Europe 2.0 Stats and Statistics
Creator: MappingPez

Started: June 10th, 2014

Finished: N/A

Based off of: Alternate Future of Europe
First Video: July 12th, 2014
Parts so far: 16
Parts unreleased: 1

Europe 2.0 is a Future of Europe-type series developed by MappingPez. It began development on June 10th, 2014. As of now, there are two chapters.


The series follows the modern-day borders of Europe. However, over time, it begins to change, with empires like The Holy Ottoman Empire, Galoria, and the Iberian Empire forming, as well as republics like Bevaria and Baltica.

However, several wars occur, bringing very prominent nations down with them, and allowing new empires to form and take the unoccupied land. However, a plan devised by the United States named Operation 2.0 took effect and almost conquered the entire world. However, the remainder of the nations invaded formed a new alliance and country named Terra to counter the plan.

This leads to the collapse of the 2.0 countries, and new ones are formed, and they are called the "Revival" nations. Over time, TERRA manages these nations until the first war occurs since the reformation. A long time passes until The World Order invades Siberia and tries to avenge the failure of Operation 2.0. After their invasion is a failure and they collapse, the United States returns and wages war on Europe, creating a huge explosion in the middle of the continent. This immediately decimates several nations in Europe and causes others in the radius to collapse. Several nations are able to depart and live on another continent.

Eventually, all of the nations in Europe and around it are affected by the power of the United States, and it then becomes a wasteland until a long time later. Europe reemerges with the technology of 5 millennia ago, back to Ancient Egypt. As a century goes by, nations are formed and several wars are declared until the return of the nations that moved their location. They build technology to travel to Mars and are able to terraform it, and they name themselves the "Space Group". However, the technology of Europe increases rapidly and the Space Group returns with less members to find out that Earth is increasing in disaster intensity. Suddenly, the water levels of Earth's oceans rise rapidly, and the "Space Group" starts mass-producing rockets, in which they are able to put a few nations on before they leave.

Traveling to Mars, the Space Group begins to thrive, but not before the Gothentic Kingdoms starts to invade them, including some old countries. However, the Gothentic Kingdoms is defeated by alien nations called Scarampi and Valkor. It is revealed that Scarampi destroyed Earth, and they are invaded by Valkor for doing so. In this discovery, Valkor also invades the rest of the Space Group, and soon, only Iceland and Picts (II) are left. They try to escape, but Picts (II) collapses in the process, and eventually, Iceland uses the last of the Space Group's technology to terraform Ganymede, and settle there, and creates several puppet nations. However, Valkor invades them easily and tries to chase Iceland, and they both leave the Solar System and Iceland is chased into the unknown universe.


Part Name Date Notes
1 The Beginning June 2014 Reuploaded on July 12th, 2014
2 USSR vs Bevaria vs Scandinavia July 5th, 2014
3 New Europe July 12th, 2014
4 Nuke Wars August 2nd, 2014
5 Galoria Pwns August 4th, 2014
6 The Massive Takedown August 15th, 2014
7 2.0 August 20th, 2014
8 The Revival September 13th, 2014
9 The Troubles Of Such A Society October 10th, 2014
10 A Relief Fall October 19th, 2014
11 The Past and Future November 4th, 2014
12 Empires November 12th, 2014
13 The Romans November 15th, 2014
14 The End of Land December 8th, 2014 Final part of Chapter 1
15 Mars January 10th, 2015
16 Moving Problems January 31st, 2015

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