The Fifth Wiki War, or known as the Size Comparison Accident is part of a space mapping problem, on the first day ArceusFan posted a message on 99batran's wall.

DisturbedFan tried to stop them but ArceusFan wouldn't agree, the main conversation sidetracked to Victoria 2, while a conflict was stirring.

DisturbedFan and Ethan decided to reduce the object requirement on a Size Comparison video to 500 to avoid problems, but ArceusFan refused to compromise, and a war was on the horizon. Unfortunately it was a false alarm.

The war itself ended before it began, with Ethan once again surrendering to ArceusFan and the Space mapping video removed.

It also resulted in the annexation of Ethan. 99batran and most others seemed alarmed and stupified at this. A liberation may be considered.

The Fifth Wiki War


19/9/13 - 20/9/13 (2 days)

The Enemy



Ethan (Victim)

DisturbedFan (helper)


The End of the Peaceful Era.

ArceusFan became furious on Ethan's USC3 series.

Ethan became annexed.


ArceusFan (3000)

Ethan (2000)

Zukas (200)

DisturbedFan (675)


The Wiki and USC3: Part I and II - YouTube


ArceusFan: Demanding to Remove the Video

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