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European Republic
Francoisan Republic
Old Francoisa.png
Flag of Francoisa.svg 7475746564643.png
Flag Coat of arms
"Gateway to Europe"
Capital Parois
Largest city Parois
Official languages Franchese, Spanish, Flemish
Demonym Francoisian/Franchese
Religion Christianity, Islam
Government Semi-Presidential Republic
Historical era Peace
 -  2018 estimate 107,000,000 
 - Total $2.0 trillion
 - Per capita $59.541
GDP (nominal) present day kek
 - Total $3,343,444
 - Per capita $62.220
HDI (2017) 0.889776
Currency Euro
Time zone UTC+1
Calling code +See list of country calling codes

Francoisa, officially the European/Francoisan Republic, or ocassionally Francoisan/Franchese Republic is a country in Western Europe that contains the land from Spain, France, Italy and Belgium.!


Kevin MacLeod ~ Angevin B

Kevin MacLeod ~ Angevin B

Anthem of Francoisa Music

The lyrics to the anthem of Francoisa are as follows:

Qu'il soit garde, qu'il soit un bouclier,

Pour toujours, il bénisse et exerce

O gracieusement tous les actes de tes enfants,

Tu es le pays le plus cher, le mien!


Mais les fleurs de la liberté ne retournent pas

Du sang répandu des morts,

Et les larmes de l'esclavage brûlent,

Que voient les yeux des orphelins.

Bless Francoisa,

Oh, bénissez-le, nous vous prions!

Je t'appartiens,

Dans le coeur sont à vous.

Et c'est cette belle terre,

La terre de Fran Cois, ma maison,

Le territoire de Fran Cois, ma maison . Avec ta puissante main nous soutient,

Encore notre trame accidentée;

Dieu, notre espoir; protéger et chérir,

François Cois et Fran Cois!

Que tu habites dans cette terre


Francoisa is a "Franchese" country which is in western Europe. The northern coast is on English Channel, while southern Francoisa is Mediterannean Basin, where there are very dry seasons. Francoisa is named after the Francoist Spain, Name "Francisco", Prime Minister Francisco Franco, Francois Hollande, and the founder of Francoisa, Fran Mich Cois. Francoisa covers a large area something big as Turkey or Chile.

Coat of Arms/Flag

More at Flag of Francoisa

Here is the coat of arms:

Quote about Emblem:


☀The blazon of the Spanish coat of arms is composed as follows:

"Royal crown, the columns surrounded by a ribbon Gules charged with the Motto 'Plus Ultra' written Or (the Pillars of Hercules)."
The flag of Francoisa is Flag of France + Flag of Italy + Flag of Belgium + Flag of Spain. The Blue on flag means Water, the red means Heat and black means Ash. The coat of arms, of coursely is the Spanish Coat of Arms, as Francoisan Flag is a combo of flags.
The flag was made by the founder of Francoisa, Fran M. Coisa. 
And yeah, thats all.


For complete history, see History of Francoisa.

Before the Presidential Republic

When Francoisa was a Semi-Presidential Republic and Semi-Imperial Republic, starting in 1794, it was a new government: A consulate. After the consulate, in 1804, Napoleon renamed Francois Land into Francoisan Empire and took over Prussia, Most of Iberia, Italian Peninsula, Ionian Islands, Moscow occupation, and even half of Austrian Empire. Unfortunately, however, Francoisan Empire collapsed its invasions and became the current size of France again. After that, other emperors took the government, until 1848, when Napoleon III or Charles Carter was coronated new emperor and conquered parts of europe until 1870 when the Francoisan Empire stopped being a real empire and became semi-presidential and a semi-monarchy. Several presidents took the government. WWI and WWII made France dangerous especially Alsaine and Lorraine, and Germany invaded France partially during WWII. Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Jackie, and Truman occupied German France and brought France back to independence. Nothing important happened until Jacks Cherack decided to stop the confusion of "Francoisan Empire" and renamed it "Francoisan/European Republic." 

2017 Elections

See more information about current president at Emmanuel Roberts In May 2017, Emmanuel Roberts became the new president of France, and one of the youngest ones to be president, at the age of 39. However, on December 19, 2017, the president turned 40. Roberts is a great one who has high IQ, and has studied greatly in his early years.

Peace Time

After the revolt, Francoisa became peaceful. The country had a long peaceful time, but this would eventually end in few years from 2017.



Regions of FR

Region Map


Flag Map of Francoisa Regions

Francoisa has 10 regions for now, and will have more later. List of the 10 regions:

Flag State Capital
Parisians 1. Paroiso Paris
1024px-Flag of Corsica.svg 2. Moreno Ajaccio
Flag of South France 3. Badillo Bordeaux
Italy-0 4. Tuscany Florence
Flag of Alpes-Lombardia 5. Alpeans and Bordo Milan
Spain 1 6. Charland Dijon
Île-de-France 7. Monte Marseille
Wallanders 8. Obscurs Antwerp
Flag of Catalonia 9. Catalonia Barcelona
BarceNavarreFlag 10. Navarro Bilbao


Here are Francoisa's provinces/Cantons (WIP):

  1. Canton of Paris 
  2. Canton of Burgundy
  3. Canton of Marseille-Nice
  4. Canton of Bordeaux
  5. Canton of Brittany
  6. Canton of Milan
  7. Canton of Piedmont
  8. Canton of Corsica


Here is a list of allies:


Francoisa was part of Europe in Laurasia and Pangaea, and it was strangely shaped. Francoisa became a large nation and 65 million years ago, Francoisa increased it's land area. However, million years later, Francoisa cooled down but only 5% was covered in Ice during the Last Ice Age. Francoisa warmed up and became what it is now. But in the future, Francoisa may have connected to Africa again.



