Exploration of the Karlark Island is an episode in Archipelago Exploration. It was started after the settings and beginning of the exploration of Karlark Island.


We had into a setting section, we had into a new called the Bronze Age. There are three leaders who led the Haucaladir Empire, but now it's the beginning. Many of the army didn't came back and continued their exploration to the north, but will thye survive or die and no-one get's the report of the actual map?

If you didn't see our first episode, click here: First Civilisations


3910 BCE: Reaching Mount Reukarva

When General Gavark finds his own map, he drew the current map together, as he thought the world is a continent. They continue their exploration to north, just almost reaching Mount Reukarva, many citizens in Haucaladir has been grown their population to 1,100 people, people are small researchers. But leader Reukarva died, as his son, Tagutva has taken control of the reign of Haucaladir Empire. When Gafilvata made the first paper in Haucaladir, by pressing some leaves, many people were amazed to see the invention, no-one knows.

3895 BCE: Nothing but an old day

A small shelter has been destroyed slowly, due to a wind disaster in the Haucaladir Province, they said many had living in their longhouses. The people were frustrated in that small shelter, they decide to rebuild it. In the north, Gavark almost reached Mount Reukarva.

3880 BCE: Forest

Gavark died, his men are starving because they have no supply left, they don't have fresh water they had, so many of their soldiers try to gather worms and small animals to survive themselves, around 2000 died. But Gavark's men found a forest, maybe they can get the food and water there, but they don't know yet if there's one.

Tagutva died and led his own successor Akraka take throne. She abolished the 80% of the guards of protecting the city of Haucaladir and send them to defend their lands against the tribes of Rakarmiy attacking their land, a small group of people in the north next to the Rakarmiy, is the Vagitival tribe, that is neutral.

3865 BCE: Mysterious North

Just yet, Gavark's men have seen sea at the north and a mysterious land at further north which is suppose to be an island, the general Wakarva informed the men there is an mysterious land they had, but they were still starving, no supplies came because of lacking technology.

Akraka was killed by few people who were against her, they want the forces to the new leader to send the 80% of the army back to the city of Haucaladir, since the new leader, Ataverva promises to do this, many soldiers came back and protect the lands once again in the capital. Geilpalk founds out the city is messed with small armies, his few followers decide to plot against the leader to overthrow and replace him the leader.

3850 BCE: The Celts

Wakarva, the new general found a strange city named "Atlaka" but the people were discovered to be Celtic, their province is named as "Edinburgh" and they are neutral towards us, Alkyayk of the Celtic Tribe province of Edinburgh founds the Haucaladir Army, that he know that they were planning against them. But the army refuses to hear Alkyayk's response. So they continue to explore the north. They are still starving though, a small raft has crushed upon the land giving them food and comsumed it until there's none.

Geilpalk was spotted in Haucaladir, trying to revolt against Akraka, but she was killed afterwards chunking him onto the river of Iltrabug. Food is become scarce, to over 1,250 people, they let 100 poor citizens to take on the death to lower the population growth. Few people started to dislike Akraka.

3835 BCE: Karlark Island is Long

After Wakarva died, his men reamined stranded, they discover the Karlark Island is actually going to be sperated from the Gorlapu Peninsula in the few million years. The men cannot access more further because of Alkyayk's claims on those lands. They have to explore south, after few years Alkyayk died and let his own successor, Galpfeillk, he suggested to kill the men that was exploring north, but they don't care and headed south.

Akarva died of disease or assassinated, after her son Haerkarv took the control of Haucaladir, trying to make the food more surplus, growing a thriving population of 1500, restoring the old rates before Ataveva's execution of Geilpalk. Many are intrested on his new role, resulting a new era.

3820 BCE: Rules

The army goes south, making Galpfeillik not responding him again. But however he knows that they'll be back soon, with a large army, but no-one knows it. He told his few advisors of the council to warn that they'll make a huge army and destroy their own land.

Haerkarv makes science more important, trying to bring monarchy into the empire, few people were please while one person named Ailkkavlius has found an discovery, he makes the domesticated animal to be bred, and it makes a small differance from the original species. Which leds to domestication more important and Haerkarv recommends many animals are more important also, like science.

The outcome, modified picture from the game, contains geography and progress.



  • Gavark - First general of the first Haucaladir Army to assign and he made expedition of the Karlark Island.
  • Tagutva - The Fourth Leader of the Haucaladir Province, he did the buildings change into the bronze age form.
  • Gafilvata - An inventor that made the leaf paper, which he compressed it into a paper like the papyrus paper.
  • Akarva - The FIfth Leader, she was announced as the worst leader since she killed 100 citizens and led the people in Haucaladir unhappy and tries to kill her and it was successful.
  • Haerkarv - The Sixth leader of Haucaladir, he made everything more better than the precessor which made Haucaladir a harsh place, he focuses on technological advancement.
  • Ailkkavlius - First person to make the domestic wolves bred.


  • Alkyayk - A leader in the Proinvce of Edinburgh.
  • Galpfeillik - A leader that hated the armies that trespasses their land, he knows the army now because of his soldiers been guarded in land.

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