A Superiority War is just a "Friendly" competition or duel between mappers on a safer scale and is usually fought outside of the wikia. It was meant to be a replacement of the wikia war. The First Superiority War was fought Between 99batran and Ethan. It was also witnessed by Mrownerandpwner.

The had started due to an Arguement between Ethan and 99batran. In which Ethan had broken his promise of following the rules of some map game. This was was fought with actual engagements. and took place secretly in Mid-December

The war took almost 7 game years (Darn these Forts)

99batran won by a flawless victory (with the exception of losing men) with absolutely no defeats,

War Statisitcs

Brandonian Infantry: 67,000

Brandonian Cavalry: 21,000

Brandonian Artillery: 32,000

Brandonian Navy: 43 (ships)

Total: 120,000 (+43)


Ethanese Infantry: 32,000

Ethanese Cavalry: 22,000

Ethanese Artillery: 12,000

Ethanese Navy: 182 (Ships)

Total: 66,000 (+182)

All Battles Details

There are about 27 total engagements in the war.

Notable battles:

81,000 Brandonians vs. 43,000 Ethanese (Brandon Victory) 15,000 Ethanese vs. 9,000 Brandonians (Brandon Victory)


  • Brandon had a Flawless victory (no losses)
  • Brandon had gained nothing from this
  • Ethan is forced to follow the intended Rules that he had broken