will reset relations with Mapmaker to 0 permanently

Mapmaker will reset relations with Ethan to 0 permanently

Results After The "War"

Since then, Ethan and Mapmaker never see each other and usually never talk to each other, sometimes though in rare occasions or asking the other for a favor or a question.

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