French Republic
République française
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Flag Coat of arms
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
La Marseillaise
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Capital Paris
Languages French
Religion Secular
Government Republic French Republic, {{{year_start}}}]]

France is a country situated in Western Europe.



Before Rome, most of the people that inhabited France were Celts.


Rome conquered most of The Meditteranean, and fought the Gauls for control of present-day France.

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Charlemagne's empire

Frankish Kingdoms

The Frankish tribes were strayed in France, during the 8th Century CE, Charlemagne invaded the east creating an empire, but it was divided later on which formed three states.


The French king made his nobles vassals, and England invaded. France repelled them and took all modern day French land. They also helped in the Crusades.

French Revolution

Many events, such as the American Revolution, led to a revolution in France, causing the last king of France to be executed.


Napoleon was a general and emperor of France during the early 1800s. Although he conquered many parts of Europe, he eventually lost.

World Wars

During both world wars, France was a member of the Allied Powers.

First World War

France joined the Allies when Germany, with its Schiffen plan, attacked through Belgium. The Germans were almost at Paris, but but with the help of British and American reinforcements, the French eventually pushed them back..

Second World War

During the Second World War, France built the Maginot Line, a line of forts running from the borders with Switzerland up to Luxembourg. However, the Germans evaded the line with an attack through Belgium, where France had minimal defenses. After Paris fell, France surrendered, with North France taken, and became Vichy France, a puppet of Nazi Germany. Some territories refused to surrender and continued to support the allies. Owning areas such as Syria, this "country" was known as Free France. Later on June 6, 1944, after the Allies launched an invasion on Normandy, known as D-Day, France was mostly freed. These events led to the surrendering of Germany.

21st Century

France supported Western ideals and opposed Eastern ideals, such as communism.


France is mostly peaceful and is in the EU to this date. Its capital, Paris, is a cultural center with many tourists and immigrants.

Mapper Opinions of the future


France would become one of the few countries with their own Nuclear weapons... no wait... The European Union already has Nuclear weapons (they share). And France would lose the rest of it's colonies

Aendarus Mapping

France will respond to the growing threat of Daesh by sending in troops to combat them. The French people will grow their hatred toward all muslims, as the muslim population grows. The Socialists take over, and France closes borders to Muslim immigrants, supported by the newly socialist USA led by Donald Trump.


It becomes the Popular Republic of France


France will be eaten for breakfast. OM NOM NOM


FRANCE RUNS OUT OF CREPE AND JOB AND EVRYONE THERE DIES then findrake take it FINDRAKE stronk ᕦ(x ͟ل͜x)ᕥᕦ(x ͟ل͜x)ᕥᕦ(x ͟ل͜x)ᕥᕦ(x ͟ل͜x)ᕥᕦ(x ͟ل͜x)ᕥᕦ(x ͟ل͜x)ᕥ

Bobby John10

January 2016 - France attacking Andorra and Luxembourg, and is leaving the EU and attacking Belgium and the Netherlands.


France takes German lands.


Actual Prediction

France will grant independence to Corscia and Brittany.

Alternate Future of Europe

France disappears 2 times, divided between Permia and the Swiss Empire.


France gets in a crisis, it leaves EU and then it gets attacked and then it dies.

Flaming Spaghetti Monster

Clipperton Island is annexed by Mexico.


  1. France loses 3 quarters of its original land to the Parisians. (Unlikely)
  2. France will get communism (Impossible)
  3. France will be peaceful after the Charlie Hebdo attacks (Likely)


  • France stays mostly the way it is, peaceful and friendly to other countries. (Likely)
  • They attack neighboring small countries with a crazy king to conquer the world. (Unlikely)
  • They will nuke everyone (Nearly Impossible)


France will be eaten for breakfast.

JVTA Mapping

France will give Brittany and Corsica independence, as well as giving French Guiana to Brazil, who will rename it: Guianian State.


France loses Alsace to Germany. It also loses Provence-Alpes and Corsica to Italy but France Gains some Italian Land and it also annexes Andorra and occupies Basque.Later France collapses into north and south with Brittany and Normandy idependent. Italy takes back its original land.


  1. France gets Emago60 as president (Unlikely)
  2. France will get peaceful (Likely)
  3. France will get communism or somehting (Impossible)


France will get in economical crisis, will become poor, leave the EU, and then nationalist movements will rise. (likely but not so much)

Thunder Mapping

France invades Benelux and Iberia. It also gets Cornwall.


  1. They stay like this (maybe?)
  2. They expand economically, industrially and maybe militarily and become a great power again. (likely)
  3. They re-make their colonial empire (unlikely)


France surrenders and changes its flag to a white sheet.


France leaves the EU and tensions increase between them and England. Eventually France is loses all its colonies and then becomes poor like Spain.


France leaves the NATO/EU.


France will unite with Germany and the Benelux nations to create the European Federation.

Fyorrian Mapping

France loses Alsace-Lorraine to Germany and Brittany gains independence.