Climate of Francoisa

Climate Itself

Francoisa's climate is Oceanic in the west and north, continental/subarctic in the neo-Alpean lands, and subtropical Cfa climate itself in south east, Mediterranean on the Mediterranean coast/basin.

Climate in several cities

Parois (Paris) - Cfb Oceanic Temperate Climate

Borcolono (Barcelona) - Cfa Humid Subtropical Climate

Navarro (Bordeaux) - Cfb Oceanic Temperate Climate

Layons (Lyons) - Cfa Humid Subtropical Climate

Morisoo (Marsielle)/Noco (Nice) - Csa Hot Mediterranean Climate

Ajaicko (Ajaccio) - Csa Hot Mediterranean Climate

Torono (Torino/Turin) - Cfa Humid Subtropical Climate

Turetskyo (Milan) - Cfa Humid Subtropical Climate

Bolenia (Bologna) - Cfa Humid Subtropical Climate

Florenkio (Florence) - Cfa Humid Subtropical Climate

Pizo (Pisa) - Csa Hot Mediterranean Climate

Eybe (Elba) - Csa Hot Mediterranean Climate

Bilbo (Bilbao) - Cfb Oceanic Temperate Climate

Zaraha (Zaragoza) - Bsh K Cold Semi-Arid Climate

Brosels (Brussels) - Cfb Oceanic Temperate Climate

Witerlo (Waterloo) - Cfb Oceanic Temperate Climate

Population history/estimate

2010 - 92,323,224

2011 - 95,750,567

2012 - 98,039,234

2013 - 99,189,789

2014 - 102,506,678

2015 - 104,000,000

2016 - 107,000,989

2017 - 107,234,566

2018 estimate - 107,975,234

Mostly Christianity and Islam, rest other religions/Atheism

Most are white, others unknown, and very few originated from Africa and Asia

Languages are French, German, Flemish (Belgian Dutch), Spanish, Catalan, Occitian, Breton, English

Countries we RECOGNIZE

Francoisa itself Archeldia South/Ethan's/True Baltorus Western Republic Britania (Only GBR and Ireland areas) Gralician Federation Fyorr Chicago Republic ALatia Parboulni Arkmarken

Largest cities

Picture City, State Population
1. Paris, Poroiso About 3,000,000
2. Milan, Alpeans and Bordo About 2,000,000
3. Barcelona, Catalonia About 1,500,000
4. Brussels, Obscurs About 1,400,000
5. Antwerp, Obscurs About 1,000,000
6. Torino/Turin, Alpeans and Bordo About 950,000
7. Marsielle, Monte About 900,000
Basilica del Pilar-sunset
8. Zaragoza, Navarro About 750,000
9. Genoa, Tuscano/Tuscany About 700,000
10. Bilbao, Navarro About 600,000

Francoisa in other languages

Add if you want to

Archeldian - Phrankoveis

Arabic - فرانسوا

Finnish - Francois

Macedonian - Франсоа

Serbian - францоис

Spanish - Franquia

Tajik - Франсуа

Turkish - Frankozya,

Russian - Франсуаза

Parbounlinese - Pxrankva

Polish - Frankozja

Gralician - Franchodisia

Italian - Francoisa

Song Contest Statistics


Contest Place Points Artist Song
Mappervision Song Contest XXVI 20 40 Snow Patrol Chasing Cars
Mappervision Song Contest XXVIII 28 17 Justin Biever Sorry
Mappervision Song Contest XXIX 2 120 Ed Sheeran How do You Know?


None yet.

Political Parties

The political party congress of Francoisa:

Congress of the Francois

Congress table

Red - The Republicans Blue- The Democrats Purple - Bull Moose and Progressives



Current Logo

The national airlines of Francoisa, the Napo Airlines has many destinations, like WestAir and the airline website is Napo Airlines is inspired by WestAir. However, it's less recognized and Napo Airlines is Napoleonic style aircraft, and looks modern day for some reason

Example of a Napo Airline owned plane: 
Boieg 787-8 template png


The Francoisan Culture is popular well known, and combines with many Western European cultures combined together and form a large culture in Francoisa.


Francoisa has participated in 2 mini monthly cups, in december and currently in January, and has participated in MIHF 2018 Winter Championship and will participate in MIHF 2018 Spring Qualifiers. Francoisa also will participate in DRS monthly tournament

Alliances and Former Alliances

Current Alliances

Former Alliances


Flag of Francoisa Theodoreball Theodores
Flag of Francoisa European Republic


Flag of Francoisa Francosian Football League
Hockey stick FR
Francoisan Ice Hockey League

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