This is now an Inactive Map Game.
Forward  was the first map game by Tenacious. The game took place in a Europe, broken apart in two alliances, alliances which only desire is to crush each other. With only 3 year left, it's your mission to prevent the outbreak of a disaster, or to bring the war to a quick, victorious ending. Prove yourself!


+ Access 1911 Map




  1. Don't minimod.
  2. Don't be too unrealistic. For example: Soviet Union becomes fascist and joins Italy.
  3. Don't edit the page if you are not an admin. You can only edit the page to add your turn.
  4. No porn. Be nice to each other.
  5. Meming your turn is allowed, if it doesn't violate Rule Two and Four.
  6. Make sure that your turn is neat. Follow the Turn Example section to make your turn.
  7. If you want to apply for a staff position, do it on the page or send a message to one of the owners.
  8. You have time to do your turn. More important, you must do your turn.
  9. If you don't do your turn three times a row, you will get banned.
  10. You have to say 'War never changes' to prove that you have read the rules.
  11. You have to add your turn in page. If you don't, your turn doesn't count.


  • Chief Operator: Tenacious
  • Page Moderator: Tenacious (VACANT)
  • Non-Player Character Event Updater: VACANT
  • Map Updater: Tenacious (VACANT)

Available Countries


How to...?

+ Access How to...?

  • ... Play?

You have infinite number of turns, but you have to post it in one post. Then you have to wait others to finish their moves.

  • ... Declare War?

Just write: "I declare War on [insert random country] because, etc!

  • ... Sign an alliance?

Just write: "I suggest an alliance between [insert random country] and [insert random country]. But, the other player can approve or reject your offer.

Turn 1 (1911)

This turn has not yet started.