In the late 40s of the XXI Century, the commercial empire of Sayid was falling.

The Portuguese, the Tylastronian and Sovietics occupied the spot of European trading power in the 2nd half of the XXI Century.

In Europe is needed gold, spices and diamonds, the rote of the gold is performed by the Portuguese, the rote of the spices is performed by the Italians and the Valencians and the rote of the diamonds is performed by the Sovietics and Yylastronians.

In Amerika, Brazil becomes a South American trading power in the beginning of the 50s of the XXI Century, but in 2056, Brazil suffers an economic crisis this led to the civil war causing the dismemberment of the Brazil, beginning of the Inca Republic power in 2058.

In North Amerika, with the USA and Canada in separatist crash since 2028, the states of North Amerika starts to evolve, Greenland becomes the first North American trading power in 2030 (2030 - 2038).

Once in 2038, New York, Florida and California share the monopoly of Amerika and becomes the major North American trading power.

In Central Amerika, Panama becomes a military success conquering the other Central American states, but Panama gets crisis due to military spending.

In the others Central American states, Mexico starts to develop from the exportation of fruits and cocaine. The little kingdom of Antilles and Cuba starts to have more money to buy gold and silver to the Europeans states to get rich.

The rotes of Amerika:

  • Rote of Gold (Iucon/Alaska/Bafin - California/Mexico/Florina/Newfoundland
  • Rote of Fruit (Great Colombia - Amazonia/Inca Republic/Guiane/Panama/Mexico/Arizona/Plains)
  • Rote of Sugar (Tiruguai/Uruguai - Belém/California/Iucan)
  • Rote of the Birds/Silver (Belém/Great Colombia - Rio de Paulo/Uruguai/Argentina/Inca Republic)

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