Federal Stratocracy of Tarakia
Tarakian Stratocracy

Tarakia Flag.jpg

"De Oppresso Liber"
Capital Xeres
Largest city Xeres
English English, German, French, Japanese, Swedish
Official languages English, German
Recognised regional languages English
Ethnic groups Tarakian, English
Demonym Tarakia
Religion Religion is not sponsored by the Government.
Federalist Stratocracy Federal Stratocracy
GDP (PPP) 2058
 - Total 194,034
 - Per capita >200,000
GDP (nominal) 2058
 - Total >40,500,000
 - Per capita >35,000,000
Gini (2057) 53
HDI (2057) 0.94+
Currency Tarakian Standard Dollar (TSD) [100 USD = 1TSD]
Time zone -11, -8, -7, -6, -5
 - Summer (DST) -10, -7, -6, -5, -4
Date format Day/Year
Drives on the Right
Calling code [[Telecommunications of {{{common_name}}}|++1 592]]
ISO 3166 code FST
Internet TLD .fst

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Space Elevators

Cable 1: Xeres, Direct route to the End station on the Space Terminus

Cable 2: New Bismarck, Route to the Pacific Connection Station.

Cable 3: New Quebec, Direct End station route.

Cable 4: Kennedy Space Centre, Route to the Atlantic Connection Station.

Cable 5: Austin, Route to Atlantic Connection Station

Official Airline

Tarakia has Several Airlines for Several Purposes, the branches are listed below:

Tarakian Air

Tarakian Air handles Passengers going to and from Tarakia, with most of their Planes being double-deckers with a entire deck being First or Deluxe Class.

Aircraft Used:

  • Ulysses Heavy Industries:
    • A-225
    • A-230

Tarakian Air Cargo

Tarakian Air Cargo handles a good if not all of the Airborne Cargo in Tarakia, with them using either Massive Triple-Decker Hypersonic Cargo planes or a Turboprop Short-range Luxury Transport, The TAC can handle it.

Aircraft Used:

  • Ulysses Heavy Industries:
    • A-430

Tarakian Hubs:

There are many airports that the Tarakian Airline handles, With most being at the Largest Int'l Airports, Several non-Int'l handle some of the Heaviest Cargo Funnels.

Passenger Hubs:

Xeres, Tarakia.

Colombo, Prancangese Empire.

Monroe, Washington.

أرض العرب السوفيات, Soviet Arabia.

Moscow, Russian Empire.

New Dover, Britannic Aristocracy.

Old Tehran, Democratic Republic of Iran.

McGarrett, Hawaiian Republic


The Tarakian Military is a force to be reckoned with, as most if not a good amount of the military has been developed with several other nations, and that most focus on either total destruction or Fortress roles, with their allies or smaller support weapons doing the less fighting skills. Males above the Age of 14 and Females above the Age of 16 are supposed to take basic training, and that most (45%) of the population at any time is active(or reserve) military, The Tarakian Military prefers to be the one who is acting as the peacekeeper as they are friends of most nations, (See Chinese Technocracy) and that they were/are the ones who built the globular Space elevator system, and that they prefer to be in control of the facilities.

Naval Capacity

Most of the Tarakian navy is composed of Nuclear Aircraft carriers and Cruisers, and having a Large stockpile of DDGs and Surface combatants, While a Ship list has been made this is the Declassified Version:

Guided Missile Destroyers (DDG):

  • New Bismarck class: 50 Built, 18 under construction, and with 38 more patents awarded
  • Alpine Class: 38 Built, 10 Under construction, 20 patents awarded.
  • Orbiter Class: 10 Built, 4 under construction, 8 patents awarded.

Nuclear Cruisers (CN):

  • Freedom Class: 4 Built, 8 under construction, 27 Patents awarded.
  • Compaction Class: 10 built, 6 under construction, 12 patents awarded.

Guided Missile Cruisers (CG):

  • Satellite Class: 20 Built, 19 under construction, 5 patents awarded.
  • Recovery Class: 5 built, 10 under construction, 2 patents awarded.

Nuclear Carriers (Single Hull):

  • Independence Class: 12 built, 4 under construction, Four of this class will be made into modified variants of the Calvary Class.
  • Victory Class: 5 Built, 2 sunk, 1 museum, 2 trainer.

Nuclear Carriers (Catamaran):

  • Calvary Class: 10 built, One Patent awarded, Two modified versions being converted from Independence Class.
  • Flagship Class: One Built, Besides being the size of the Empire State Building, the ship is special as it is partly a Guided Missile, along with being able to carry 10 Hovercraft, and being able to hold around a battalion of Tanks per every 5 hovercraft.


  • The Tarakian Military Functions very similarly to the Turian hierarchy from Mass effect, with them having a massive military and that most if not all civilians take a turn at basic training.