The Fourth Wiki War known as the FWA, it was made by the SOPA and Zukas and ArceusFan arguing on the bullying on the mapper community, Ethan didn't make this war. It is also called The SOPA Riot, because the SOPA is in the main line.

It starts when Zuka joined the community and then he posted a message to ignore ArceusFan, then he has shouted Zukas.

However the SOPA protest continues throughout the wiki, but Ethan told ArceusFan to stop but will the war ends? However Ethan said he can report ArceusFan to be banned..

The Fourth Wiki War


26/8/13 - 28/8/13 (2 days)

The Enemy



Zukas (Victim)

Ethan (day 2)


SOPA rises throughout the wiki.

ArceusFan becomes the threatening person in the wiki.


Ethan (1900)

ArceusFan (1800)

Zukas (600)


The Wiki


ArceusFan: Bullying Zukas

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