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Name Finn Mapper
Born 28 November 2000
Country Flag of Finland.svg Finland
Languages Finnish, English, Swedish
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Movies Hunger Games
Books Divergent
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Joined 5 May 2014
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Started mapping 1 May 2014
Inspired by Demod2, MOAP
Finn Mapper or Finn is a mapper from Finland. Finn started to do mapping videos on 1 May 2014. He continues to be active in the wiki and community, but no longer makes mapping videos.

After he joined on 1 May 2014, he got invited to the TheFutureOfEuropes Wiki and he joined in the wiki on 5 May 2014. He became inactive in Mapping in the beginning of 2015, but he became active again in the summer 2015. Since that he has been active in the community.

In 2017, Finn Mapper has stopped mapping due to demotivation.



Finn has always been interested in Geography and Politics and he googled these things on Youtube. He found videos called "Realistic Europe Map Simulations".

After watching bunch of these videos, Finn found "Future of Europe - Part 1 "Unions and First Wars" made by Demod2. After watching Demod's FOE series, he found MrOwnerandPwner's videos. Then he came up with an idea to make these videos. On 1 May, Finn Mapper uploaded his first video: Future of Europe part 1.

Finn thought there was not many mappers and he thought that he was only one who was currently into mapping, but he was wrong. After he uploaded the video, other mappers found him and Finn found other active mappers. Then one user, Happydance9, invited him to the wiki.

Late 2014

In 2014, Finn did mapping regularly. His main series were Future of Europe. He also started to make Future of South America, which became Finn Mapper's most popular series. He got his 100 subs in November 2014. During 2014, his Official Nation was Albedonia. He also started to make Future Wars, which were unrealistic wars between random countries.


In the beginning of 2015, Finn's videos started to stop. After February, he became completely inactive until he came back in May 2015. He got his own computer which meant new videos. He did his first Q&A and started Future of North America. In June he hit his 1000 subscribers.


Due to lack of motivation, he quit mapping. Now he only makes countryballs.


Future of Europe Future of South America Future of North America Islandia Countryballs of Europe Religions of the World
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Finn currently has three active series and one upcoming series, Religions of the World. It will replace Religions of Europe, which was basically Future of Europe with religions.


United Great Lakes Caribbean Federation Sami Republic Dhabarak
Flag of the United Great Lakes Flag of Caribbean Federation Flag of Sami Republic Flag of Dhabarak
MapOfUnitedGreatLakes CaribbeanEarth Map of Sami Republic Location of Dhabarak Kingdom
Detroit San Pedro Romssa Doha
The United Great Lakes officially the Federal Republic of Great Lakes, is a federal republic composed of 5 states, the Federal District of Detroit. The 5 states and the federal district are located around a series of interconnected freshwater lakes called Great Lakes. Caribbean Federation (Spanish: Federación del Caribe) is federal republic, composed of 13 island states in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The Federation is nearly composed of all islands in Lesser Antilles, without Aruba, Curaçao, Trinidad and Tobago. Sami Republic, officially the Republic of Sami, is a country in Northern Europe. It's located in Northern Fennoscandia. The country has land borders with Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. It's currently part of Frozen Axis, which is alliance with Arctic Kingdom. Dhabarak (Arabic: ذاباراك, Dhabarak) officially the Kingdom of Dhabarak or Dhabaraki Kingdom is a country located at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman to east and Saudi Arabia to the south.

Finn has created eight nations, but he wiped his two nations: Albedonia and Moravian Empire because they were unrealistic. Finn Mapper's FuNation is Rektland.

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