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FoE EP7 SL130

Europe at its current state

This Future of Europe page is about Diamondist's Future of Europe. Here you'll see stuff about it. The series has started in June 6, 2014. I hope you like it

Episode List

# Title Date
1 Albania will Start June 6, 2014
2 Istanbul can into Constantinople June 7, 2014
3 Middle Eastern Civil War June 13, 2014
4 The First Alliance July 5, 2014
5 Libya Against the World July 9, 2014
6 Anatolia the Conqueror August 10, 2014
7 Colonialism November 19, 2014
8 Return of the Commonwealth January 2,2015
9  ??? TBA
10  ??? TBA


This is about what each episode is about.

Episode 1

After annexing Kosovo, Albania goes to war with its neighbors. During this time Moldova buys land from Ukraine and joins Ukraine. Albania eventually annexes all of the Balkans and Hungary and forms Albanoslavia (Diamondist's ON).

After that, Finland asks Russia to buy Karelia and Kola. Russia declines. Finland really wants the land so he declares war on Russia. Surprisingly, he wins and renames to Sentra.

Spain declares war on Andorra because it's a pointless state in the Pyrenees. Andorra conquers Spain with some kind of secret support. Then, Andorra declares war on Portugal to unite the Iberian Peninsula. Andorra reigns victorious and brings a state of war with France. Andorra annexes Southwestern France and becomes Aramicia.

more to be added later...