ExplodingPaintbrushProductions, also known as EPP, is a 14 year old mapper.

His Channel (pleeease subscribe!):


On April 19 2014, EPP fell down a full flight of stairs. A part of his head was broken open, he is lucky to have survived. He was assigned to have surgery later on. The surgery resulted in his personality being slightly altered with less enthusiasm for many things such as mapping. He immediately left shortly after surgery, days after when he said he was enthusastic about it before.

The rest of this page is information about him.

Family and Information

EPP is the identical twin brother of Goldenrebel25, EPP is 3 minutes younger. The two hate each other most of the time.

Both EPP and Rebel keep their names private for various reasons.

Genome (Tested and Confirmed)

  • 89% Irish
  • 4% Scottish
  • 3% Welsh
  • 2%  English
  • Others: Norwegian, Croatian

Subscriber Milestones

Founded: March 31, 2014

10 Subscribers and First Video: April 3, 2014



My Brother, my Enemy, my Rival, my Friend.

Relations: -Infinity to Infinity (Depends)


He's a good mapper! He seems pretty nice too.

Relations: 60 (Might become friends)


Another good mapper. He's apparently a smartass, but in a good way.

Relations: 50 (Might become friends)


He owns this wiki, seems nice to everyone

Relations: 50 (Might become friends)


I don't really know much about this guy, um... dinosaurs??

Relations: 15 (Meh)

Multi Mappers

I don't know this guy either, he's my brother's ally though...

Relations: 20 (Meh)

Mapper Freaker

An friend of my brother is a friend.

Relations: 35 (Friendly)

Zephyrus Mapping

Apparently the BFF of Rebel.

Relations: 40 (Friendly)


I don't really know him

Relations: 15 (Meh)


Don't really know this guy either.

Relations: 10 (Neutral)

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