Fabien L***y (censored for good reasons) aka Flutterzance Light

Flutterzance Light is a mapper not very experimented but who have created some videos on alternate, future and normal history of Europe.

Inspired by Spyro, Dragons and some RST games (simulator Games), this Adolescent is a Mapper, Modder and a Fan Art, too

origin: France

speak: English, French and try to learn Russian

what do you want for your future: be video gamer and create films ^^

what do you hate: be at conflict, hated, no welcome

what do you like: dragons, be great, maps, history, sciences

other on you: I am a guy who use sometimes fair use in my works, I respect anybody even if I am tired.

— Unknown user  —
Name Flutterzance
Born 1997
Juvisy, Essone, France
Nationality French
Country Francia
Current location Seine region
Hair brown
Eyes blue
Sexuality male
Family and friends
Girlfriend none
Boyfriend none
Children none
Mapping info


Flutter was born in august 3, 1997 in France and is a adolescence who have a handicap (Autism). This handicap is responiable his clumsiness. At the age of 14, he began his career on the internet with difficulty for Modding and Mappings. Very Humiliated by some critics, Flutterzance suffer from several problems friendly. These problems continued until that Flutterzance have 16 years old, or he will make his first real mod (Crusader Bronies on Victorian 2 HoD).  It will start to make mapping on youtube at the age of 15 years.  Relations with some people is very average.  Flutterzance is a fan of the city builder.

In 2014, Flutterzancia pass in high school and decide to become in the future, a video game conceptor. These projects after Bac+2 will based on a periodic History on The world.


Channel, websites:

Official nations

My official nations are create on Wikia, I have put alone 3 countries but I have between 40 and 65 other countries.

List of my official nations:

- Rumas (antagonist country)

- Dashia (Principal country)

- Meinerland (Minaland)

Opinion and allies

My 3 best allies are here:

- Batran99

- Happydance9

- Drexmapper

I was socialist, but like I get much problems with allies about this, I become capitalist (conservative)


political position