Flaming Arrowalso known as VioleNK (which is also his Wikia username) is a Slovene mapper, who joined mappers community on July 22th 2014. He's the most recognized by his 'Invasion series', a youtube series about Alternate future of Europe. 

Link to his channel: Flaming Arrow: Youtube channel



At the age of 5, Flaming Arrow started getting interest in maps, atlases and countries. Later on, at the age of 7-9, he started making new maps of Europe and Other dimensions, drawing state borders on a piece of paper. 


Flaming Arrow joined wikia community on July 22th 2014. He found wiki randomly searching on web. At that point of time he had no knowlege about mapping or its community. 


  • Joined the community: July 22th 2014
  • Created his channel: July 28th 2014
  • Uploaded his first video: July 28th 2014
  • 1st subscriber: July 28th 2014
  • 5th subscriber: July 28th 2014
  • 10th subscriber: July 29th 2014
  • 20th subscriber: August 12th 2014
  • Created his wikia page: August 17th 2014

Official Nation

Flaming Arrow is one of the mappers who doesn't have their official nation. It was said by him, that he might work on making his official nation in future.

Some consider Kurwalands to be his official nation despite not appearing in any videos. It was never confirmed from him that Kurwalands are his official nation. However, some might consider Republic of Pustoyna as his secondary official nation.


Note that these relations are outdated!


  • Father of mapping wiki: +100
  • Created community for mappers at one place: +50
  • Gave me instructions when I started: +50
  • Nice videos and tutorials: +25

Total: 275 (Incredible!) xx


  • Great content: +50
  • Gave me instructions when I started: +50
  • Subscribed to me

Total: 80 (Cool) xx

Mapper Freaker

  • Gave me instructions when I started: +50
  • One of my first subscribers
  • Nice videos

Total: 50 (Nice) xx

Percy (IX P Productions)

  • One of my first subscribers
  • Nice videos xx


  • Subscribed to me: +50
  • Creator of Serbatija: +50
  • Nice videos (just bad transitions someimes)

Total: 100 (Great)


  • From Macedonia: +50
  • Was making fake accounts to subscribe to himself: -30
  • meh
  • Quit mapping in few weeks

Total: 94 (Cool)


  • Everybody loves kebab: +30
  • Cool guy: +50
  • Fun to mess with: +50

Total: 130 (Buddies)


  • Ambitious: +50
  • Cool kid: +50
  • He's begging for foreign money: -30

Total: 70 (Cool)

Philipp Mapping

  • Cool: +50
  • From Hungary: -10

Total: 40 (Nice)

Danijel Radosav

  • From Serbia: +50
  • Easy to communicate with: +30
  • Likes united Yugoslavia: +20
  • Great videos: +50
  • Not a kid like guys those guys up there: +20

Total: 170 (Awesome)


  • Good videos: 
  • Various content / super creative
  • Weird mapping dialect occasionally
  • One of my first subscribers

Total: 100 (Great)

MaksRUS Mapper

  • Nice: +25
  • Russian: +50

Total: 75 (Cool)

Artem Yakovlev

  • Cool guy: +50
  • Hanged with him in 2014 (brothers)
  • Gamer: +30
  • Russian: +50
  • Nice videos, but quit mapping

Total: 205 (Brothers)


  • Subscribed to me: +50
  • Active on the wiki: +10
  • Seems cool, both as a guy and as a mapper: +15

Total: 75 (Cool)

Kavishan Mapping

  • One of my first subscribers: +50
  • Deleted all his mapping videos/quit mapping

Total: 50 (Nice) xx


  • The best username ever: +50 :Đ
  • One of my first subscribers
  • Privated all of his mapping videos :(

Total: 100 (Cool) xx


  • Subscribed to me: +25
  • Funny guy

Total: 25 (OK)


  • Don't know him: +0

Total: 0 (Not enemy, not friend)


  • Great videos
  • Seems nice: +15
  • Subscribed to me

Total: 35 (Nice)


  • One of my first subscribers


  • One of my first subscribers

Gerrard Mapper

  • Subscribed to me
  • Joined at about the same time as I did
  • Okay videos
  • Talked a lot to him a year back, now haven't seen him for ages

Axamit Mapping

  • Subscribed to me
  • Slovakian
  • Good videos

Linda Starr

  • Awful videos
  • meh
  • Subscribed to me


  • Subscribed to me
  • Good content
  • Nice to chat and stuff

Gaelic Mapping



Good content

subscribed to me

Thumboy Mapping

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