First Civilisations is an episode of Archipelago Exploration.


I've been having the game of Civilization V for many times, but sometimes the game runs slowly after playing in a middle of a game because I want to play in a large map, but anyway, I'm running a game. Okay, so here's the setting what I did.

  • Civilisation: America
  • City-State Amount: Eighteen (18)
  • Civilisation Amount (excl. player): Eleven (11)
  • Map Type: Archipelago
  • Map Size: Huge
  • Difficulty: Prince
  • Game Speed: Marathon
  • Victory Types enabled: Science, Domination, Cultural and Diplomatic
  • DLCs Enabled: G&K, BNW, Mongolia, Babylon and Spain and Inca.

And why do you think the Time is disabled? I want to make an extended play not end at 2050. But let's start.


Here's a note, names are not American, so I randomised the names whatever I want to. And this is not going to relate the real world.

Twenty-fourth Century: Before the Story

It's a long time where we had, leader Sarcafurus VIII, has found a large information of the empire of the past, he scanned through the files and found the ancient writing that says: "Beginning is true." But unfortunately, he had found a little warning and danger. He founds out that it was true and suddenly the story has begun...

4000 BCE - Settlement

In the beginning, a nomad tribe has been born. Since all of the tribe willing to establish, the chieftain Galarus settled the city named Halcaludir. He wants to make this place an excellent place, but much research startred on the basics. But nothing did, an army group moves to the ancient ruins where they can get the old rituals and culture. But nothing happens here.

3985 BCE - Ruins: Discovery

A soldier took his seekings to an ancient civilisation, he found some treasure full of gold. But meanwhile in Halcaludir, new shelters are built and no longer stayed in a cave. They advance into a new setting, the Bronze Age begins.

3970 BCE - Chieftain's Death

When Galarus had a dead strike of death, he passed away, his son Hakerpal plans to take a small event in a small stream, he claimed to be the new leader of Halcaludir. Hakerpal takes Galarus and stayed there until its flesh rots away. Many of the citizens take the rule of Hakerpal, which is little harsh. Meanwhile in the north, exploration continues but a soldier found a small forest, because of the remarkable creatures, he calls it the Halcaludir Forest named after Halcaludir.

3940 BCE - Village Seizers

An army founds the highlands, they called it the Hakar Highlands, but though they found many intresting views, once a soldier founded a small village, it was poor, they decide to take over it but they seized few men to join the group because many of their men are too old to fight with. Many men in the Hakar Highlands remained the new position.

In the south, Hakerpal died, many were surprised to see his death. He had no son, so the council of the Halcaludir searches a new person to take over the position of leadership, but they found Reukarva who has a small role of leadership and the council find out it was intrested.

"We should give him a chance of taking a role of controlling the whole state of Halcaludir."

Since Reukarva agrees, he led guards to protect the capital of the state, allowing more protection from barbaric attacks. As Reukarva saw, many men are dying, predators killed them without a reason.

The outcome and the current progress of the game and geography. But the battle of the Rakarmy tribe didn't happened in-game.

3920 BCE - Mountains

The army looked at the Hakar Highlands, it was largely named as Mount Kilimanjaro, but the army disagrees, it should be named as the Mount Reukarva, named after the leader of Halcaludir. The leader of the army, Falgrik proves the natives are around here and wants them afraid so they can take money.

Nothing happened much.



  • Galarus - Chieftain of the Haucaludir empire. He founded the city of Haucaludir.
  • Hakerpal - Another leader took successor of the Haucaludir Empire.
  • Reukarva - The Third leader of the Haucaludir Empire, he took a new rules to the guards.

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