This dialect has nothing to do with Ethan (EthanConquistador). This Mapper Dialect is alternatively called the Craft-Zero Dialect. But only(?) Ethan adopted this idea.

It is mainly named for it's uniqueness for the city feature which is used at very few people (four?).
The Alternate Future of Europe - Episode XXXI - (Anschluss)04:59

The Alternate Future of Europe - Episode XXXI - (Anschluss)

An example of this dialect.

Animators Update00:16

Animators Update

This is the video that the Dialect is originated.


Before the Ethan dialect, EthanConquistador had a large tradition focus on Create a Planet, then History of Europe III, he had used the war territories. He also created a prototype that is similar to Craft0Video, cities, cash, gold. But soon it will be defunct.

Some differences, Craft0Video's old video was planned to have the City feature, but it was dropped, Ethan re-created it since TAFOE - Season III. But the others, such as gold, cash does not involve.

The Modern Dialect for Ethan slowly begin to fade away as the time, Season III of TAFOE has it's new dialect, the Ethan Dialect, it adopted many features from mappers and few. Soon it became the main dialect of Season III of TAFOE and History of Europe IV (Post-Part IV).

Ethan did adopt the features from various people, but he has plans to do his own, maybe he creates the trade areas and more...

In Episode III, Ethan began using MOAP's country name thing similar to Paradox games. It's rival was Tikolian Map Animator's dialect, consisted of governments, flags.

There is a slight growth every time...

Known people who used it

  • Craft0Video (origin)
  • Ethanconquistador (creator)
  • Goldenrebel25
  • Mapping Soul (former)
  • Zephyrus Mapping
  • TheBronyPenguin
  • Mapper Freaker (former)
  • MikiPL004 (modified version?)
  • Multi Mappers

Current, Planned, Cancelled and Defunct Features

  • War Territories: Adopted by Ethan since the creation of the series of HOEIII. The creator of this feature is MapAnimator. The war territories are now almost based off tigerstarian with cross fade.
  • Time: Tells the time of the video's place, adopted by Ethan during the episode ~5-7 of Season III: TAFOE. The creator of this feature is Goldenrebel25, originally used for his History of Europe Series.
  • Cities: The locations are been usually did been small, useless location, he didn't do capitals but instead messes that feature for modern cities. Adopted since creation of CyberMapping. The creator of this feature may be Craft0Video or EthanConquistador. Capitals are coloured in orange (In MikiPL004's series capitals have pink colour).
  • Minor Cities: Goldenrebel25/EthanConquistador created those cities within countries that are not the capital. (Unconfirmed, Ethan or Craft0Video made it more earlier than GoldenRebel as there are no exact capitals on theirs.) (merge with the city feature?)
  • Factions: The factions may have been used, that faction is used for coalitions and federations. Adopted since Episode III of Season III: TAFOE. Possibly created by DamageCookie's.
  • Colonies and Occupied Zones: Since the territories are confused, he decided to make the colonies darker in war and same with occupied zones but lighter. Created by Ethan. Colonies were now labelled as only "(Country adjective) (area)"
  • Naval: Used for migrating armies or people. Adopted since Episode IV-V of Season III of TAFOE. It was abandoned and only naval territories were used in Tagah until it's dropped. Now they are used for blockades and wars involving navy.
  • <strike>Leaders: Only used at Late Season III of TAFOE, it's usually used for any leaders in one country for example, Germany in 1940 is Hitler. Made by: Ethan or someone. It was eventually abandoned.
  • Autonomous/SSRs/Unofficial Governments: Usually act like independent countries but the borders are light grey and is under the controller, whether puppet or not, it can talk and lead independences sometimes.
  • Curved letters: The curved letters were adopted in AFOA Episode III.
  • Wastelands (MikiPL004 Only): Indicate areas that are not conquerable/colonizable. They are reducing over time or when a civilized country is performing special actions to make them habitable. They're marked in gray like lands of anarchy, but have black borders and white MOAP-style names. Adopted in Part 4 of AFoE S2.
  • Spheres (MikiPL004 Only): Show which areas have been explored by countries. If areas of two countries connect, they'll be able to contact with each other. Explored lands and waters are in standard colours, while unexplored ones are in a darker shade (also applies to wastelands, they're harder to explore, however). Tribes are exception of this feature, they don't have spheres and move anywhere they want. Spheres are very unlikely to use in modern world, since all nations have contact with each other, they may be used in series which take place in ancient times or on a new planet / after an apocalypse. Added in Part 4 of AFoE S2.
    • A modified version of Ethan shows that civilisations can expand without exploring, although they can explore anywhere else without expanding. Tribes cannot be recognised by civilisations unless the tribe/nomad itself goes near them

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